Drabble Day 5

breakfast Five is hard. Everything is challenging — even breakfast. The bar stool wobbles as you stand on it to reach your favorite cereal. Your small hands pull at the unopened cereal bag until it pops open, sending kernels all over the kitchen. Milk splashes on the counter. But you did it! Mom comes home … Continue reading Drabble Day 5

Drabble Day 2

Mistakes Hunger. Blood. Hunt. Eat. Feral. No longer human. Where humanity once dwelled, nothing remained. They died — became the undead — the first embraced vampires. That was against the law. Humans were food. Nothing more. Turning one was high treason. As Ascendant, I watched as the magic unfolded over those turned into one of … Continue reading Drabble Day 2

Drabble Day 1

Creation In the beginning, the universe was vast and empty, bristling with energy. Bright orbs of orange energy zipped across the universe, leaving fiery trails. Blue blobs slowly crept, leaving an ice trail in its wake. Every color you could imagine moved across the universe. Nothing remained still.  The energy collided together. Red into white. … Continue reading Drabble Day 1