Quarantined and Bored?

AJ isn’t quarantined yet. Nor is she bored. We have lots going on. But all across the world the landscape of your lives are changing – mine isn’t. I’m the same old world. Still stuck in 2017. I think my world just change drastically not that AJ doesn’t plan on doing that anyway so no big deal but it’s gonna change.

But with everyone home and bored, AJ wants to advertise the First Age. My home and birth place. A place AJ still absolutely loves. And you get the benefit of coming to play with me – in my first incarnation anyway.

So what is the First Age? Here’s a bit AJ wrote to advertise on her Facebook timeline:

Bored? Like to write? Like the Wheel of Time? Even if you don’t. The First Age is a modern-day twist on the world Robert Jordan created with the Wheel of Time. Join us in a new age defined by returning gods, prophets, monsters, and an ever-changing landscape. Help us define this brand new world with every character’s decision. https://thefirstage.org

And me of course that should be mentioned again. Alex is there too – though we’ve never met. AJ is keeping us separate on purpose! How dare she!

Check it out!

Hey ya’ll I have a friend. Well, yes, I’ll say that. I have a friend, it’s AJ’s friend. Not mine really, but they met cause of me – well a version of me anyway.

BUT he’s a writer. And you are all readers, so go read!!!


The sites not pretty yet, but I assure you it will be at some point, but the words should be good. He’s just getting started, welcome him and follow but most of all READ. (Please?)

The Daily Spur

AJ decided to do it. Decided to make a word prompt WordPress blog. It’s simple and she’ll likely play with the theme a little bit. Supposedly the word list she’s using has every word in the english language.

It’s set to post daily at midnight whatever time the server is set at. No clue, and AJ doesn’t know either. There are several words posted to day as AJ was testing out the format of the email that got sent. Then she reset the database so all those tests wouldn’t be counted as used since they weren’t used. But I’m not deleting the posts (or she’s not since I’m a figment of her imagination)

It’s called The Daily Spur. Your daily word prompt to spur on your writing.

It’s not as neat as the Daily Post but that’s because AJ can’t find a theme that works well with the ping backs. For now this one will work as pingbacks are permissive.

Today’s first officially counted word is tenebrous.

Hopefully this brightens up your tenebrous wordless day!

The Last Phoenix started

Yesterday the Prologue started for the Last Phoenix.

I’ll be posting along in three other places. if you have accounts I’d appreciate a little love on those platforms. If you didn’t mind hoping over and doing whatever it is they do for their likes etc. But if you don’t have an account don’t worry about it.

Patreon will have some new scenes that you won’t get here so for $3 you’ll get a second story along with this one.

Chapter Buzz is a new one AJ just posted the first scene too. It’ll lag a day behind more than likely. Since Aj can’t schedule it it might stop all together unless there are readers.

WattPadd will also have a slight on posts.

Again if you are on any of these platforms I’d appreciate the log so maybe those platforms will help build AJs readership. Which means more love for me! And we know ya’ll love me – who wouldn’t :)

As an added note: AJ decided to add it to Medium too.

Showing Off

I could flaunt AJ’s Patreon page again.

But I think I’ll do something more.

May 14th The Last Phoenix rewrite starts! That’s 7 days away. That’s 7 days left of the First Hunt. 7 days until my loyal readers get thrown back into my life. For all you new ones, hey you get to experience for the first time.

AJ’s been psyched about the rewrite. Me I’m in heaven.

It’s actually kinda fun cause you get to see the story from multiple points of view… Well not you all here, me and AJ do. And anyone who subscribes at Patreon (see there I go flaunting it when I said I wouldn’t) But either way it’s pretty awesome knowing the motives behind some actions… It does give spoilers away if you read both sides.

So You are all getting the story as it should be. My story!!

Anyway, No writing for AJ today at lunch so I’m gonna git this thing out before she’s off for an early lunch – apparently AJ forgot to send her work up to the server before stopping work on Friday and all that stuff isn’t in her repo now to work on. So it’s home she goes early to get it.

Side count: 1999 words this morning!! (7 Day Writing Challenge at The Write Practice)

You Ready?

I know most of you are still reading The First Hunt. But on May 14th you will observe the first scene of The Last Phoenix.

However, if you really really want to there are scenes already posted on AJ’s Patreon page. Just $1 a month gets you early access to all the story you’ll see here before anyone else.

For $3 you get to see scenes no one else gets to see. Different points of view, back story, dream sequences.

Am I pushing to hard? No? I can push harder evil grin.

AJ says I have to behave! But I don’t wanna.