The Best Medicine

Laughter is the supposed to be the best medicine. Though I’m not exactly sure what for – sadness definitely but not always. AJ firmly believes a good cry can do wonders to pick you up. But AJ is a sap! She cries at commercials! Or so that’s the running joke in her house. Sadly her eldest daughter got the sap too – she goes into … Continue reading The Best Medicine

Thrill Seeker

When I was younger I was a thrill seeker. I was too young to go on white water rapid trips or skydiving. But I did jump from the heights of the AU building up until the point that I had a tiny cat who relied on my existence to survive. And two brothers who I wanted to watch grow up. Previous viewers would know I … Continue reading Thrill Seeker

Showing Off

I could flaunt AJ’s Patreon page again. But I think I’ll do something more. May 14th The Last Phoenix rewrite starts! That’s 7 days away. That’s 7 days left of the First Hunt. 7 days until my loyal readers get thrown back into my life. For all you new ones, hey you get to experience for the first time. AJ’s been psyched about the rewrite. … Continue reading Showing Off