It’s Pride Month. Normally I don’t go all out. AJ feels a bit like she’s just jumping on the bandwagon. But the subject is close to her heart. Somewhere along the journey of raising kids, AJ has accepted people love who they love. It’s not a bandwagon. While AJ is 100% an ally, she has no journey to share, no coming out story, and it feels wrong to write mine. Which is why I don’t really have a coming out story. 

I am bullied by my society for the same reasons that you in the real world are. Names are called in passing, but AJ tries not to step on any feelings or inaccuracies. So we don’t go into it alot. I have a billion other issues we can focus on instead of that part of my journey. AJ doesn’t write about that struggle. I am proud of who I am sexually. I never hid who I was. It’s not socially acceptable in my world — but I didn’t care. I was already an outcast from the moment I was born, so why should we focus on that.

But AJ learns and wants to share two charities with you that mean a lot to her. The story isn’t hers to tell — or mine. But The Trevor Project and Free Mom Hugs provide services that mean a great deal to AJ (and to me)

The Trevor Project is aimed at supporting teen LGBTQ+ individuals with a big focus on their mental health and suicide prevention. It means a lot to AJ that they exist and are there for children who need help. 

And well, Free Mom Hugs — that’s a big no brainer, as a mom AJ believes all children should be loved unconditionally and knows the power of a hug. And as a plug later this month AJ is going to write a drabble that dips into Pride Month and specifically with me attending a Pride parade and the Free Mom Hugs movement in a time I need that hug, but you’ll only be able to read it if you subscribe to AJ’s new newsletter. We plan on sending that out on June 23rd!

So whether you are part of the LGBTQ+ community or just an ally, AJ and I are here for you. We love you. We support you, and we are here for the hug even if it’s virtual. Be Proud!

What are some LGBTQ+ charities and/or organizations you’d like to mention?

These are a few of my favorite things

Okay so yeah cheesy song but it’s the truth. Today is the start of a new way of doing things here on the blog and my other platforms. AJ is only going to dedicate one day a week to making sure I entertain you here. We aren’t limiting me to just my blog, I’ll be all around trying to stay active in various places and drumming up readers. So today we kick off some of my favorite things. Next month we’ll take a look at some of Alex’s favorite things, and then we’ll go from there with various other characters. We’ll try to stick to the characters we’ll have seen in the Kindle Vella releases. Which will kick off in about two weeks. But if you are a Patreon subscriber you’ll get the first scene of the Call of the Dragon on Monday.

So on to my favorite things.

Color: Persimmon Orange

Food: sauteed chicken over a crisp bed of a caprese salad.

Position: Do I really need to say? Bottom

Song: Stand by Me

And for an extra special treat I’ll give you Stand By Me sung by the person Alex looks most like – Matt Walst of Three Days Grace, or at the time of this song part of My Darkest Days

Music: Dance music

Band: Daft Punk

And because I also like Pentatonix here is a sampling remix of some of Daft Punk’s songs accapella

Book: The City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Claire

And I’ll do you one better my favorite quote from the book:

I did not make a pie,” Alec repeated, gesturing expressively with one hand, “for three reasons. One, because I do not have any pie ingredients. Two, because I don’t actually know how to make a pie.”

He paused, clearly waiting.

Removing his sword and leaning it against the cave wall, Jace said warily, “And three?”

“Because I am not your bitch,” Alec said, clearly pleased with himself.”

City of Heavenly Fire By Cassandra Claire

Ice-cream flavor: Chocolate

Drink: Water with Lemon or maybe it’s coffee I can’t decide.

Movie: Naomi and Ely’s No Kiss List – so sue me. There are a bunch of hotties, it’s a sappy movie that Mia made me watch, and I enjoyed it.

TV show: Supernatural

Sport: If I had to choose, I’m gonna say MMA

Sports team: Uh…. New York Rangers? That’s hockey, right.

Holiday: Halloween, or as I like to call it, Alex’s birthday

Smell: Alex’s cologne (on him) – Versace Pour Homme

Thing you own: Ophelia, though she’d take offense to being called a thing or the fact that I own her. But she’s the only thing I care enough about to call a favorite

Tell me what some of your favorite things are? If you are a writer I’d love to hear some of your character’s favorite things.

AJ’s Author Platform

I know I’ve mentioned this several times. AJ is trying to build her author platform. AJ has a plan. And I get to be the spokesperson for the whole thing. Yay me! Right?

Which means that things are going to change around here.

The biggest note will be AJ will dedicate my blog time to various other endeavors as well as here. But in June we will begin posting unique content to the blog every Wednesday. There will likely be other posts, but Wednesday will be something posted only here.

Along with dedicating Wednesday to a blog post, AJ is going to start posting The Call of the Dragon to Patreon on Mondays and then to Kindle Vella on the second Friday. On June 6th AJ hopes to drop the first 1K words on Patreon, to be followed with the same bit on June 17th on Vella.

AJ is aiming for the first Newsletter to drop on June 18th and every fourth Tuesday of the month going forward.

We also intend to use Twitter, Facebook and maybe Instagram for some unique content through out each week in addition to the posting of ‘yay content released’. So if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see in any of the platforms let us know.

AJ hopes to start writing an AU fan fic of me and Alex for her Patreon subscribers. We’ll get links and things out soon.

Also to foster a better sense of community AJ created a Facebook group called The Kindred for all of my friends and followers (all of you) to join and share things with us. And with that note I also have a Discord channel you are welcome to join and chat with us.

And the real reason I’m chatting at you today is to request your assistance in a few things.

  1. Join AJ’s mailing list
  2. Ask me questions! AJ would like to start a Dear Nox… segment to each newsletter every month. Any question goes. You can ask me about my life, my world, how I see things. You can even ask about AJ or real world things and I’ll see what I can manage. This of it like Dear Abby, or some of those type things. Except I can’t give you valid advice, unless it’s from AJ’s view point and by all means I am not an expert (AJ either unless it’s a topic of writing from her perspective or web development again from her perspective…)

You can ask me questions as many as you like on the form here.

I’ll fill you in on more details links and stuff later. Be the first to see AJ’s new newsletter image.

Bite Sized Monster Tales

I know I’ve said it before. AJ’s considering a podcast where I tell some stories.

Well AJ’s actually getting pretty serious about it.

And as a trial run she took the Christmas Drabble entitled “Breakfast” and made a quick New York Accent script from it. And practiced reading it several times out loud. Then we recorded it and modified it so it sounds MORE like me than her.

Not terrible. Though I think the New York Accent needs a little more work.

You can listen to the quick little recording here. AJ’s going to write a longer version of it The Spark. But we figured we’ll give you the trial version of it. Maybe a few more.

And AJ made a modification to the image we shared yesterday it was missing a key element! You can see it in the picture above but here it is in color.

As we added the logo to the featured image, AJ says it’s gotta be redone, the Monsters doesn’t work for her! Or me really.

The Spark

Every hero has an origin story. My mother was human. I was only half, and the day I sparked changed my whole life for better or for worse.

AJ has been thinking about doing some stories to share with ‘paying’ customers. We could have done that with this one, but I think AJ would rather share it. So we’ll see how it goes.


AJ hit 50K on the next book in the series.

The Call of the Dragon is book 1. And is currently in Edit phase. Book 2 is called The Malum Convergence and is in the writing phase — about half way done.

Today I’m writing for two reasons.

Mostly because I want to touch Alex. Maybe not the Alex in the picture, but I found it highly amusing that todays word at The Daily Spur was touch, and the caption of the picture today was Alex.

But there was no touching in today’s writing — at least none with sexy intent. There was some comfort touching. A hand under my shirt while we lay in a puppy pile with my newly growing family. We can’t wait to share the new bits with you. And The Call of the Dragon, but the story didn’t change TOO drastically from what was posted here, but the order and events did. So a story you’ve not completely read.

Book 2 is an amalgamation of Darwynn’s Law, Taking Back Erebus and Cardinal Omens. It’s finally gonna be the story that Darwynn’s law was supposed to be.