The Daily Spur

AJ decided to do it. Decided to make a word prompt WordPress blog. It’s simple and she’ll likely play with the theme a little bit. Supposedly the word list she’s using has every word in the english language. It’s set to post daily at midnight whatever time the server is set at. No clue, and AJ doesn’t know either. There are several words posted to … Continue reading The Daily Spur

Showing Off

I could flaunt AJ’s Patreon page again. But I think I’ll do something more. May 14th The Last Phoenix rewrite starts! That’s 7 days away. That’s 7 days left of the First Hunt. 7 days until my loyal readers get thrown back into my life. For all you new ones, hey you get to experience for the first time. AJ’s been psyched about the rewrite. … Continue reading Showing Off

You Ready?

I know most of you are still reading The First Hunt. But on May 14th you will observe the first scene of The Last Phoenix. However, if you really really want to there are scenes already posted on AJ’s Patreon page. Just $1 a month gets you early access to all the story you’ll see here before anyone else. For $3 you get to see … Continue reading You Ready?

The Last Phoenix

Today AJ is starting to write the very first scene (from my point of view anyway) of the rewrite to the Last Phoenix. This is a noteable event I wanted to share with ya’ll… fuck AJ I don’t say ya’ll! See what she’s doing to me! Anyway, If you are interested in getting all the extra bits plus early access to the Last Phoenix head … Continue reading The Last Phoenix