Two More Stories

AJ’s one of those writers who is always looking for the next story.  Before the Last Phoeix there was a bunch of things AJ had planned. But the Last Phoenix reset me to a point before those stories were written so AJ’s working on getting me back there.  The other night we catapulted into the…

How to Keep Your Creator Up at Night

AJ’s never really talked about her writing process, I know it intimately, so I’ll share with you some of the shit I do to keep my creator up at night. AJ’s always been a big day dreamer. Looking back at all the times as a kid, the world dissolved into dreams AJ is just nodding….

Weekend Schedule

AJ’s eldest has a Karate tournament today so I scheduled posts for this weekend. AJ is writing Darwynn’s Law while away, but it’s difficult to cut and paste on the phone so posting here is kinda a no go. You will have lots on Monday, maybe some will show up Sunday. Tomorrow you’ll get random…


Today I’m cheating. AJ’s head isn’t in Darwynn’s Law at the moment. She’s too busy climbing around Write Together with Alex and I and is taking a break this weekend to game. So AJ will be climbing around mountains and kills and killing Darkspawn and Demons in Dragon Age – Origins or Inquisition, not sure…

No posts today

Sorry AJ’s not got time for the story today. We’ll be back regular schedule on Monday. Maybe tomorrow, but I won’t guarantee it either.

Camp Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow will start a month long adventure. So I figured I’d better let you in on the basics before AJ starts telling the story. Daily Prompt may be included into posts if the topic fits where the story is at on that present moment. Hopefully I can wrangle it in so I can keep the…

Another Lazy/Busy Day

AJs got sick kids, had grocery shopping to do and Dr. Strange to watch so I didn’t get much ME time. That and the fact AJ is likely catching what the kiddos got. I am getting in my daily “HEY I’m still alive post” but that’s about it. Maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you how Dr….


Sadly, I’m hesitating on posting cause I don’t know what to post. I kinda posted a thread about not giving up – not hesitating a few days back in Il Cane. A quick run down of how I met Ant. I’m hesitant to ramble on about things I’ve already said so much about. I could…

Busy day

Hehe. …I forgot to Prewitt a post for today.   AJ is doing the family thing.   I don’t want to interrupt. Dinner and a movie.  Nothing special.  I’ll do better tomorrow. 

Nothing today

Yeah sorry.  No time today.  AJ’s fixing the computer at work which means I’m put to the side.  My ego is so hurt right now.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.