No new post today – other than the Friday scene for the Last Phoenix. AJ completed the read through of the story, found a few inconsistencies and has corrected them, there are still many more scenes to go and a lot more grammar and minor editing to do. Needless to say it’s not even close to being perfect, but you’ll see it in this state … Continue reading Sorry

Before the Storm – Appointment

I headed to the Infirmary instead to meet with my so-called Progeny Program Agent. The Infirmary was where Venatori went to get patched up. It was also where research was done and supernatural creatures could come for their ailments. But it held other offices that medical professionals were needed among the Venatori including therapists which I have utilized since I was 6 years old. But … Continue reading Before the Storm – Appointment


I could go into exercise and my health nut ways, but I’m not. Going to take another route – diddly-squat! As in I know nothing about the real world. I never went to school like a normal human child. School consisted of learning how to do magic, the basics of human life, things like reading, writing, basic math, and lots of science. Part of the … Continue reading Squat


One of the greatest things about living where I live is the fact that I have nearly anything I want with in easy driving distance. I want to go skiing – drive up north a few hours and there you go. Want the beach, a few hours to the Hamptons or the Long Island Sound. I don’t much care for beaches but I have been. … Continue reading Sound


It’s Valentine’s Day. What do I plan on doing? I have no expectations. Technically this is my first Valentine’s day where I actually had a significant other. Someone to share with. Normally it was just another day – if it fell on Friday or Saturday I’d go party, if it fell during the week I did nothing really – except work. This year with Sage? … Continue reading Expectations