Happy Moo Cow Day

So AJ’s best friend’s kid declared today Moo Cow Day for her stuffed cow last year. And it has come around again. So AJ is spreading the word.

She even mentioned Matt Daddarrio in the tweet cause of his cow pics. You can check out his twitter or IG accounts to see them. Though you’ll have to scroll for a bit to get any cow pics but it’s a running joke because Matt likes to post nature pics – he’s pretty great photographer.

So below is my tribute to the Moo Cow Day extravaganza.

Rain Rain Go Away!

I can’t believe it’s raining again after a hurricane. Like seriously we don’t need anymore water.

AJ is safe which means I’m safe. We were up in the woods having a grand ol’ time. Nate hit in the middle of the night so there are no pictures or video. Though AJ has picture of the messed up tree in the back yard. It fell on the fence pouts which means the dog has to be walked not let out. Which sucks for everyone – the dog included.

On a plus side AJ got 4 scenes written while on evacuation trip to the inlaws. The First Vestige is coming along. AJ has to make some more scheduled posts. She has two sets to do and she’s stalling. I should kick her in the butt.

Happy Birthday AJ!

AJ was born today many years ago in a galaxy far far away. (That’s the ONLY clue you’ll get to how old AJ is.)

I’d like to thank my creator for giving me life. My actual creation is in like four days. So I’m almost a birthday present to AJ. But AJ had been thinking about me for a long time before that. It wasn’t me yet, but my biography at First Age was posted on Aug 29 three years ago.

I have been rattling around in AJ’s head for three years… Can you imagine what that’s like. AJ says, ‘it’s horrible’. Aj’s only saying that cause I say the same thing about my meat puppet!

‘Dragon’ spotted over Edinburgh!

I have to share this. Real life coolness. Must thank one of AJ’s best friends for showing us the awesome pic.

Dragon in Edinburg!

‘Dragon’ spotted over Edinburgh! Incredible photo of the city skyline at #sunset, taken by Tom Foster. Lan

via BBC Weather on Twitter: “‘Dragon’ spotted over Edinburgh! Incredible photo of the city skyline at #sunset, taken by Tom Foster. Lan https://t.co/27cyTDB9ic”.