End of Prologue

The pull towards kindred souls was stronger now that the Third Ascendant’s birth was near. The umbra forced them together — mentor to student. Poet could no longer ignore it. His anger grew stronger. Why was he being replaced? Poet had no answer to his question. Vengeance was his only thought. He would end this … Continue reading End of Prologue

The Call of the DRagon Prologue

The buzz of magic played along Poet’s tanned, bare arms. The warm, westerly breeze from early in the month plagued his thoughts.  “Why are you replacing me?” He asked the aether.  Poet sat at his favorite spot in Central Park. The sun made little rainbows on the concrete chess board through the crystal chess pieces, … Continue reading The Call of the DRagon Prologue

Call of the Dragon Snippet

The mission was critical, Ilsa reminded herself as she walked through the hospital halls. Her father’s words echoed in her head, “The Venatori must never have a strong nether born or they might wipe out the dragons and the rest of the supernatural beings.”  It was her first mission as a member of the Purge. … Continue reading Call of the Dragon Snippet