My Demon

I have a special interview today. I’m not sure I’ll get through it.

A man walks into the office I’m using as an interview space. His bright blue eyes smiling at me. “Course, you can Pretty Boy. I’ll be here.”

I can’t help but smile through the anxiety as he sits down next to me. “You sure you won’t kill him?” The happy shining through the anxiety was foreign to me. So rare that anything pierced that veil so easily as the look he gave me.

He shrugs. “No, but I’ll do my best.”

It really is all I can ask. But I didn’t get a chance to say so before a man wearing ripped jeans and a faded t-shirt walked in. The slimey smile he always had for me splayed on his lips makes my breath quicken. And not in a good way. There is a slight touch on my hand and then my fingers entwined with his. I don’t even need to look at him to see the sneer on his face as he stared down my demon.

Garrett held out his hand. “As always a pleasure Nox.” But I didn’t take his hand. “Who is this?”Garrett asked as he offered his hand.

“You can call me John.” Which made me smirk cause that was so not his name. But John squeezed my hand and I felt slightly better with his hand in mine.

I started to speak and choked on my words. Garrett smiled at me and I shuddered as he wove a glass in front of himself and then wove water to fill it. “Here, drink this.”

I took the glass obediently and drank. I didn’t look at John. I didn’t need to see his face to know he didn’t like it. I couldn’t help it. I obeyed the best I could with Garrett around. But it surprised me more when John took my paper from my hand and looked at the questions. There was an audible smirk from his lips. “Pretty Boy these aren’t any fun.”

John wadded up the paper and leaned back in his chair letting go of my hand. I whimpered but his arm draped over my shoulder and his hand caressed my cheek before falling to my chest. “First question. It’s Garrett right?”

Garrett nodded. “It is.”

I listened to the sound of my own breathing and my heart pounding in my chest, it sounded like the others with me could hear it too, but neither of them seemed phased by the loud crushing sound. John smiled and squeezed my shoulder to reassure me. I loved that he knew I was freaking out. Garrett knew. He always knew. It didn’t mater if I had the fake smile – he always knew.

John asked, “How do you know Nox?”

“I was his very first instructor when he came to us after his mother dumped him with Dorian Vega. I taught him control.” Garrett looked at me with a knowing smile. I wanted to throw a fireball at that smirking face but I didn’t. I kept my feelings to myself – well mostly.

“How did you do that?” John returned the question. He was fishing.

Garrett’s smirk grew wider at the probing questing. “I found out what made Nox spark and I built a regime of rapidly increasing situations that required control to maintain the elements. Fire is the hardest element to train.”

“What did you do when he sparked out of control?”

I thought the beatings got worse, but Garrett shrugged. “Continued with the situation until he had control in it.”

“Did he learn control?” John asked.

“He did. But an accident at the end of his training with me saw Nox with another fire-starter mentor. He’d done so well up until that point. But Vega thought it best that he and I not work together anymore. Nox as a boy was far more volatile than he is now. The littlest things could set him off. But he did his best and I’m so very proud of him.”

“You think Nox is volatile?”

“Not in the sense that he’s violent. He only fights a battle he can win. Something else I taught him.” The gloating in his voice made me shudder. “Nox, has always been overly anxious. His lack of control was partially due to those emotions. Feelings of inferiority can cause depression and the abuse he took from his peers didn’t help. Half human genetics took it’s toll on the boy I was teaching. I helped him the best I could.”

John asked, “How many kids are you teaching now?”

Garrett smiled happily. “I have four students, two are graduating here in June. I’m proud of them. They aren’t nearly as powerful as Nox, but they show a lot of promise. The remaining two are twins. Excellent students and are exceptional for their age. Their mother saw their potential before either of them sparked so there has been excellent progress on control. Most non-Magnus parents don’t see the signs so early.”

I was about to stand up and tell “John” I couldn’t do this anymore. I can’t sit by and listen to him abuse poor innocent kids and I can’t do anything about it. But John spoke first, “I think this interview is done. I think Nox needs some alone time.”

Garrett laughed. “He usually does. Though I doubt he’ll be alone with you around.” There was a knowing smirk as they both stood up. John’s hand stayed on my shoulder and pressed me into my seat with very little pressure applied. His body separated me from Garrett’s as they shook hands. I didn’t see anything. But I felt it. If I opened myself to the patterns around me dared open my shields around Garrett I’d probably see it more than feel it. Whatever power display the two of them were doing Garrett’s smile faded and he was the first to release John’s hand and back towards the door. “It’s a pleasure as always chatting with my best pupil. And nice meeting you too John.” Garrett knew that wasn’t his name too. But he left it at that as he walked out the door closing it behind him.

John’s hand lifted from my shoulder but I clung to his hand. “It’s okay Pretty.” He said as he turned towards me, “He’s gone now.” I fell against his chest and took a deep breathe of his scent. He was home. So fucking home. I wasn’t sure how I’d handle things without him in my life now that I had him. And this only made it obvious to me. I just hoped I didn’t scare him away.

New Character

There are a few new characters who you’ll see and not see. Today I’d like to introduce one of them. But I’m not going to tell you who it is. No description of them, if you could hear their voice you’d hear one of those sound modifications from back in the 80s.

Today we are sitting on my couch in my studio apartment. Me on one end and my guest on the other end of the L shaped couch. The glass table in the middle has a coffee cream with two sugars from the best beans I could find freshly ground and brewed in a french press to make the perfect coffee. Mine was straight up black.

With a sip of his coffee he smirks at me and I can’t help but smile. “I’d ask you what you’d prefer to drink but I’ll forgo that question since we already have coffee.”

“You’re going to ask those stupid questions aren’t you?”

I grinned. “Yeah. That okay?”

“You know what they say, stupid questions get stupid answers.”

“I’m okay with that. What did you eat for breakfast?”

“Really?” He sighed and shoved his fingers through his hair, “Pancakes and bacon, sadly no ice-cream.”

“That was disappointing?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Not really. But I like ice-cream on my pancakes.”

“Did you make it yourself?”

“I make pancakes from a box, so no. These were fresh and made from scratch.”

“What time did you eat breakfast?”

My guest looked down at his leather banded watch and smirked. “8am on the dot?” He looked to me, “That about right?”

I smirked. “Sounds about right.”

“Did you clean up after yourself or do you have a maid?”

“I cleaned up because I didn’t cook. But I have a cleaning lady who does the cleaning, ironing, laundry, dusting vacuuming, all that sorta thing.”

I asked, “You mind if we get a little more personal now?”

“Go right ahead, Pretty Boy.”

I licked my lips and sighed. “Really giving it away there aren’t you.”

“As if the food question didn’t already.”

I shrugged, “I guess. So, Are you an only child? How many siblings do you have? Are you close or are you estranged?”

My guest sat back against the couch and spread out across his side of the furniture with a bright smirk on his face. He knew exactly what he did to me putting himself on display like that. I fought back the urge to stop the interview and leave all my readers hanging. But he answered. “I’m an only child. My father was killed before I was born, and my mother never had any time for other children after I was born.”

“Are you married? Are you divorced? How many times have you been married?”

“Are you asking for yourself or a friend?” He quipped.

“I already know the answer to the question.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“So why did you ask?” The sarcastic wonder dripped from his voice.

“To give my readers an idea of what you are like.”

He sighed. “I’m perfectly single at the start of your silly little story.”

“My silly little story?”

“Yes. It’s not mine. It wouldn’t be silly or little if it were mine.”

I chuckled. “I’m not going there. What is your earliest memory?”

He ran his fingers through his hair mussing it up even more. He did it on purpose. His smirk said so. “I guess I was four or five and my Mom was playing the guitar on the edge of a fountain and I was sitting on the ground with a hat in my lap and people were dropping money in as they passed by. Sometimes they’d stand and watch her sing.” I could see the longing in his eyes. He missed his mother.

I was a little afraid to ask the next question. But I did anyway, “If you could go back in time for one day, where would you go?”

“I don’t know, Nox. Really. I could say the day my Mom died, talk her into staying with me.” His eyes dropped, “But then I wouldn’t have meet Kate, or you.”

I laughed. “I think we would have met eventually. I think it was inevitable. Fate/Destiny whatever they want to call it.”

“So yo’re saying we were meant to meet, someday?”

I shrugged. “We dreamt about each other, so yeah. I can’t imagine the fates would stick us in each others head and then never let us meet.”

He shook his head, shaking his dark hair into is face then pushing it back absently. “You’d go back to the same thing, but you wouldn’t change anything would you?”

“I wouldn’t change anything. I’d tell my Mom I loved her and I forgave her. But I don’t wish she was alive. I wouldn’t change anything. Not a thing.”

“Not even Garrett?” He asked sitting forward and giving me that look of sympathy.

“No. Not even that. I am who I am because of him. I hate him for what he did, but I wouldn’t be right here, right now.”

“I think we’re done here, Nox.” He gave me that smile that said he was done.

I nodded, “You’ve gotten the farthest.”

He chuckled. “I know. I have other plans now though.” He stood up and offered me his hand which I took without hesitation and followed. I flicked the ‘camera’ off with a flow of air and that’s it for today.

Past Reflections

To start things off with this new Friday gig, my dear commenter from Ambrose and Elsie requested a dual interview with not only my first crush but my high school bully at the same time. [[ By the way this goes above and beyond my pay grade!!! ]] So today I have two guests with me – Dylan Reed. (Should the audience clap here or something grins) and Aaron Woolbright (I want booing here :P but it probably wouldn’t happen)

Dylan will come into play in Darwynn’s Law and The Children of Morpheus as well as a few mentions throughout but also in The First Hunt.

Aaron makes a few appearances through out things. At least once or twice in the First Hunt and once in The Last Phoenix.

Dylan and Aaron are seated across from me at a table in the cafeteria in the AU building. The clanking of silverware to plastic plates and the roar of multitudes of conversation is our backdrop sound track.

I take a deep breath and begin with a very simple question. “Would you like me to get you a glass of water? Or would you rather have soda? Wine? Whiskey?” Seriously I can actually make water of out thin air. The rest is a lot more complicated.

Aaron rolls his eyes at me. “Are you going to actually get us anything to drink?”

I nodded. “I am. Well she is.” I point at Jin. She’s not part of my story but hey I need a lackey right now. Sorry Jin, you know I love you. “But it’s also a personal question, what would you prefer at this hour type question.”

Dylan smirked. “I’ll take a water.”

I smiled at my former crush and nod. Jin set a cup down in front of him and water magically appears in it. “Do you get accused of being a health nut too?”

Dylan laughed softly. “No. I wanted to see what you’d do with a simple request.”

Aaron shoved Dylan in the shoulder. “I want a White Russian.”

“Of course you do.” I could have made a joke instead Jin stepped off in the direction of where the mini bar was. It’s my imagination since this would never happen so there! There is no mini bar in the cafeteria by the way. It’s straight up food.

We sat in uncomfortable silence but I decided to break it with a question I’d answered myself in an interview not to long ago.

“What did you eat for breakfast?”

Aaron gave me a side long look. “What the fuck kinda question is that?”

Dylan sighed. “I had …” He stopped and grabbed the kid walking by and pointed. “I had that. Whatever that is.”

I laughed. “That is an egg white omelette with mushrooms and green pepper and looks like topped with Swiss cheese.”

Aaron growled. “Only a fag would know that.”

I rolled my eyes. “Play nice or you can just the fuck out.”

Aaron stood up. “I think I’ll get the fuck out. Sorry ass questions.” Dylan and I watched Aaron walk away.

“Does this mean we are done?”

I shrugged. “If you want it to be.”

“It’s kinda weird you asking me all these personal questions. I mean you tried to kiss me. This isn’t some trick you trying to get with us. I heard you liked it a little freaky.”

“Whatever Dylan. You are not all that!”

Dylan stood up. “Yeah. I think it’s best I go too.”

I nodded, “Alright. See ya round.”

I watched Dylan walk out and couldn’t help but check out his ass. He was still very hot. Though his body wasn’t as good as it used to be – mine is better.