So Here’s the Plan

After Sunday there is likely only 5 more scenes left until the end of this current rewrite. Taking Back Erebus will be officially done with.

Now comes the question. Do you want to see the bits where Alex has a PoV? They aren’t in the ‘book’ so to speak but AJ wanted to write them so we knew exactly what happened when I wasn’t around.

While we wrap up the First Vestige, book 3 in this arc so we aren’t posting a book that’s not finished its first draft. It makes for posting easier.

There are 7 or 8 Alex scenes for ya’ll, that fill you in on what goes down. So next weekend? probably!

OH and then AJ’s gonna work on a fluff piece that is canon, you will get to see that after the first vestige is posted here!

Open Relationship (NSWF)

Our sex life became a series of conversations prompted by the things we watched on the screen. Nox would sit and watch some of the things as I surfed around the dark web with me. He almost always remained clothed until later in the evening. He never touched himself, he was always watching me. Making me talk to him about things, why I’d like something. He never judged me for things I watched. He would smirk when he knew I was embarrassed about things, but not because they were embarrassing but because he knew I was embarrassed before he even asked the questions.

He liked our sex life. Or so he claimed. At least that’s what I thought too. One afternoon he was cooking in my kitchen waiting for my friends to show up for game night. It wasn’t anything special but he spent all day in the kitchen. He knew Sasha and I had been together, he said he noticed how close we were before that, but he said it didn’t bother him.

When I walked into the kitchen he corned me against the counter with a smile as he pressed his face into my neck and kissed my neck. I groaned and grew hard just from that alone and he chuckled against my skin. He was aggressive some days, but more often than not he let me take the lead in everything – except the conversations we had a least once a week.

I assumed one of those conversations was on deck and I was right. He whispered in my ear. “Have you been looking?”

At first I didn’t know what he was talking about. But then the conversation we’d had a few nights prior when I had watched my lover masturbate over a video call came to mind. He’d asked if I wanted to add people to our circle. Another lover so I could watch Nox having sex with them. I could feel the blood rushing to my face. I knew Nox didn’t care, but I did. I hated that talking about sex came so easy to him. Why couldn’t it embarrass us both and we’d be on even footing. But as I thought about it I knew that would be devastating for our relationship. Nox thrived on communication. Who could ask for a better partner? I mean he tells you things you don’t even want to know. Nothing disgusting like bodily movements or things, but the scary shit everyone thinks about – things only your therapist should know.

And right now I guess I was his therapist. But he wanted me to know everything inside out, backwards and forwards, up and down. He was an open book. I wasn’t. It was like pulling teeth and I knew he got frustrated with me, but I couldn’t change who I am, anymore than Nox can change who he is.

But I knew what he meant and I shook my head. I hadn’t really thought about it. Nox nipped at my neck and laughed softly in my ear. “Then I guess you won’t be watching anything anytime soon now will you.” He teased me then walked away and continued his dancing and cooking that I’d come to take for granted. He did it so often, so carefree so unbidden. He didn’t care who watched – always the center of attention. Until he fell into that dark hole and then there was nothing you could do to get him out of it except wait. I hated those days. He called them the days of his truth. The days when his life shattered around him and he wanted to curl up and die. I’d only seen one in the short time we’d been together. The night he got back from saving a bunch of boys, he broke down after sex. He was spent – completely unable to cope with the feelings he was having and he’d let me in, gave him himself so completely that he lost his tight control.

It takes my breath away knowing that he trusts me that much. But at the same time it’s terrifying. Nox is broken. Completely and utterly broken. He can’t function outside of the Venatori. He can’t live a normal life because normal doesn’t exist. He is a trained killer. It’s all he knows. And yet he does everything in his power to not kill anyone. I can’t imagine living like he does. The strength and the power he has. And that’s not even talking about what he can do. That fire storm I still dream about. Some nights it’s beautiful symphony and other’s it’s a nightmare, it’s eating everything and anything in it’s way. Beautifully terrifying it sums up Nox to a T.

After watching him a few moments he said, “Don’t think of it as cheating. Think of it as scouting prospective. You have to be comfortable and trust them. If yo trust them, I’ll trust them.” He made it sound so simple and so skeevy at the same time. I only nodded at his statement. I don’t know how I feel about looking for a third, or a fourth, or a couple to have sex with us. Why would someone want to do that. Nox and I were in a relationship, why did he want me to add another. Did he think I wasn’t enough? Was it really about me and my kinks? He had so much more experience than I did. Just the way he moved his body said as much.

I asked as I watched him top a pizza he was making. “What about you?”

He smiled at me, that perfect smile that told me he was being genuine. I’d learned to decipher them just as much as I did the way he was breathing. “I don’t need anyone. You don’t do one night stands, and that’s all I’ve ever done. My taste in people aren’t going to be helpful for you.”

I sighed. He was right. And I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. “If we add a third, do you have a preference?”

He looked at me biting his lip, he only did that when he was being shy, I had caught him off guard. But it was gone, replaced with a bright smile, “Honestly, I’d prefer another guy, but I’m not going to be picky. A hetero couple with fluid tendencies would likely be best. We get a guy who likes being with other men, so you can watch us, and a woman so you can watch us. And we all get a little bit of everything we like.”

I wasn’t sure about any of it, but I filed it away for later. I wondered how a couple would work. How the relationship would end up being? Was it just sex? What if we fell in love? Or what if it messed up our relationship. I sighed and I saw Nox frown because he knew I wasn’t exactly speaking to him about all my questions, but he went about his his cooking, his dancing lost a little flair, and I hated knowing I was the cause so I whispered to hide my embarrassment. “I don’t know how any of that will work. What if I fall in love with them, and out of love with you?”

He came around the island dusting off his hands, not that they were dirty it was a habit he did when cooking. Always cleaning his hands. He placed them on either side of me as I turned to face him with my back pressing into the counter. He smiled. “That’s why we talk about things, love. Always – everything – especially sex and love. If you can’t talk about work I get that but me and you – there should be no secrets. I’m not going to let you go without a fight. If I’m fucking something up you need to tell me.”

I smiled and nodded, “And you’ll tell me if I’m making a mess of our relationship.”

He grinned at me and pressed his lips to mine and whispered, “You bet your blue eyes I will. There is more than enough love to share, if you are worried about loving more than one person. They call it poly-amorous relationships. I’m okay with however we work out in the end love. As long as I can come to your bed anytime I want, I’ll take it.”

What if I didn’t want to share him? I sighed. I wasn’t sure if I was being trite. I wanted everything and it contradicted everything else I wanted. Nox kissed me softly, “Don’t over think it love. It’ll be alright no matter how it turns out.”

And here my pessimist boyfriend was trying to make me see the bright side of things. The irony.

Behind Closed Doors (NSFW)

When Nox said we were going out I had expected to go to dinner and dancing. I didn’t expect for him to walk me into the discrete door of Ooh. I was wearing a pair of khaki’s and nice shirt in anticipation. Nox was wearing the same though that was what he wore in general when going out with me. He didn’t wear the sarcasm when we went on dates, just every other time. And he always work a button down long sleeve shirt, though it was never buttoned up. Just there to add extra layers for his back and arms.

He walked up to Sally at the pedastal and she smiled at him with his long dark lashes made look even longer with the dark eyeliner he wore. He placed hand with black painted nails on the wood in front of him with his perfect smile. “We have a reservation. Jaxen would have made it.”

My jaw dropped. I had forgotten he’d known the owner of the club and was on a first name basis. Sally smiled at him again after having looked over the list of reservations. “Yes, sir. He did. He also has a special pass for you.” She handed Nox two wrist bands. “You’ll need to wear these for after his show.”

Nox asked, “Does Blake know I’m coming?”

Sally shook her head, “I don’t know sir. I will have Ernesto inform him that Mr. Oliver’s friend is here with a special pass so he’s aware of it.”

Nox nodded. “Thank you Duckling.” She blushed slightly and waved for us to enter. “Your usual table has been reserved, and drinks will be served once you are seated. The usual.”

Nox put his arm around my waist and leaned in, “Lead the way love.” I took the stairs up to the second floor and found the table I usually sat at with a reserved sign sitting on it. As we sat down, a glass of water with lemon and the rum and coke I usually had were set down and the reserved sign was removed.

I watched as Nox sat down and made himself comfortable, he even untucked his shirt like we were at home. I sat down next to him biting my lip and he leaned in and stretched out as he did it and I couldn’t help but look down the length of his long lean body and notice the bulge in his jeans. “Relax. You do this more than I do. You are making me nervous.”

I laughed, “Yeah you look nervous. Only thing you didn’t do was open your pants for me.”

He grinned at me and reached for his button and undid it. “Are you happy now?” He preened at me, his head resting against my chest as he lounged on the red velvet bench. He was looking up at me through those dark lashes and I had to kiss him. His lips parted the moment mine touched his and our tongues dance. He let out a soft moan.

The soft bell that sounded for a new show to start brought us out of our kiss and as I looked down the length of my lovers body his hand was resting near his cock like he wanted to touch himself. I whispered in his ear, “Touch yourself.” It wasn’t meant as a command, but Nox took it as one with a soft moan and slipped his hand inside his pants and grabbed himself. “I want to watch you.”

He shook his head. “Watch them.” But he obliged me anyway and his cock was out over his boxers and jeans and I couldn’t take my eyes from his gentle strokes. He tapped his head against my chest and I looked at his face, “Watch the show, love. I’m not going anywhere.”

I turned to watch the show as two men stood in the center of the ring. I’d seen the pair often enough. The blonde submissive was standing in nothing but a black leather speedo and his Dom was wearing his classic black leather pants. The blonde stood with an at-ease stance you’d see in the military except his head was bowed and looking down at the ground. His Dom was walking around him inspecting his body and slapping him with the red sash he liked to use. I could feel Nox flinching against me and I put my arm around him and he pressed into me. I glanced at him and despite his anxiety he was still hard and stroking himself. He listened most of the time – almost to a point of failure sometimes. Sometimes I wanted him to say no.

I turned back to the two men. The last time I’d seen them, they were using the straps hanging from the ceiling today they didn’t do any such thing. He stood at attention while his Dom ran the wheels across his body, or snapped the sash against his skin. You could see his knees weaken. But he forced himself to stand up. One particular slash to the back of the knee sent the blonde to his knees and the room hissed. Some out of concern, others because the submissive had failed. Nox had sat up straighter against me. He was waiting to see what happened.

A small leather covered horse was rolled out and the Dom pointed to it and the sub stood up and bent himself over the bench and his hands were strapped to the other side so he couldn’t move, he was stretched out and he wasn’t going anywhere. His Dom instructed him in a small voice that I didn’t hear. Nox whispered to me, “He’s telling him to count loud enough everyone can hear.”

The leather clad man pulled a paddle off the wall and a cane. Nox gripped my hand but he continued to stroke his cock, but I could tell he was on the verge of a panic attack. I held him and whispered, “We can go.”

Nox shook his head, “No. This is part of the show. I need you to see afterwards. And this is a perfect show to have.”

I wasn’t sure this was a good idea. “Stop touching yourself. I’ll watch, but you don’t need to.” I unbuttoned my khaki’s and smiled at my lover, “Put on your earbuds and suck my cock.” There was a moment of hesitation in Nox’s reaction, but he was smiling at me as he looked up from the floor and put himself together before he did as I asked. He mouthed ‘thank you’ as he put in the ear buds and turned on the music, I could hear the tinkling of music but couldn’t make out anything else about it. And then his hot wet mouth ran down my cock and I groaned and thrust into his mouth. Nox pushed my hips to the bench and held me down. He claimed he wasn’t stronger than a human, but I begged to differ, he was. He just wasn’t as strong as a Venatori.

I watched as the Dom paddled his submissive for a count of three which he yelled out. It cracked with pain. But when the first cane slapped across his bare backside, the cry was followed with a broken sob. Nox really didn’t need to see this, but with my lover sucking on my cock and the sounds of the the paddle and cane slapping on tender flesh I was very close to coming. The submissive counted to twelve, three paddles followed by three canings, and I was coming in Nox’s mouth before his Dom stopped. I was doing my best not to scream out my orgasm as Nox swallowed everything. The submissive was unhooked from his restraints and they walked off the stage in hushed whisperes. Nox turned to the stage and pulled his earbuds out. “Come on.”

My legs were weak and Nox was grinning madly at me as we walked downstairs and through a pair of double doors that our green wristbands let us through with. RFID or some other technology letting us in. Coming from the other direction was the Dom and submissive. The Dom smiled at us, but he didn’t say anything as he nodded towards a smaller room, his submissive was walking behind him. Once in the room the Dom sat down in on a couch and his submissive sat down on the floor with his head in the man’s lap. Much like a puppy.

Nox sat down next to him and patted the seat next to him. “Blake, I’d like you to meet Sage.” Blake offered his hand and I took it and smiled.

His other hand was stroking his submissive head and Blake smiled at me, “This is Jaxen.” Jaxen tilted his head and his blue shining eyes were happy and it wasn’t something I had expected. I hadn’t expected the owner of the club to be a submissive either.

Nox interrupted my thoughts. “I wanted to show Sage, the part he doesn’t see on stage. The after care.”

Blake nodded. “Alright. I guess it was a good night to show up. Normally we don’t need to punish. He’s usually very obedient no matter what I do.”

Jaxen’s eyes dropped but Blake kissed him softly. “You took it well, my love. Let me tend to them.” He blonde submissive stood up and laid down in Blake’s lap, and into Nox’s.

Nox looked to Blake, “Is it alright if we touch him?”

Blake laughed, “I will never ever understand your need to ask permission. You make a very good Dom, Nox. Why you’d want to submit is beyond me.”

Nox smiled shyly at Blake. But he didn’t answer him. He only ran his fingers through Jaxen’s hair and the man purred. But I watched Blake tend to Jaxen, he was rubbing lotion and oils over the red areas. Blake started talking like he was lecturing. “If you don’t tend to them right away, they can bruise, sometimes they still do. You’r boy rarely bruises though, if you are lucky enough to hit him more than once before he safe words.”

“I don’t hit him at all.” I corrected. “We’ve not done this yet.”

Blake laughed. “Do you want to? I know I’ve seen you here before.”

“I like to watch.” I defended myself.

Blake nodded and continued his ministrations. “How did he do with the show?” He was talking to me like Nox wasn’t here, and for I guess he wasn’t since when I looked at him, he was zoned out petting Jaxen’s head. It wasn’t sexual in the least at least neither one of them looked like they were getting off on it. It was tender, like I’d seen Nox doing with Drake. I was pretty sure Nox did the same thing when we watched TV and I curled up in his lap.

“He didn’t watch the spanking. I had him put on his earbuds and ….” I hesitated.

Blake continued my sentence, “You had him suck you off so he wouldn’t panic. ” I nodded and he continued, “Now boy, I’m impressed. Most Dom’s would make their sub sit through it regardless.”

“I’m not his Dom.”

Blake laughed. “Maybe so, but you are taking care of him as best you can. Giving him what he needs. That’s all he wants.”

“Why do you know so much about Nox?”

“He and Jaxen went to the same therapist when they were younger. I worked with Adiran with them both. Nox is a good teacher, even when he’s teaching from the bottom.”

Blake patted Jaxen’s bottom lovingly and Jaxen sat up, his eyes were not nearly so glazed over and he smiled at me before he returned his eyes to the ground. Blake stood up and Jaxen followed him. “Jaxen has some things to take care of I need to return him to his office so he can do that.”

He offered me his hand, “It’s a pleasure meeting you.” He looked to Nox and smiled. “You need to come by more often.”

Nox shook his head then grinned, “Maybe, if he asks nicely.”

I grinned. “Maybe, he says.”

We left through the door we had come in and we went home.

Tie Me Up (NSFW)

The one thing that I’d come to expect on Thursday night was Nox cooking in my kitchen. He knew I went to the office on Thursday, and he knew I wouldn’t be home. He used his key and he would make dinner. It would be ready on the island on the bar, there would be a three-year-old running around my house like a bat outta hell and we’d settle in for a dinner and a kid friendly movie.

What I did not expect was for Nox to be in my kitchen half naked – where only boxers and an apron. He complained about the naked kitchen porn scenes – like really who cooks naked? Sitting on the island where we ate was a red lobster. I grinned at him. He was living up to his end of the bargain. He smiled at me when he saw me standing in the kitchen. “I’m sorry it took so long. I had to find the right instructions.”

I laughed at him. “I never actually expected you to cook me lobster.”

He walked around the island and wrapped his long arms around me and drew me in to kiss, “Love, I promised you lobster I’m going to make you lobster. It’s got the butter garlic dipping sauce and a good side of pasta salad with sun dried tomatoes, olives and basil in a light pesto sauce.”

I kissed him on the lips softly, he tasted like butter and garlic like he’d been tasting his own food while he cooked. I moaned a little and made Nox chuckle. “No vegetables?”

“Special occasion.” He whispered. “I intend to work off all the carbs.” He bit my bottom lip and pulled away from me, “Eat love. I want to show you something later.”

I looked around expecting him to call Drake down, but he sat down and smiled at me, “He’s with my father. I told him I wanted a night a lone with you. He said I don’t want to know what you and your lover do.”

The lobster was heaven. I’d only had lobster once, and that was at my uncle’s first wedding. I only had a small taste and I really don’t remember it. But this was melt in your mouth good. Everything on my plate was gone. And when we were done Nox cleaned up. Usually I would, but he didn’t let me lift a finger. He told me to sit down and watch a show. I didn’t I flipped channels while he finished the kitchen clean up.

Afterwards he came in wearing just his boxers and smiled at me. “Come up in ten minutes.”

I raised my eyebrow and he grinned at me. I nodded, “Alright.” We’d had some interesting nights alone these past few weeks. Nox was showing me something which meant we weren’t doing something I was prompting – or were we. I was suddenly a little afraid but my cock was hard in anticipation. Nox was very into sex. Any night I wanted to have sex he was game, I don’t think he ever said no.

Ten minutes was too long, but I waited and I ran up the stairs though I slowed down before I got to my room. Inside Nox had a box on the bed. He smiled at me. “Sage. Everything we do tonight is part of what I enjoy. But if you don’t like any of it, then we never do it again. Is that okay?”

I nodded. “Of course. You’ve been more than willing to watch with me. I think I can do this.”

He grinned at me sat down on the edge of the bed still in his boxers. “There are only three rules. 1. No hitting. No slapping, spanking, or other types, not even in the attaboy type jesters.” I nodded and the first rule, not overly surprising considering the state of his back. “2. You can touch my back, but no one else can.” I nodded again, not surprised there either. “And 3. We always use condoms. Especially if there is a woman involved.” This last one surprised me a little, but it was understandable. He continued, “I have two safe words. It’s like the stop lights. Yellow is a caution, if I say it it means I’m really close to having a panic attack or I really can’t take much more. And then there is red, which means full stop, hands off, untie me or release me from whatever bonds and the scene is over.”

I nodded biting my bottom lip, safe words were used in BSDM, bondage and pain and domination and submission. I had watched plenty of it, but I hadn’t really thought about it doing ti with Nox. Hitting seemed to be a big part of punishment I wasn’t sure how that would work.

Nox stood on the bed and attached a strap to each side post at the foot of the bed. They were just leather straps. At the foot he attached two cuffs. Nox grinned at me and he looked at me, “Do you want to try it first?”

I took a breathe and held it. He smiled at me, “You don’t have to stay, but I’d like for you to at least feel the straps against your wrists. It helps know what your partner is feeling.”

I nodded and Nox pulled me closer and undid my belt and khaki’s, “We don’t want to ruin them.” He took off the white button down as well, leaving me with my white t-shirt and boxers. He didn’t remove any of my other clothes as he pulled one hand up above my head and sliped my hand through the leather strap. “Grab here.” He showed me where and I closed my fist around it. It wasn’t so bad. He did my other wrist then knelt down and looked up at me. His brown eyes were shining and dark with lust as he looked up from his position. He smiled, “I like looking at you like this.”

I knew he meant up at me, I wasn’t thrilled with the position I was in. And I was even less thrilled when he spread my legs towards the other post. The straps cut into my wrist as I lowered closer to the ground. And when the other leg was strapped I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Nox stood up, his hands caressing my body through the fabric of what remained of my clothes. He asked, “You okay, or do you want me to take you out of these?”

“Out.” I mummbled and he didn’t wait a moment, there was no hesitation, no begging for me to stay inside. I’d had a lover once who tried to push me into things like this. It was part of the problem with being tied up like this. I let go of one of the straps before Nox finished unstrapping me and I fell towards the ground but Nox caught me before my arm wrenched in the remainng strap.

He kissed my neck and whispered, “Legs first, then hands, it’s easier. Stand up. And you can let go.”

I did as he instructed and I would remember that next time. Nox looked at my wrists and kissed the red mark the strap had made against the one wrist. He smiled at me, “We won’t tie you up again.”

I started to protest, “But…”

Nox put a finger to my lips to silence me. “If you want to try again, you only have to ask. I won’t ask it of you again.” And he was done with it he was turning to the box and opened the lid. Inside were various oils, and lubes. There were butt plugs, and dildos. Some vibrated, others had suction cups. There was some weird glass rods and things that looked pizza cutters. Blind folds and other restraints were tucked into the side. He sat down next to the box and pulled out a device that looked like it belonged in the kitchen and put one of those glass rods in it. “Go slow with the setings at first, but I can handle the highest. It can feel good or you can use it as a punishment.” He smiled at me. “But we don’t need to explore those parts now or anytime if you don’t feel comfortable.”

Nox took my hand and and pulled me close and I sat down next to him.. His leg was warm against mine. I took his hand out and put the device on the lowest setting and held it above his skin and it sparked as he ran it over the top of his hand. He touched it to his skin and I felt him shudder in pleasure. “Would you like to feel it?”

“Isn’t that the point of this?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No, the point is for you to do these things to me. But it helps to understand the tools.”

I asked, “Did Adrian do these things to you?”

“And many other things. But what Adrian did was to teach me, not out of pleasure.”

I laughed. “Like he didn’t enjoy any of it.”]

Nox laughed, “You are right. He did enjoy it but it was to teach more so.”

I held my hand out and Nox pressed the glass tube to the top of my hand. It sent a shock to my hand and I gasped. He raised it a hairs breathe above my skin and I felt a zap. “Ouch.”

Nox pulled my hand to him and he kissed the spot that had been zapped and licked it softly, “I’m sorry, I wanted to show you the difference.”

I understood and I nodded. He turned it off and set it aside and pulled out one of the pizza cutter things out and ran it across his skin. He bit back a gasp. I offered him my hand and he smiled at me and leaned over and kissed me deeply. “You are amazing.” He said breathlessly. He ran the spikey pizza cutter thing across my skin. It pricked but he didn’t push I imagined it would hurt more the harder you pushed. He set it down in the box. “I assume you know how everything else works?”

I nodded. “I think I can figure it out.”

He smiled. “Will you tie me up, love? Experiment with the toys. Not submission, just learning what I like, what you like to do, what you don’t.”

I asked, “Anything in the box?”

He nodded and offered me his hands. I smiled and I lifted his hand to the post and he slipped his hand through the strap. I kissed his arm before moving to the other and kissed his bicep as he pushed his hand through the strap. I wanted to look at him, in all his glory. I pulled down his boxers and he smiled at me. He was hard, and leaking and I wanted to talk him in my mouth. He watched me watching him. I licked my lips and he bit his bottom one. “Mmmmmm.” I licked the length of his cock and he shuddered. “I love that reaction, Nox.”

I put his legs in the cuffs and when I stood back up Nox hung from the straps. The leather cut into his wrists and pressed white pushing the blood from the area. He gasped softly but his cock twitched at the pain. He hung his head and he hung a little lower. His feet touched the posts now, there was no pressure on them and all his weight was on his wrists. I bent down to his ear and asked, “Why do you want to hurt?”

He let go of a breath, “It’s cleansing. It’s real. I know I can make it stop.” He looked up at me with those deep brown eyes of his, his voice was breathless. “I can’t take away the emotional hurt, but I can make this mine.”

Nox used the weirdest things to cope with the mess that his life. Sometimes I wanted to stop doing these things with him. To make him find a new way to cope. But the sex was something he enjoyed. Just like jumping from the buildings. He wasn’t hurting anyone. He hung his head again.

I looked in the box and found a feather. I didn’t have to hurt him. I could make it feel better. I touched the feather to the bounds on his wrists and he shivered. The feather ran down his arm and over his chest and up the other arm. His head fell backwards exposing his neck and I ran the feather over his adam’s apple and he gurgled his acceptance of the tender touch.

I ran the feather over every part of his body. His cock twitched and was leaking. I leaned in and whispered in his ear, “Can you come just from this touch?”

He chuckled and put his head forward so he could speak easier. “If you tell me to I will.” He looked so lost in lust and desire, his eyes were dark and bright at the same time. I knew he liked to be told what to do. I smiled at him, “Come for me love.” I ran the feather over his cock and he released almost instantly. I wondered how much he’d worked himself up over this. But I remembered all the times in the past week he’d didn’t let me help him finish. I smiled at him, “You’ve been waiting for this.” I whispered against his neck. “I want to fuck you now.”

He groaned and nodded, “Yes please.”

I undid his feet and then helped him stand up straight and he removed his hands from the straps. There were red marks on his wrist and I kissed them. He smiled at me. “We’ll work on aftercare later love. I have an idea for that. Right now love fuck me.”

I did as he asked. I kissed him hard, pressing my lips to his and sucked his lip into my mouth. He moaned against my lips and his hands grabbed my hips and he pulled me hard against his body. He was a lot harder than I expected him to be. He ground against me “MMMm…” I shoved him back and he landed on his back with a oomph. I reached behind him and grabbed a box of condoms behind him and tossed me one. He watched as I torn open the pack and opened the foil. His fingers twitching beside him waiting, wanting to touch me. I slid it on my hard cock and he let out a small moan. I leaned down on top of him and pressed my body to his. He whimpered beneath me. “Soon Nox. Soon.”

I smiled against his neck and ran my fingers down his arms and over the sides and pushed his arms over his head. I whispered, “Stay.” and he hummed his acceptance. I learned early that Nox liked to be told what to do, loved to be told to be still, when to come, just the little things. I loved holding him like this. He would drown in the pleasure I gave him and be unable to touch me until I said so. He loved to touch. I loved when he touched me but he liked this. I could see why now that he’d shown me this, his love of being vulnerable. I wanted to hurt the person who made him this way. But I would take care of him. I loved him.

Nox whimpered again bringing me back to him with a smile and I sat up and pushed inside him. He groaned as I pushed inside. His cock twitched and his rolled his head back, his hands clenched above his head but he didn’t move them. His head pushed backwards and I leaned forward thrusting inside of him and he moaned.

I pushed into him again and again slowly biting his neck. He whimpered underneath me. and I pushed harder and deeper. His back arched but his hands stayed above his head. I sat up and thrust harder and faster inside of him and he let out a loud moan and muttered my name. The one simple word pushed me over the edge and I inside of him. I thrust a few more times before Nox released again. His cock spurting cum over his stomach and he shuttered. I fell down next to him. I kissed his neck and his arms and I helped him move them down. He flexed his fingers and grinned at me. I whispered, “Touch me, please.” His arms wrapped around me and his fingers splayed against my back as he pulled me close. I hummed against his skin and closed my eyes. We’d sleep like this and he’d wake up with his alarm and off for a run before I would even know he was gone.

Secrets (NSFW)

Work was stressing me out, and even though Nox practically lived at my house, he was not going to be around this week. He was prepping for a month long trip to the mountains to teach a bunch of kids about surviving in the woods. I wasn’t sure why that mattered to someone who hunted monsters. If they lived in the woods how many people could they be hurting? But it wasn’t my life, who was I to question to validity of their courses.

But his prepping also meant that he needed to adjust to sleeping without me by his side. I had seen first hand how my presence affected his slumber. That first week we’d spent together I had particularly stressed day and I was having a hard time sleeping. So I got out of bed. I went downstairs to my computer and I worked. It wasn’t really work, but zoning out to code was just like work and it was relaxing when I was just moving through the motions.

When I went back up stairs it was after 4 am and I found Nox in the bathroom, his back was a bloodied pulp. He didn’t look stressed as he watched his skin knit back together. When he looked up at me he apologized for blooding the sheets. If I hadn’t see it for myself I would never have realized that Nox wasn’t imagining the cuts he claimed to have. His back was a tangle of scars from his childhood – all self inflicted in his nightmare state. All before he figured out how to heal his self with the power of the elements. He was not a healer he claimed. That he did nothing more than supply the elements, but I’d seen him heal himself. He claimed it wouldn’t work for me. That I’d still bleed out if he tried to heal a deep wound. It was magic feeding on magic or some such bullshit.

Everything about Nox was fantastical. I felt like I was living in a comic book. I mean I knew werewolves existed… but this, this was extraordinary. I needed a break and he was busy so I took the train to Ooh. It wasn’t far from my house, still in Hell’s Kitchen. It was a discrete place. The only thing on the outside that was flashy was the purple neon sign that said “Ooh”. There was no other sign that this was a club, or what was beyond the dark non-describt door at the front of the building.

Inside was a completely different thing. The interior was posh. The dark wood and black curtains that separated the waiting area from the double doors I knew on the other side. A woman wearing a black suit with white ruffles greeted you at the door. There was a man in a similar suit standing behind a counter to take your coat. For all external purposes it looked like a restaurant or some other high end club.

I smiled at Sally. She was the regular hostess and she smiled back at me. “Welcome back. It’s been a while. Your usual?”

I nodded. “Yes, please.”

She glanced at the tablet on her pedestal and frowned, “Your usual table is currently occupied, would you like another? Or wait for it, we have room at the bar if you’d like a drink.”

I sighed, “Do you have a similar table?”

She looked again. “I do, it’s on the first floor, more traffic.”

“I’ll take that.”

She smiled and nodded. “Would you like your usual drink delivered?”

“Yes, please. That would be wonderful.”

“Excellent. Would you like Ernesto to show you to your table?” She handed me a black piece of paper with the table number on it.

“I can find it. Thank you.”

Sally gave me one last smile and I stepped through the curtains and through the double doors just beyond them. The atmosphere changed. Where the foyer was cool and almost cold, inside the club was steamy and hot and not just from the temperature. It was a three story auditorium, with a ring in the middle much like you’d expect at a circus, except the seating was tables, and benches and chairs all plush covered and black laquer. It was upscale still. Had the same vibe as the outer room but there was no doubt that it was decorated to cater to sex. Each bench had brass bars atop them, some had leather straps attached, others handcuffs. The three floors looked down upon the ring, and the open seats on the first floor. Under each landing for the upper floors were more private settings which is where I headed looking for my table in the shadows.

Every where I looked there were men and women in the troughs of a scene. One man was fucking his girl from behind, her hands were strapped to the brass bar and he rammed inside her. She was moaning loudly above the music playing in the background of the club. My cock twitched in my pants as I walked slowly by watching. The man grinned at me but kept up his vigorous thrusting until she was screaming out his name.

At another table I passed there were several people sitting together, their clothes in various states of disarray. One of the men leered at me, as another man sucked his cock and a woman flicked his nipple with her painted nail. There was a woman dancing on the table in front of him wearing nothing on her lower half, her shaven pussy in the face of the woman flicking the other man’s nipple. Her tongue was laping at the woman dancing. The dancing woman’s eyes were on the main ring where two men were taking there places.

I found my seat as a tall man with dark skin and hair placed strapped his partner’s wrists to the straps hanging from the ceiling. I slide into my safe spot and unbutton my pants. I knew I’d not want to deal with it later. This wasn’t my first time here, and it wasn’t likely my last time. I watched as the dark man whispered to his blond lover. He petted the other man and the blond reacted as you’d expect a puppy. The love in his eyes was apparent.

The blond man’s ankles and wrists were attached to the straps and the other man pulled out a red scarf and ran it across other’s skin. The submissive shuddered under the tender touch and yelped when the scarf smacked against his skin. It left a bright red mark on his chest and the dom snapped it several more times against his chest, his legs, his ass. Each leaving a mark redder than the last. My cock was hard and twitching. I knew Nox wouldn’t enjoy this scene, it was why I came now, he wouldn’t enjoy it, and I despite the fact that Nox would watch he need much more attention afterwards.

Without the added pressure my hand was in my pants and I was stroking myself. There was precum leaking from my tip and I was using it to smooth out the strokes.

The sub’s cock was hard against his body and the dom was wearing tight leather but he was hard too. These two never actually had sex on the stage. It was all about the bondage and making the submissive come or not depending on the dom’s wims that night. Today he seemed bent on punishing his lover. Another leather clad man stepped into the ring by the levers and pullys while the dom stood in front of his sub and his feet lifted off the ground tipping the sub into his dom’s strong hands. His feet level with his hands, the blond sub hung from the ceiling by his arms and legs. If this were on TV I could see the disclaimers ‘do not try this at home’ scrolling across it for legal reasons. I wouldn’t even know how to begin to do this. It looked like it hurt, but the sub was enjoying the pain and the freeness of it.

The dom walked under his sub and ran his finger down the cock of the other man. It was the perfect height for him as he slipped it into his mouth. I spilled over may hand and bit back a groan as I watched the dom suck his subs cock while he hung from the ceiling.

I cleaned up and watched a little while longer before I slipped out of my bench and went for the door. New couples had replaced the fucking pair from before, their eyes were glued to the scene in front of them, their clothes were still fresh and their eyes were wide. I bet it was their first time in Ooh. And I was betting it was a shock.

Outside of Ooh I started walking for the train when I recognized the shape in front of me. “Nox?” I asked.

He stopped and turned around with that grin. He was hiding behind it. He wasn’t happy nor sad to see he. He wasn’t angry or upset. He was hiding behind the perpetual grin he gave everyone. It made me angry, so I shouted instead of asking, “Did you follow me?”

I knew the moment it was out of my mouth I should have not said it like that. Nox shut down. He shook his head. “No. I was leaving Adrian’s when I saw you. I tried to catch up but by the time I did you were walking into Ooh. And I didn’t want to disturb your plans. I waited but the ground is hard and my ass was cold so I was leaving. I’ll go now.” He turned and headed for the train back to the AU building.

I could let him walk away. Talk to him when he’s not pissed at me. I think I hated the quite anger more than him actually raising his voice. Which he never did that either. He yelled at other people but with me, he just gets quiet and distant. We were both learning.

I walked up to him and put my hand on his arm. “Nox…”

He stopped but he didn’t turn around. “I’m sorry.”

He shrugged and started walking again. “Not a big deal.”

“Stop it Nox. Let’s talk about this.” I shouted again and frowned when he turned around and stared at me blank but expectant.

“There is nothing to talk about Sage.” He said in that quite voice he used when I knew he was hiding all emotion. He became his father when he did that. He continued in the same voice. “I saw Adrian because I was feeling stressed and I didn’t want to call Margo. We had dinner around the corner and I saw you. I waited and now here we are.”

“You don’t want to know why I’m here? Or who I was with?” I was dumbfounded.

Nox smirked. “I’m sure you are here alone, to watch the show. To jack off without me bogging you down with my shit emotions. I know who is on right now.”

“You’ve been here?” I asked.

He shook his head. “No. A friend of mine owns it. He knows Adrian too, Jaxen and Blake have had their fun with me when I was younger.”

“If you’ve never been inside how do you know who’s up?”

Nox took his phone out of his pocket and flipped a few screens and opened an app. He pointed it in my direction and I took it. It was the schedule for Ooh. “You looked it up when you saw me go in?”

Nox shook his head and took his phone and started walking back to the train. “No. Jaxen gave me that told me to come in and play anytime I wanted to.”

“If he’s your friend why haven’t you gone in?” I said as I took walked next to him.

“I don’t need a sex club to get off. I can find a girl willing anywhere I want.”

“And I can’t?” I growled.

Nox shook his head. I wasn’t sure if it was in denial or disgust. Probably both. “You and I have different kinks Sage. That’s perfect for you. I don’t have anyone, or didn’t have anyone I wanted to get kinky enough with to take to a sex club and I’m not going to just come here to watch. If Jaxen had invited me to help him with a scene I might have, but he and Blake don’t typically share.”

We waited for the train in silence and when it arrived we sat down in silence. Two stops later I had to get off. The train rattled to a stop and Nox didn’t move, I asked, “Do you want to spend the night?”

Nox shook his head. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

I didn’t give him a choice, I took his hand and pulled him out the quickly closing doors just in time. The train pulled away just as Nox’s feet were past the yellow line.

“Sage this is a bad idea. You’re pissed at me. I’d rather sleep at home.”

I knew it was a lie. He wasn’t even trying to hide the fact that he was tired and drained and emotionally spent. He was easy to read. “I’m not mad at you Nox. I was. I thought you were spying on me.”

“You keep yelling at me Sage.” The desperation in his voice was devastating. It crushed my heart knowing that getting mad at him was difficult on him. Our first real fight was going to be crushing.

I grinned at him, “You are frustrating.”

“All the more reason for me to go home. You are getting annoyed with me. I told you I wasn’t easy to live with.”

I took his hand and I didn’t give him a choice in the matter as we walked to my house, and up stairs and to my bedroom. I quickly undressed down to my boxers and he watched me the whole time, never said a word as I undressed him slowly. Carefully touching every part of his body with my fingers. Then my lips and tongue. We laid down in my bed, both in our boxers and I held him close. I knew we would both be aching later, but it wasn’t sex he had wanted, it wasn’t edging either, he just wanted me to love him. So I showed him I did. I loved him and it terrified me.

Game Night

Friday night’s were always the same. Even now that I was with Nox, they stayed the same. He didn’t believe in date night being Friday night. We’d go out whenever the fancy struck. Which for Nox was like never. He liked staying home and curling up with a book while I zoned out in front of the tv watching a random movie or a favorite show. Every Tuesday night we went to Aspect and danced. If he wasn’t working a case. Other than that we stayed home.

But Nox insisted that I hang with my friends even though he didn’t. He said he didn’t have any friends, but I knew that was a lie. His best friend just lived in Brooklyn so it was not an easy visit, and he had his own family now. So tonight I was at Sasha’s house early bearing gifts from Nox. He’d made extra on purpose – he claimed it was nothing special. But when you special make an entire batch of chicken wings for no other reason than he could the were special.

Sasha opened the door with a bright smile. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and she took my bundle of food from my arms completely ignoring me otherwise. “My god, Sage, this smells wonderful. Where did you get it?” Sasha loved food. You’d never know from her frame but she ate worse than any guy I’d ever met. High metabolism and a yoga instructor I guess.

“Nox made it.”

“You mean the boy from the club you hooked up with?” Sasha asked as she set the wings on the game table and opened it taking a deep breathe of the wonderful goodness of a variety of wings. “How many kinds did he make?”

I shrugged, “I dunno. He tends to cook all day if I don’t interrupt him.”

“You sure he’s a he? Sounds too good to be true Sage.”

I sighed. “He’s a he. Trust me.”

Sasha giggled, “No don’t tell me about it. Alice won’t shut up about screwing him on the dance floor. Like it was the best fuck she’d ever had.”

“Alice is just use to having a guy take her home, wine and dine her and then sleeping with her in a bed. Not a guy like Nox, who’s typical MO is to flirt and then get in your pants that same night and never see you again.” I sighed, “I hope she knows that he won’t ever call. There are two girls numbers in his phone. Mia’s and Dae’lin’s. And those two he’s not calling for sex.”

“They why does he call them.” Sasha asked around a teriyaki sauced wing.

“Mia is his best friend’s wife and Dae’lin is his mentor slash boss. His therapist was in there, but that’s a long story I can’t share.”

Sasha pouted. “I want to hear all the juicy gossip your chef boyfriend has.”

“He’s not a chef and he’s not my boyfriend.”

She rolled her eyes. “You are an idiot. He’s a boy, he’s your ‘friend’, thus he’s your boyfriend.”

“And if he were transgender? What would you call him.”

Sasha three the meatless chicken bone at me. “He’s not. Is he?” Her voice rose up in curiosity and I stuck my tongue out at her. “See he’s not. He’s a normal guy, with normal homo-erotic tastes.”

“He’s hardly normal Sasha.” And that doesn’t even include all the weird she he does and is and the life and everything.

Sasha wrapped her arms around my neck, “Now you must tell me about that.”

I rolled my eyes. “He’s …. ” I couldn’t make the words come out and Sasha was laughing at the color in my cheeks.

She kissed my lips softly and walked away. “He makes you blush like that he’s gotta be good in bed.”

“We’ve not had sex yet.” I blurted out without thinking. I thought I sounded disappointed and Sasha picked up on it too.

“I’m sorry, Sage. Why not?”

“Nothing to be sorry about Sash. He’s not ready. I’m not complaining, I know it sounded like it. He’s just so different.”

Sasha laughed, “Of course he’s different, this guy screwed your best friends sister on the dance floor. What did you expect of him? To like it straight up vanilla.”

I shook my head. “I don’t know. I’m not going to be enough for him. He’s so confident. Knows exactly what he wants. Me, I’m…”

Sasha walked over and hung her arms around my neck again, “You like to watch.” She smiled. “Just be honest with him, Sage. Maybe he likes to be watched.”

“He wants to make me happy.” I whispered out in a single breath.

She smiled. “What’s that mean?”

I shrugged. “We are still figuring that out.” There was a knock at the door. “I’ll get that you finish setting up and stop eating all the wings.”

Sasha laughed as I answered the door. Alice stood outside bearing a box of wine and holding a box of chocolate. She gave me that pretty white smile and kissed me on the cheek. “Sage. I should have known it was you.”

I took the wine from her and took it to the kitchen. Alice took off her coat and yelled through the house, “What smells so good?”

Sasha giggled. “Sage’s boyfriend made us wings!”

I could have sworn I almost heard Alice growl but when I came into the living room where the table was set up Alice was poking her fingers into the bowl and pulling out a wing. “They smell divine.”

Sasha took one, “They are. Try the dark brown ones. Almost like eating at a Chinese restaurant.”

Alice asked, “Where’s Bryan?”

“He’s running late,” Sasha said around a hot wing.

“He’s going to miss all the food.” Alice said.

The three of sat down at the table and Sasha pulled out Jenga from the pile of games. “We can play this while we eat and wait on Bry.”

There was laughter and sticky fingers on Jenga blocks before Bryan came in the front door with flowers. “Sorry I’m late babe.” He chimed in. It distracted Sasha as she pulled the on a block and the tower came tumbling down.

Alice laughed. “All twitterpated. He brought flowers and everything.”

Sasha smacked her sister, “Shut up. We could have told you guys to go take a flying leap on our anniversary.”

Bryan sat down and pulled the bowl of wings to him. And bit into one. “Damn…Where’d you get these?” He looked at us waiting on the answer but continued to talk. “I was going to be late, so I said why the hell not, game night with the family then tomorrow night I can wine and dine and…. ” he winked at me as he trailed off. Like I was the only one who understood what he said.

Alice giggled. “Oh my big sis getting it on, so gross. Don’t ya think, Sage?”

I rolled my eyes. “Grossest thing ever.”

Sasha hit me and gave me that look that said I needed to shut up. Bryan didn’t know about our history. Hell, he didn’t know that up until a year ago we had been still sleeping together. That was before Bryan moved in with Sasha though, when Game night ended up being a late night for the two of us. For Sasha it was a pity fuck, for me it was just taking the edge off till I could do something more entertaining. Sasha didn’t understand anything, but she never questioned me on it. She was always the one who initiated it – like my not having someone in my life I was having sex with was wrong so she made it happen. It’s not like we weren’t attracted to each other. We had dated in junior high. Had sex like every other kid our age. But we’d been friends much longer than that. It was like she followed me around schools or something. We would always end up back in the same schools together.

Thankfully Bryan just laughed. “Better than knowing Sage is porking the boy who porked you Alice.”

Sasha hit him. I blushed and Alice threw a handful of Jenga blocks at him.

Bryan laughed harder and then polished off the last of the wings.

The rest of our night was spent playing Monopoly – Bryan’s favorite. It ended up him and Alice fighting to the death – neither one wanting to give up.

Sasha and I were sitting in the living room watching TV while they finished their game. Sasha was curled up on my lap like she always was when we shared the TV on game night. She smiled up at me and asked, “Will Nox mind this?”

“Mind what I said” as I scrolled through a list of alerts on my phone I’d had set up for work and non-related work things.

“Us, cuddling?” She said poking me in the ribs.

“I doubt it. He cuddles with Jace.”

Sasha giggled, “Is Jace hot, like Nox?”

I looked down at the squealing girl in my lap and nodded. “If you like that sort of thing. Blonde hair, blue eyes, he had a good body before, Nox says he’s putting on weight, though I don’t see anything unattractive about him. Nox doesn’t either he just likes picking on him about it.”

“He’ll put on weight too once he settles in for the long haul.”

I laughed. “Have you seen him? He eats like he’s dieting and likes it. He runs, does yoga, lifts weights and spars as often as he can, you think that’s going to stop when he settles down?” I rolled my eyes. “I could be so lucky. I think I’m going to get fat, while he keeps looking hot just because his food is so fucking good.”

Sasha laughed, “I think he’s going to make us all fat.”

“I know, right?”

Sasha sat up and took my hands in hers and stared into my eyes, “We should invite Jace and his wife to game night. Nox won’t play anyway, he can babysit their daughter right? And we can oogle Jace. Is Mia cute?”

I smiled, “What do you care you don’t do women?”

Sasha laughed, “Oh I might if the right one came along.”

I rolled my eyes, “You are telling me, that in all these years we could have had a threesome and you never let me know?”

She grinned evilly. “We still can. Though Bryan doesn’t do boys, so I guess that’s out.” She leaned in and whispered, “Maybe Nox will let me join you two one night?”

I nearly choked on my own spit. I was coughing when Alice and Bryan walked into the living room. Bryan was punching Alice in the arm as she was chanting, “I won! woot! woot! Take that Oh Master of Monopoly!”

I didn’t have to answer Sasha’s question she was up off the couch and curling around her boyfriend and I was left cold. It wasn’t unusual. And I didn’t feel bad, I mean I had a great guy at home, or I could call him and he’d zip on over. But it was time to go. Alice skipped out the door before clean up started. I helped until Bryan not-so-discreetly told me to get lost. “Three’s a crowd man.”

And I left with a few thoughts on my plate, would I answer Sasha? Did Nox want to, we’d touched on it when we’d talked online. But we’d not mentioned it since. We were too busy exploring all the stuff I liked – we hadn’t even touched anything he liked yet.