We apologize for dropping the ball on the story we were telling. AJ got wrapped up in Write a Book in 60 days with Dabble, and prepping for NaNoWriMo. And we got sucked into a ton of World Building to prep for the big month.

AJ’s debating on if we want to share the story, or how to do it. We aren’t going to post it to the blog per the usual. We kinda want to give you everything we’ve done for the day in if we could, but that could be a little or no words really depends on what AJ’s schedule is for that day.

And we don’t want to spent the time copying and pasting here.

Dabble has the ability to share the document with others, but it won’t update as we add new words, we’d have to generate a new link each time. Which updating here on the blog might not be so difficult, but we’d then have a ton of links out in the world that we’d rather not have.

So not really sure what’s on the agenda for next month. We might get back to the Riva Conspiracy. Or we might not. AJ’s gonna buckle down on editing come the first of the year. And see if we can knock a short story out and get it ready to offer for free on a newsletter. And then hurdle back into Book 1, so we can edit Book 2 too.

Lots to do.

Next Year

So in January, AJ’s going to attempt to use The Daily Spur prompts to give us something to talk about. At least for January weekdays. The weekends will be something prewritten and we’ve not decided yet.

AJ’s planning on finishing up the rewrite on The Call of the Dragon, and work on getting that through the edit flow. The rewrite will cause book 2 to be a bit different too, and all other books that follow. But AJ hopes that they will go smoothly.

There are some pretty big changes. AJ keeps making changes. Don’t we love it. But it’s fun and Alex and I are good with the changes. Anyway. We are always open for suggestions on things you’d like to see.

Merry Christmas

Those Drabbles were kinda fun. AJ enjoyed writing them. We might pull them out a bit more often. We do need to keep a list of them. Perhaps well have another series of them. Though might need a topic. So if anyone has a specific or generic topic we’d love to hear from you.

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and enjoys the time with family and friends.

Randomness On Monday

I figure I’d give ya’ll a heads up. Lost in New York is done on Sunday. Which means I’m back to daily writing. I’m going to try to use at least one of five prompting sites that I’ve listed under the collections if not all five of them. One of which is the one AJ and I maintain.

The remainder of the year will likely be randomness. AJ’s going to be a rebel for November and edit the Call of the Dragon (formerly the last phoneix). And our goal is to finish that this year at least round 1 of the edits filling in the timeline screw up and making the major changes that were decided on.

Publishing is the goal. So most of the writing AJ does will be just to keep me and her from going insane. We won’t be posting any major stories, anything we do will be with the express intention of submitted it to various publishing places that take short stories.

AJ is currently doing a lot of world building with a version of me and Alex in a DnD fantasy setting where we are dragonborn characters. AJ is hoping to do a completely random scenario with us, (well not completely random, but mostly random.) This particular story is specifically being tailored to L. Ron Hubbard’s Writers of the Future Contest. A 17K sci-fi fantasy story which has quarterly submissions. Currently AJ is world building, and setting up the general idea. AJ is setting it up as a serial or episodic story. So it might be something ya’ll get to see if it works, and if it doesn’t get accepted. But the idea is to actually have a much bigger story to tell. So we’ll see. However, it may end up just being you getting the play session in the end. We’ll see.

AJ has a few other ideas, and a few other places she’d like to try to make submissions to next year. My story is likely to be self published because it has already been seen here. And first publishing rights are big on other people, and AJ’s okay with that. We love sharing here. We love all of you.

PS: I love the signature you might end up seeing lots of it!

What word?

The prompt is a question. Today we could talk about words. AJ has a few posts on her Facebook page about the English language and grammar.

And then there is the idea that what word is asking about what news.

AJ is writing still. Just not this morning. She got stuck in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Not her typical game as it’s a shooting game, but she’s got it on the easiest mode possible since she’s really only there for the story, and the fighting is less of a reason. But she’s kinda falling in love with being a sniper. She has a single load gun that one shots just about any mob so from a distance she takes most things out, and then as she gets closer the companions do most of the work. Since her favorite gun is only one shot and she has to reload. It’s pretty epic gun.

But we are writing. 24K words of book 5. When it’s done we’ll schedule it up here, but since AJ hasn’t finished a book since The Power of Succession we don’t want to share it mid book.

The Power of Succession also was changed. So is anyone interested in seeing the new story?

We have a few rewrites to do to some of the others to fix plot holes, AJ needs to get on that but we get stuck in different modes – one of which is not editing.

But Dabble is mobile now so we might be able to do that soon.

We’ll see.

Totally Forgot

Yesterday I was supposed to post, and then I remembered last night, and I was going to then AJ got busy and she forgot what she was doing. Amid all this stuff going on I’ll forgive her since I know what’s been going on in her head better than most.

Anxiety not from the virus that is affecting the world in strange and apocalyptic ways (not as in the it’s causing the end of the world, but in the the world is shutting down because of it.) AJ’s anxiety stems from her kids not being home – they are safe, and they are probably safer up in the middle of no where than here with her, but given everything that’s happened over the past year and change AJ’s sorta on edge, sleep was a wonderful thing last night. And much needed to function. But mostly happened because AJ was exhausted.

But I was going to post that the Daily Spur had recently hit three thousand posts and 100 subscribers with little to no work from AJ. In case you are new around here, AJ created the Daily Spur back when the Daily Post shut down and has been producing random word, picture and music prompts for better than a year now (maybe more). It’s completely automated and there is a regular following and people using it. We are highly impressed with it’s following.