There are 5 levels of power. Each level of power indicates the ease of which you can manipulate the elements. Not all elements are as strong as the others, but it is always the strongest element ranking that gets listed.

Apex Unlimited

The Apex Unlimited Building in New York City is the main headquarters for the entire race of beings we call the Venatori. The AU building as it is fondly called by most of the residents of New York is 55 floors high.

Mr & Mrs

Marriage is pretty traditional in the Venatori. Though being unmarried and having children is also very common. I chose the picture associated with this because it’s not traditional as I’m not traditional.


Again my mind goes to the first childish thing in me – one of three topics I love to talk about, myself, food and of course, sex. But water has a much greater influence despite my initial reaction to giggle like a school age child. There is a fifth unbendable element – it is the life force itself.


Frozen conjures several images for me but one stands out among the crowd. Frozen is a nightclub owned by Johnny Rose. My first visit there was astonishing.