Bite Sized Monster Tales

I know I’ve said it before. AJ’s considering a podcast where I tell some stories.

Well AJ’s actually getting pretty serious about it.

And as a trial run she took the Christmas Drabble entitled “Breakfast” and made a quick New York Accent script from it. And practiced reading it several times out loud. Then we recorded it and modified it so it sounds MORE like me than her.

Not terrible. Though I think the New York Accent needs a little more work.

You can listen to the quick little recording here. AJ’s going to write a longer version of it The Spark. But we figured we’ll give you the trial version of it. Maybe a few more.

And AJ made a modification to the image we shared yesterday it was missing a key element! You can see it in the picture above but here it is in color.

As we added the logo to the featured image, AJ says it’s gotta be redone, the Monsters doesn’t work for her! Or me really.

The Spark

Every hero has an origin story. My mother was human. I was only half, and the day I sparked changed my whole life for better or for worse.

AJ has been thinking about doing some stories to share with ‘paying’ customers. We could have done that with this one, but I think AJ would rather share it. So we’ll see how it goes.