The Hills

My best friend as you all know is Jason Hill. Most of his family and I call him Jace. His family owns a small ranch in Texas. It is a Venatori getaway as well as a predominate source of Apex Unlimited’s cattle for it’s projects – retail, food, etc – nothing goes to waste.


Every since I can remember – even before coming to the Venatori I have been terrified of heights. But I’m not one to shy away from the things that scare me. I started jumping from the top of the AU building – one of the tallest buildings in New York City. When I left the Academy I had to use nature as my spring board for my thrills.

Creepy House

The floor boards creaked when I stepped on the porch. The light’s flickered before beaming down their florescent yellow. There were cobwebs and dust everywhere.


With all the traveling I’ve done I’ve never actually been out off the US mainland. In reality I’ve not been very many places in the States either. I’ve traveled all over the Rocky Mountain area though.

One day I’d like to see Paris, London, and Rome.

The List

I was given a list of my next five marks, just 5 names – someone had already found them and I had to do the work in reverse now.

One Extra

Today is leap day. A hell of a day to be born, having a real birthday once every 4 years – totally suck if you ask me. Not that birthdays are something all the great for a child without a family either.