New Platform

So AJ is retooling her platform again. I mentioned that yesterday. It’s not anything anyone would really notice, but AJ switched from Engage Bay to MailerLite for her email system. Mostly because that’s what they use at work, and it’s easier to use the same tools.

But AJ learned all about edge computing through work too and now lives on the edge. AND it has it’s own forms that submit and no keys were revealed in the process. (Whatever that means!)

So go ahead join the newsletter! I know I’ve been preaching about it lately but don’t let that make me the enemy. I mean I really shouldn’t flush or maybe that’s a blush? I don’t know I can never tell. But anyway, I don’t want to brag that I’ll be doing most of the writing. (Well AJ will, but in my voice!) We’ve decided to call the newsletter – Escaping Into Reality. The tag line to this blog actually!

I’m sorry for the crap the past few days. We are trying to figure out what to write here during the week other than my non-sensical rambling. So bear with us. We do hope it’ll get better.

Bundle of Joy

AJ’s working on a series of websites. She updated her personal site, and now she’s working on her author platform site again. This isn’t a new bundle of joy per say, but AJ’s retooling it so that it fits better with her current stack of things. I have no idea what any of that means but there you have it.

We still aren’t sure on our next project to post here. If anyone has any ideas we’d love to hear it. Last project that we enjoyed was the 24 Days of Drabbles for Christmas. We could do that again. Do a month of Drabbles? Or maybe we can do a theme? It’s 5 days a week. So not exactly a month or 24 days. I don’t think I have the willpower to make AJ post on the weekends.

Okay you want to watch something fun

Go ahead. Give it a try.

AJ loves Jazza. Today’s video just dropped and yeah — I don’t wanna spoil it..

A Whole New World

AJ’s trying out lots of new things and I’m disappointed in the results. So I’m coming back to at least posting once a day for the week. We might give ourselves some leeway on the weekends. No worrying about posts then so maybe AJ can keep this going — all part of the morning routine and all.

We’ll try to throw together some words for all of you. And myself as well. I miss writing and being heard so yeah, that’s what I think we’ll do. There isn’t an abundant amount of prompt sites we want to use but if you know of any we’ve not mentioned before we’d love to know of them. AJ will attempt to use The Daily Spur or FOWC‘s daily prompt. We have a few others that we know about but these are the easier ones for us. We get better luck out of the words anyway.

We are also thinking of maybe of starting a semi canon story here that AJ writes directly into WordPress and then records it in Dabble for potential use later.

But that’s still a thought not an actual plan.

If you are looking to read something of mine. AJ’s dropping new episodes of The Call of the Dragon on Kindle Vella every Monday. The first three episodes are free. When AJ hits the edit mode again, we may pick up the pace. But we’ll see. The episodes are edited but not in their final states. So the e-book when released will be slightly different and cleaner than the ones dropped on Vella.


AJ hit 50K on the next book in the series.

The Call of the Dragon is book 1. And is currently in Edit phase. Book 2 is called The Malum Convergence and is in the writing phase — about half way done.

Today I’m writing for two reasons.

Mostly because I want to touch Alex. Maybe not the Alex in the picture, but I found it highly amusing that todays word at The Daily Spur was touch, and the caption of the picture today was Alex.

But there was no touching in today’s writing — at least none with sexy intent. There was some comfort touching. A hand under my shirt while we lay in a puppy pile with my newly growing family. We can’t wait to share the new bits with you. And The Call of the Dragon, but the story didn’t change TOO drastically from what was posted here, but the order and events did. So a story you’ve not completely read.

Book 2 is an amalgamation of Darwynn’s Law, Taking Back Erebus and Cardinal Omens. It’s finally gonna be the story that Darwynn’s law was supposed to be.


Sorry I’ve been awol. AJ’s been focusing on editing this week. And for the days I’ve missed. It’s not that I have nothing to say, just AJ got busy and forgot. Thus the focused bits lol.

But today AJ received an email from WordPress that has a new monthly word prompt in it. They maybe see the error of their ways. Anyway. It’s a good word this month and we’ll try to pull it in several times this month as a way to bridge our content and daily word prompts with those who may not know about it. If you used the word (bridge) don’t forget to tag #WordPrompt to get it into that feed.

AJ’s having Word read to her (She can’t wait for that feature to be implemented in Dabble — no reason to use Word ever again lol)

There was a funny incident in the reading. Where AJ had the word ‘I’ in the middle of a sentence, and Word kept reading it as ‘one’ — as in the roman numeral one. In the middle of a sentence! Not exactly in lockstep with reality. But it’s working to find those stupid words we read over as we edit. Shelf instead of self. Adding in extra words. The reading isn’t great, the punctuation makes me cringe sometimes. Not sure if those commas that are ‘required’ should be required but it’s grammar right?

The Malum Convergence

So yesterday I made a quip about AJ making a lame book cover. It’s hardly lame. It isn’t the one we’ll use in the end, but we really like the look. For the final look AJ will probably a rendition of me on the cover and add some magic. But for NaNo it’s really cool. We’ll throw out the velvet ropes for the The Call of the Dragon when we are ready to start marketing that. But for your viewing pleasure. Camp’s book cover.

All the images can be found in this unsplash collection.