Read the scenes first: Aspect – Outside the Club & Aspect – Mysterious Blue-Eyed Boy

My night was amazing. I hadn’t expected it to be. It was tradition to go to Aspect with Jace and Mia. They hadn’t been out since Naya was born, so I went reluctantly. I hadn’t been to Aspect in a few months, last time I had a hook up on the dance floor. It was an interesting night, but nothing like last night.

blue-eye-detailStanding in line was no real difference from any other night – that included kissing Mia, Jace and the bouncer so we could get in all of ten minutes early. We should have tried it sooner and maybe Dr. Silas wouldn’t have found me. But then again, I’m glad she did or I might not have meet the mysterious blue-eyed boy I still can’t place my finger on. I know him from somewhere – there is no way I would forget those gorgeous blue eyes.

His card is burning a hole in my pocket.  I never keep numbers.  I’ve had plenty over the years, but I don’t typically sleep with the same person twice.  There are exceptions to the rule, but they have very clearly defined rules.  But I had been known to  do stupid things to get in a girl’s pants before.  Why not keep his number?  I can’t get him out of my head. Things are not what I expected of last night.