First Episode

The first episode of The Call of the Dragon will be dropping on Friday. Today you were supposed to get a post on Summer Time recipes, but AJ didn’t do the work, and currently dealing with a fever and not in the thinking capacity area to do the work.

So today we are just going to talk about the Author platform.

Kindle Vella will publish every Friday until The Call of the Dragon is done. Probably will be in various stages of editing as we post it all up. The final ebook will likely contain slightly different material as we edit.

Also two Monday’s before the episode drops on Kindle Vella those patrons on Patreon will get it early. As well as some Patreon only content twice a month. It’s actually a story AJ has been wanting to write for a while so it’s good we can get that going as a side project.

And don’t forget to sign up at our newsletter. We will drop that the fourth Thursday of every month. This month it should be sent out on the 27th. You can join at AJ’s website


AJ finished Lost in New York. A milestone reached, a marker placed! (Marker was the prompt for today)

And while AJ was planning out a m/m romance with an hea she found the plot for book 2 of the Forgotten arc.

And now she’s playing with a jump in time.

We can either have it be a short time jump (like an hour) or a big time jump (a few months, up to aging up the children.)

There are merits to a time jump we can spend a month or more in this new realm and then return like nothing really happened in our families lives and to the over all plot.

And then there is the whole let’s let the bad guys assume they won and then come back much later to rock their world. AJ did this in Revolution where Cari went to sleep for twelve years. It works to make the world a worse place. But is that the story we want to tell.

I’d love to hear those opinions of those who actually like talking about this. It’s here mostly so AJ’s alpha can read it with out all the ping ping ping of AJ’s messenger going off lol. But I’d love to hear what ya’ll think. AJ writes for you (and herself, but she likes to at least think about what you guys see and want to see.)

High School Tropes

So AJ was given a fun idea. She’s still writing the model/rockstar AU with me and Alex, but there is a new idea, that is taking shape. Me and Alex (and crew) in high school.

Would anyone want to read that. It’s going to be filled with a bunch of High school tropes because why the hell not. AJ’s having fun plotting and planning it and it was supposed to be for NaNo but it might not make it that far, however she is doing some other work for it cause it’s fun.

One of those things is collecting a bunch of tropes that fit the high school drama/romance/comedy schemes. The main basis of the story is on “The Bet”. But AJ’s looking to throw other tropes in. It’ll be like a game of spot the tropes, or so says AJ’s alpha reader. They are both kinda excited about it, it’s funny really.

So two things. Leave your favorite high school tropes in the comments, and let me know if it’s something you’d like to see here.

The Power of Succession

SO…. AJ finished the rewrite of the Power of Succession this morning. It’s come to a natural conclusion. And AJ finished the Third Ascendant arc with me gaining all the factions of New York City.

So the question becomes, Would you like to see the whole revision in its entirety before it goes through the edits. Or do you want to wait till it’s all clean and polished and ready for publishing?

It’s about 20K more works. New character introduced and changed up a few other things that are pretty big changes. Axed a few scenes, added handfuls of new ones, but there is still plenty that only changed a little bit.

I’ll leave it up to you guys.

Coffee House Names

AJ is looking for the name of a random coffee house to throw into a side story that is all me and Alex but not in my world – totally and completely human romance – like Angel and Zane and Matt and Wyn before that. I am AJ will post it. She might even finish posting Matt and Wyn since she can mass post it all now.

Anyway we need a random coffee house name.