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  • The King

    I know it’s not Tuesday but so what!

  • Sept 6, 2015 @ 4:45AM

    Sept 6, 2015 @ 4:45AM

    Originally posted on The Mind of Nox: Yesterday was a busy day, I didn’t get a chance to hit the writing.  I didn’t wake up with nightmares this morning.  My alarm actually woke me up.  Sage is still curled up in his bed sleeping.  He rolled over when my alarm went off after kissing me…

  • A Little Messy

    A Little Messy


  • A Little Crazy?

    A Little Crazy?

    We’ve been on a Three Days Grace kick these past few weeks so sorry if that’s all you get. But as AJ listens and I watch the lead singer do his thing we find a few songs that are pretty awesome. So What? is one of those songs. It’s catchy but it’s also very much…

  • No Words Needed

    No Words Needed

  • A Player

    A Player

    Originally posted on The Mind of Nox: Since I came into my own I’ve never had a true relationship. I have friends. I don’t have many, and I don’t have family to speak of – at least not of blood. True now I do have blood relatives. I have Jace and Dorian. They are my…

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  • Bored


    AJ’s daughter is home from school which means AJ didn’t go into work. Massive headache on kiddos part though she seems to be functioning alright so dunno. She’s working through it and AJ’s gonna take her to see a doctor today one way or another. But I missed Malec Monday… How about I share one…

  • Pissed Off

    Pissed Off

    Originally posted on The Mind of Nox: Dev was one of those traditional type guys. He was meant to be with a girl. He liked to wine and dine her. Walk her home, kiss her good-night and maybe if he was lucky the night cap in her apartment. He’d been with Dee forever and then…

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  • Once Upon a Dream

    Once Upon a Dream

    AJ’s still posting about Zane and Angel over at Stars, Moon, and You. I don’t recall why AJ was looking this up. Probably to see what had been names Once Upon a Dream. We found this song and I fell in love. It fits the story perfectly and it’s sung by one of Zane’s inspirations…

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    A gallery of Malec Fluff!  

  • Chocolate


    For today’s F-word I’m going to Favorite Food. I’ll do other favorites as time goes on. As the title suggests my favorite sweet thing is chocolate. Other than fruity things it’s really the only sweets I eat. Chocolate cake, chocolate bars. But my favorite is hot chocolate. And while I can make a damn fine…

  • Missed Chances

    Missed Chances

    Originally posted on The Mind of Nox: A short following Rockstar and before The Children of Morpheus. Weeks of being with Nox had changed things drastically. He’s shown me things I never knew existed. There is this little boy who is half a dragon and he can do magic and has these beautiful orange eyes,…

  • Behind the Desk

    Behind the Desk


  • New Obsession

    New Obsession

    You can thank Dev and Sage for this playlist. It’s kinda on repeat around here because of them now.

  • Malec Quotes

    Malec Quotes

    Here are a few more I love: “I’m—sorry about being a lousy date,” Alec muttered. “What are you talking about?” Magnus asked. “You’re a fantastic date. You’ve only been here ten minutes, and I already got half of your clothes off.” ― Cassandra Clare, The Course of True Love [and First Dates] “Oh, yes.” Magnus…

  • High Road

    High Road

    I missed Tune Tuesday this week, so I’m going to do it today fuck ‘tradition’. AJ wasn’t in the headspace. And I wasn’t being pushy for some reason. Hey I took the High Road! That wasn’t intended. I’m completely falling in love with Three Days Grace. So not my typical music, but AJ loves it.…

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  • Aspect – Mysterious Blue-Eyed Boy

    Aspect – Mysterious Blue-Eyed Boy

    Originally posted on The Mind of Nox: I made my way to the bar on the other side of the room. I would not get drunk, but I wanted a beer none-the-less. However, I never made it across the room before a hand was grabbing my arm and pulling me into the hallway that lead…