H: Housing

I know I’ve touched on how Venatori live before – very socialist in human terms.

We are provided everything we could possibly ever need.  There were times when the Venatori couldn’t afford much, but with bankers and financial guru’s like Asher Eriksen, the Venatori have not been poor for a very long time.

Every Venatori is given a home.  I’d say most choose to live in the housing provided by the Venatori in places like the Apex Unlimited building, but that really only covers the large city areas.

While I’m sent out across the Rockies these past ten years, I’ve been housed in my mother’s place, which after she died I gave to the Venatori bought and paid for.  It was mine, but since I am a hunter first and foremost it’s used as a way point for other Venatori who are in the Area.

People like Jace live in suburbs or others around the Rockies have their own homes.  There are certain things that the Venatori will buy for you as part of your stipend.  Living off campus doesn’t afford you anything extra a lot of times it comes with more hardships like less excess money to spend.  Living on campus a lots you will three cooked meals a day, cleaning services among other things you have to pay for out in the human world.

I prefer living on campus and do so whenever I get the chance.  Cleaning up after myself isn’t a problem, but I have issues with disorganzation.


G: God

Venatori don’t have a religion so to speak.  We believe in a creator.  But we do not worship gods of any sort.  Some Venatori take upon themselves to worship human gods and human ways.  But as a whole there is no Venatori god or religion.

Every race, religion and every anything has a creation myth.  A creator.  The current Christian religion says God created the world in 7 days.  Humans being the only race he created.

The world may have been created in 7 days.  It may be created by the all seeing God in the sky.  But the Clandestine Providence declares there where five major races created – Humans, Vampires, Dragons, Angels and Demons.  Each race have their own unique history.  Humans have a history that is what the world things is history.  Every other history is kept silent by the Clandestine Providence.

Vampires were turned into the first Were creatures for turning humans to embraced vampires.  These vampires were killed but they were created again and the vampires were unable to irradiate them.

Dragons don’t share their history often but they are the reason that there are Magnus in the Venatori.  Half Dragon, half humans mated with Venatori and we got magic in our veins.

Angels and Demons aren’t actually of this world, they need to take human hosts.  Kinda like possession.  But they differ.

None of our races really have gods or religion, that is for the humans to explain the ways of the world away – they can’t possibly believe in magic.

E: Endothermic

AJ has the best best-friend ever – her idea.  I won’t tell the other suggestion offered cause that’ll start a WHOLE other off topic discussion.

Endothermic – a word used in chemistry and I groan at the use of it.  I hated school.  I hated it with a passion so strong that if it were not for Dae’lin’s rules I would have failed every class.  But I love my ability – it’s who I am.  So in order to learn from her how to use and control my ability I had to get straight A’s. So nose meet book!

But chemistry and physics and math they came easy to me  – why? patterns.  And it’s the fundamental basics for all living things and objects around us.  Those annoying classes have taught me a lot about how my ability works.

Endothermic reactions are those that have absorbed or been caused by heat.  So when you add fire to a pattern you are causing heat in a sense.  Fire and ice = water.  Everyone knows this.  So how do you make a cloud?  Fire, water and earth.  Earth for the water to bind to, and fire to heat the water to a mist.  And walla a cloud forms.

In chemistry you learn a lot about about molecular structures too, and that is the basics of everything I do.  Every object is composed of atoms and those atoms are elements or composed of elements.  It’s hard to imagine science and magic working together, but they do.  I don’t believe one exists without the other.

C: Cinnamon and Spice

Venatori have enhanced speed, strength, agility, senses and healing.  Which is all well and good for them, but a half human Venatori like myself – also called Minorem – meaning lesser we don’t always get those abilities.  Or any abilities.  While it’s not happened in many generations, there have been cases of a completely human Minorem.  Poor guy set out into the human world and no one heard from him since.

While I am lucky enough to get the super healing and senses  with the mental ability of a Venatori however strange mine is compared to others I wasn’t lucky enough to be full Venatori in powers – even with my being a Magnus.

However, even my normal abilities aren’t so normal – at least not my sense of smell which is where the title comes in – scents.  A great deal of my anxiety and comforts come from scent.  The things I remember most from my childhood are typically embroiled deeply with given scents.

My Nanny was a dragon – she smelled like a campfire.  From what I understand that’s a typical dragon smell and one way you can identify a dragon in human form versus a regular human.  That scent is often comforting to me, an upside, I have been told it’s what I smell like – so that leaves a whole lot of questions as to why.  But it’s probably a lot to do with what a Magnus really is… a half Dragon Venatori cross breed.  At least that was the origin of the Magnus ability in the Venatori.  So it’s logical in it’s own right. Though not many Magnus I know – and I know quite a few since I trained with them and under them – they don’t smell like a campfire.  Jace says it’s cause I’m a fire-starter and a strong one.  I can’t say for sure.

I’ve mentioned my mother’s apple pie before the sweet scent of cinnamon and vanilla mixed with the cooking apples.  It’s a comforting scent – a reassuring smell that makes me feel safe in a time I was safe.

But it’s not the smell I associate with my mother.  My mother always smelled of cigarette smoke and dirt.  Which as I grew up I learned the dirt smell was Patchouli – a hippy thing to do to cover up odors you didn’t want your parents to smell on your clothes.  So the smell of dirt is much better.  Really?

I remember burying my face in the height of my terror before getting on an airplane and smelling those two things.  My anxiety spikes when I walk past a person smoking a cigarette.  I’ve never been able to sleep with a smoker’s place, we almost always ended up in a public space – in some dark back room, a bathroom or in their car which usually isn’t much better than their place.

We all associate smells with our life, it sucks though when scents can cause a major destabilization in your life.



The writing prompt I found today was to create your monster and tell what it ate, where it lived, etc.  So I’m going to use that to tell you about Marionettes.  Marionettes are a class of supernatural beings that do not have corporeal bodies of their own – angels, demons and ghosts specifically.

All three species of Marionettes live in another dimension, another plane of existence.  They have their own rules and their own way of living.  Ghosts are as you all know living souls who haven’t moved on.  They usually have some unfinished business and can get stuck in the real world indefinitely which leads to malevolent spirits.  It are these spirits we hunt because they are usually killing humans or supernatural creatures.

Ghosts start out with one goal, some get stuck trying to finish that goal and then the longer they stay here the harder it is for them to move on.  If they don’t possess a human body it’s fine and well and even the Venatori wouldn’t know anything about them.  Most Venatori kill ghost hosts – it’s the best and easiest way to expunge them, in death they are released from the host and the host’s soul lifts or drags the ghost with it.  At least that’s the theory – unless you are a ghost you really don’t know what happens after death – we just know they are gone.  I however do not kill the host.  I found an priest who believed in the demons and taught me how to exorcise a demon – I found that it works for all marionettes.

Angels and Demons are exactly what you think they are, two sides of the same coin.  While I don’t believe in heaven or hell as it relates to religion I do believe they exist to some extent.  Angels are usually harbingers of good while Demons of evil.  But even angels go bad once and a while.  Angel’s don’t take unwilling hosts, Demons do.  Exorcism works on either kind without any real adaptation.  It’s a bunch of magic that you call upon from the ether that expels them to their realm.

Angels and Demons are rare to be found in the mortal world though the Venatori have been seeing a rise in their activity over the course of this past century.



The Ruler of…

The ruler of the Venatori is a kind old man who I’ve never really met.  He’s been the leader for 40+ years and he is the main face of the Venatori and of the Apex Unlimited building – even though Dr. Asher Eriksen owns the company and the building.  His son will inherit the CEO gig when he turns 25 as per all Eriksen son’s have in the past.

Mark Green is a strong man, but he’s got a good heart.  Some believe he’s making the Venatori soft and other’s believe that he is heading in the direction of the times as per all leaders before him.

His job isn’t an easy one.  He has to communicate with a bunch of other supernatural organizations and none of them want to talk.  There is bad blood and there will always be conflict.

Some in the supernatural world believe Mark Green thinks he’s ruler over it all.  He is powerful – the most powerful Magnus to have lived in his life time – well except for me or so I’m told.  I could technically rule all if I wanted to.  The leader of the Venatori is determined by who is the strongest Magnus – and in theory that’s men.  My capabilities and power scale in comparison is greater than our illustrious leader.

There are two ways to take power – challenge the leader or have it handed to you from your predecessor.  I don’t see Mark Green grooming me to take over any time soon.  Nor do I believe anyone would willingly follow a Minorem as leader of the Venatori.  I’m too human for them.

Not that I want to lead mind you.  I’ll stick to my sheep status for as long as I possibly can.