I mentioned AJ was done with the rewriting of book 1. We are reading through it and making notes on it. You’d think we had a deadline with the urgency in which we have been handling this read through.

Though to be fair AJ says it’s an easy read. Not like say the Lord of the Rings or the Wheel of Time. We are on page 83 of 303 (at last check).

We’ve only found one major glaring mistake we didn’t carry through the book so far. And we had one section that we had to rearrange the paragraphs to actually make any logical sense of the timeline. We probably wrote that while distracted by something.

After this AJ’s considering running it through Auto Crit. Though it’s shity formatting and and doesn’t play well with Dabble. It will likely be a display the problems on screen and then make the changes in Dabble by hand as we move through it. AJ might have to take a day off work or use her day off work to do a good job of continued editing like that.

Maybe we’ll have a book to publish soon. That’s kinda a cool prospect. Beta readers will be wanted soon. If you are interested let me know.


Last night AJ wrote the last bits of The Call of the Dragon. On to full edits. With red ink too.

The book is shorter than the original by almost 90K words. The biggest reason being we took one chuck out completely as it didn’t lend to the story at all. And because of the nature of the changes my brother’s didn’t show up.

So as practitioner of the arts we say job well done — we cut our darlings.

Anyway on to the hard work. Really hitting the edit. But it’s a read through edit and not one in Dabble that we will correct as we go. Now if only Dabble would read to us.

4 More to Go

Only 4 more scenes to go. Or so. Only 4 left in the outlined bits. There might be a few more or a few less no one can know for sure. Until it’s done. OMG… it’s almost done.

I’m not even going to fake the words for The Daily Spur or or FOWC I’ll just give you a link to the sites. You can check them out at your leisure.

I’m so excited. AJ had to keep herself from writing and finishing. We are almost done!!!!!


AJ’s got some foreshadowing going on right now. I love the response this invokes in me. Important information was just alluded to. Information I’ll learn in a scene or two but also so much more I won’t know. So love it.

And what’s more is that it’s staring me in the face. And I won’t even know it till later. Much later. Sadly I’ll also forget this moment tis the nature of the magic at play. Never to be known, the magic renounces the target’s existence. Horrible horrible magic.

I know spoilers but vague ones.

Almost There

We will be at the end of The Call of a the Dragon in a snap. The titular scene is coming up with in the next scene or two. I don’t know what I’m going to be able to share in the next phase of things, as AJ will need to do a read through of what we wrote and there will be notes to be made.

I think AJ’s gonna make a PDF of the book and use her nice new pen tool to mark it all up while we are reading and then we can do the editing. That should be fun.

ProLogue to Epilogue

So AJ shared the prologue with you. Yesterday she decided to get a better grip on the story and start off with Chapter 1 instead. But we didn’t want to lose those bits and bobs of information that help a reader understand that there is MORE at stake than just my life here. That it’s a much bigger story.

If you’ve read the past versions you know how it ends. I won’t spoil it for those of you who have yet to read it. So we moved those to the end of it, calling it an Epilogue though it’s not really an epilogue in my opinion. Is there another literary term for that exposition that is story but not in the order. Epilogues usually wrap up a story… Not add more mystery.

AJ has also added one new scene and will be adding in another after I make my blog post.