There are tons of myths and legends that run around the human world. For every supernatural occurrence there is some human explanation for it. Vampires and werewolves become tales you tell your kids to scare them. They make movies about them twisting the word of mouth stories even further. And you never really get the full picture of things. Why ever did the legend of … Continue reading Legends

Never Forget

Elephants never forget? Why is that? Actually don’t answer that I don’t really care. That kinda thing is an actual talent among the Venatori. I know I’ve mentioned it before. Dorian’s photographic memory and all that. He never forgets anything he reads or sees. Which is why he’s so very anal about writing things down. It’s one thing to remember a memory, but another to … Continue reading Never Forget


AJ recently read how about outlining your setting. Meaning to know where each of your scenes take place to take advantage of what that setting means to the character involved. Darwynn’s Law was the only story in my series to be set outside of New York City – my local neighborhood. The First Hunt is also placed in the Rocky Mountains as it brings me … Continue reading Setting