ee cummings

I’m not writing any at least not yet I don’t think we’ll see. But today’s prompt is leaf which made AJ think of an ee cummings poem l(a le af fa ll s) one l iness And it wasn’t the one AJ was looking for particularly so we googled it. We didn’t find it though. ee cummings is a weird poet. Here’s one I like: … Continue reading ee cummings

The Obvious

Why can’t you see it? It’s glaringly obvious. It’s in front of you. It kinda hits home with the situation at hand. I have a lot of information just sitting there kinda hidden kinda not. My next story is going to hit a lot on these facts in the end. It’s going to lead into the next major part of the arc. Maybe the final … Continue reading The Obvious


Tango, Salsa, Cha-cha Spicy and sassy dancing Twist, twirl, step by step I love dancing. If you’ve been paying attention you know this. I can tango, I can salsa and I cha-cha. I learned ballet and tap and even how to do the waltz. I’m not back completely but I’m working on it. AJ’s still has a lot on her mind and blocking me out. … Continue reading Dancing