K: Kaleidoscope

Looking through a kaleidoscope as a child was always fun until I started seeing the same thing in real life around everyone I knew.

Humans can sometimes see what they call an Aura. It’s a series of colors and images that define a person. They say it’s how a person is feeling – some can tell the past and future from them, but mostly it reflects the person’s current situation. Continue reading K: Kaleidoscope


I leaned against the sink and washed the used bottles and placed them in the drying rack. I felt eyes watching me and I turned around to see magic and flamboyance standing in the kitchen doorway watching me. “Bored? You can clean the rest of the house. We won’t mind.” Continue reading Warlocks

Blue Babies

I wandered down the hall towards the sound of the whimpering. No one else seemed to notice, the sound was soft and was coming from a closed door. I listened at the door as the sound of something moved on the other side. I don’t know why I was being so unease, this was a house, there wasn’t likely to be monsters in a house … Continue reading Blue Babies

Hordes of Demons

The shadows slithered like snakes in the grass. I could hear skittering and scratching like the sounds the bugs make on the walls of rundown complexes. Hissing and growling made of guttural sounds and underneath that I could hear voices – distant but they kept the shadows looking away from me as I wretched on the cement floor. Continue reading Hordes of Demons

Golden Portals

Leading a pack of werewolves was complicated. Leading an entire organization was a completely different matter, but when you throw two of them at a person at one time, it was beyond comparison. I was completely overwhelmed with the new role his life had taken on. Not only was he expected to be some great leader out of the gate, there were people who hated him for that very fact. Continue reading Golden Portals