Reality TV

There are some things in the world that I just don’t fucking get. I’m an eligible bachelor. Or I was at least one time in my life maybe not ever in story but still I was once upon a time. And I’ve never had the desire to prance around on TV wooing strange women? How the fuck is that reality TV? And yes I get … Continue reading Reality TV

Head Case

You all know I’m a head case! Some of you love me for it, others I’m sure I annoy the fuck out of. I know my issues give my beau a headache sometimes. I wonder if a craniotomy or a lobotomy might be in order one day. Yeah let’s brain wash me? “Wait, didn’t the Venatori already do that”, I can hear Alex saying with … Continue reading Head Case

The Best Medicine

Laughter is the supposed to be the best medicine. Though I’m not exactly sure what for – sadness definitely but not always. AJ firmly believes a good cry can do wonders to pick you up. But AJ is a sap! She cries at commercials! Or so that’s the running joke in her house. Sadly her eldest daughter got the sap too – she goes into … Continue reading The Best Medicine