I have 23 more prompts I can use without having to find something else to inspire my ramblings here.  I know I have a few people who read here and I’d like to thank ya’ll for reading. Truly glad you are sticking around to my mindless chatter.  AJ and I appreciate it – really appreciate it.

So to the point… Even if you don’t read regularly I’m going to ask you is there anything you want to know?  About me?  About my world?  I’m not the best person to give you advice, but hey I could try.  The only topic I won’t go into is AJ. My creator is not part of this conversation.  My place to be me – to exercise my mind.  Leave AJ out of it – hehe.  I’m the crazy one.

Leave a reply here.  Send me an email at (yes I realize this is not my last name it’s a long story, well not really I am many places all at once in AJ’s head the different last names keep me grounded in that world.)  Check out The Clandestine Providence Facebook page and ask a question there.  Shoot AJ a message or tweet on Twitter.