Of course it would be Luck or something to do with Saint Patrick’s day. I’m pretty sure Valentines day was something about love. Color me green. AJ has shit luck. Yesterday I said that we had finished editing the first draft and were going to release it. Yeah, well in the process of using multiple computers and syncing systems the last few chapters got foobared. … Continue reading Luck


Massive news? Not quite what I was gonna write about but hey it’s a good plug. AJ finished the first round of edits. Soon as it’s strung together and formatted correctly I’ll offer as many formats as AJ can possibly throw together before the end of the week (early next week at the latest). And because of AJs best friend there will be a print … Continue reading Massive


I wanted to write about animal instincts, or the instincts that come naturally to supernatural creatures, but it seems even that can’t pull a rambling post out today. At least not anything unique that I’ve not already spoken about. A therian – a were creature – of all varieties have animal instincts. Some of them are like you’d expect of their normal comparative. Werewolves are … Continue reading Instinct