Weekly Review

So I had a comment about me the other day. Someone said that my thoughts were revolving around the whole ‘I like boys’ aspect of things too much – annoyingly so.

AJ explained it’s part of my mask. It was a matter of ‘show v tell’ but now I’d like extra opinions. AJ’s in the middle of the restructure and rewrite so maybe we should hear what the peanut gallery has to say. So even if you’ve never comment before I’d love to hear even your most horrid thoughts about my story and me. Think i’m dim let me know? Think I’m too outrageous, I want to know that too. And by god, if I’ve offended you please let me know (though you might want to do so privately I’m okay with that too nox.durante@gmail.com I’m only a click away.)

So here are the chapters that brought around that particular reactions. Give me your thoughts on early me! Inquiring minds want to know!

Aspect – part 1 & part 2

Family Life – part 1 & part 2