Sounds pretty cool eh?

This is the name of a Slavic mythological creature that fits the bill of what taunts my nights. AJ’s gone through many sites and many iterations of what the name of the nightmare was called and settled on nightmare until this one. This one interpretation is perfect!

Nocnitsa, also known as Plasky, Kriksy, Night Hag or Night Maiden, are powerful entities in Slavic and Russian folklore. They have the power to use other creatures such as Incubi or Nue to accomplish goals. A Nocnitsa will often torment those in places of power, such as kings and other powerful leaders. They will appear to humans in their dreams and corrupt them, making them exhausted and feel pain. Unlike other creatures of the dream world, a Nocnitsa can kill you in dreams as they only reside in the dream world and have no physical form. However, this also means that they themselves are able to be killed. To kill a Nocnitsa, a powerful dreamer is needed to overcome the creature. If you are able to kill one of these creatures, their body will become a cocoon, out of which a Shtriga will hatch.

Yoair – Nightmares in Mythology

It fits the bill in almost all aspects.

  1. It only lives in dreams
  2. It is the only creature of the dream that can kill you
  3. A powerful dream can kill them

Like if that isn’t perfect for the story we are telling (have told) and will continue to tell.

And there are a few things you can do to avoid a Nocnitsa.

  1. Keep a stone with a hole in its center
  2. Place an iron knife under the child’s cradle
  3. Draw a cirle around the cradle or bed with an iron knife
  4. Find a Baku to devour the nightmare (Baku are rare because the Nocnitsa hunt them down)

Baku are also very interesting and fit the bill very well.

The baku, otherwise known as the ‘dream eater’, is a mythological being or spirit in Chinese and Japanese folklore which is said to devour nightmares. The baku cannot be summoned without caution, however, as ancient legends say that if the baku is not satisfied after consuming the nightmare, he may also devour one’s hopes and dreams.

Ancient Origins: Baku

The image looks like a Chinese dragon with legs, which is kinda what Alex represents in my dream — my Mushu. So yeah — just perfect!


Money has never been a motivator for me. It’s not something the Venatori typically strive for. But obviously we do require money in order to pay for things, we live in the real world after all. (I don’t mean your real world, mine :) )

There are a few individuals who strive after money. Those individuals in the Venatori strive for money for the entire race. These few souls go to college and take finance jobs or invest well. Asher Eriksen is New York’s financier. We don’t see him much anymore, but originally he played a big part in my story. Now his part is more subdued and really non-existent. Though it’s still there.

Asher is a genetics researcher on top of all his other careers. His family has been playing with genetics since the Venatori were created. He has a goal of recreating the Aeternus — reintroducing immortality to the Venatori lines. Perhaps avoiding the downfall by keeping a human procreation rate.

So much of his expenditure beyond the living of the Venatori goes into funding his research. Of which most of the Venatori are apart. He conducts his research by push and nudging individuals together. Which could be the very reason Michaela went after me — extra stipend to spend. Or maybe a better job. I don’t know. But AJ’s thinking now. My rambling has paid off a little.

Supernatural Cops

The Venatori started out as a branch of the Aeternus. The ones who policed the supernatural. But the Venatori saw the flaw in the Aeternus. Their small minded thinking, the only thing they had going for them was their immortality. They were stuck in tradition.

And before you say well so are the Venatori now. They are, but they also changed some of those traditions. They started breeding with humans. Not just any humans though — ones with magical abilities, Wiccas and paths. They hand selected the people, so this branch of the Aeternus started gaining magical abilities. But in doing so they breed out the immortality, becoming mortal but magical.

In the end the Venatori killed all the Aeternus for crimes against humanity. Since the Aeternus bred slowly, like one child ever, they quickly died out. The Venatori becoming their own race of people who no longer had the breeding restrictions as a guide they enforced their own. At least 2 kids. Preferrably only two. A few familys disobey the rule — my father, and the Vega’s being two. The two is one meant to spur on your line, the other is meant to help spur on another line. Each child taking on the last name of the line to spread. It’s how the ruling families keep their rule. How my father’s line stays a ruling family and how the Vegas do too.

It’s an arachic system.


In the past book, Drake called Cass a suri. She took offense to it, and it started a big fight between them. It was explained a little in the story as to what it really was. But I figured I’d go into some details about it.

A suri is a derogatory term used to indicate a telepath who is constantly spying on people. For Cass this is mostly unintentional.

AJ did a little bit of digging to find an appropriate slur. There were a few different things we looked at before deciding.

Suri in Japanese means pickpocket. So an apt idea for the term.

It’s meant to be a slur that hurt Cass but wasn’t a known word to the world at large. Something that went straight for the chest. And it did it’s job.


How cool is it when all the words can line up into a nice run in a post without too much effort. And today is Locations lore day. And since one of the words is actually the name of one of my favorite clubs we’ll do that — Aspect.

Aspect is a dance club that features a bar, a multi-tiered dancefloor. It’s owned and operated by Maxwell Slattery. His best friend Andrew Morris aka Drew heads up the bar and has invested heavily in the club.

The club is is located in New York City in the Meatpacking District on West 16th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. There are bars located in the vicinity in the real world, but Aspect is a purely made up bar.

Aspect has no real theme to it. There are are lots of purple and blue neon lights — the color scheme being purple blue and black. Now that we are talking about it, we see a galaxy painted on the ceiling and on the walls adding to the aesthetic.

There are some standing barstool tables, but it is first and foremost a dance club covering two floors. There is a stage where live performances play but usually is host to the DJ station. The layout of the dance floor around the stage allows for some cozy dance spots for intimate encounters. The coat room is a great place for those awkward introductions, or a distracted getaway.

Aspect shows up in the first book. As a teenager it was our go to club as they allowed in underage folks as long as you weren’t drinking which we weren’t. Just dancing. And it helps if you can persuade easily. Mia is very good at getting her way — not quite telepathic or empathic, but her gift is the ability to persuade others into doing things — even if you don’t want to. Which is probably why I was such a deviant — Sage too.


So AJ was writing the Dragon Hunting short story we are going to release soon, and decided that we needed to have a term for humans who were sensitive to the occult but who were not really part of the supernatural world. Be they a latent path, or an non practicing Wicca, or just have the ability to sense when something is supernatural. So we came up with the term Nyeti. Which is actually swahili for sensitive — go figure.

In the scene Aj’s trying not to let me info dump. It’s difficult. So I didn’t explain much about it or how I knew a character was nyeti. But I did still a little.

BTW, Wednesday is new terms. So you might get a few things ya’ll already know. And a few even AJ didn’t know until then lol.