So Round Three Thousand Four Hundred…

That is probably an exaggeration but it might not be too.

AJ’s decided to rewrite my whole story again!!!!

The long and short of it is, AJ’s love said I’d rather play your character creation types than the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons. And AJ’s been toying with the idea and working on it. And then came the idea that she could retool my story with these rules for magic for consistency. The World Lore would be built so there wouldn’t be as many inconsistencies.

AND AJ knows exactly what we NEED to happen and what kinda arc the whole 4/5 book series is and we can plan ALL of it!

So AJ is building the RPG game rules and has had a few sleepless nights that we’ve just worked on things. We are nearing a point where we can create characters. Not quite ready to plot the characters against creatures.

AJ plans on making the First Hunt a series of scenarios that she can take various characters through (including myself at level 1) and work on balancing the mechanics. They are based on the modern d20 SRD and the 5e SRD Open Game License. The modern SRD is 3.x but AJ thinks she’s converted the parts she took from it to 5e rather well. At least it should work for us (we hope)

In addition to rewriting my story we are relocating my life. No longer will I live in New York City. I will be so sad. Instead AJ is going to create a 24/7 city that is much smaller and totally our own creation. AJ found this Fantasy town generator that is totally epic! But it generates medieval towns and not modern cities. AJ’s considering using it as it’s like google maps for RPGs. We’d have to tweak the buildings a bit and it generates NPCs which is great. The professions are medieval and such so still a lot of work. But is it less work than doing a city from scratch? We will see. When we get that far into planning.

AJ’s leaning towards building her own city. She wishes she could take the code from that site and tweak it herself. That would be a fun task she’d love.

I figured I’d update you on that.

I’m not sure what that means for this blog. We won’t be publishing the book until it’s ready for ebook. Kindle Vella requires a bit more work than AJ has time for. When we do the First Hunt scenarios we might publish them. AND if we do we might do it podcast style since we are moving me away from NYC my accent can be generic like AJs with the voice modulations of course. But easier on AJ recording the story.

We might open it up to too some of you if you’d be interested in making a character and running through a scenario or two to play test. It might be fun. Totally let me know if you’d be interested.

A Direction

We have a new passion. We are on this kick about a choose your own adventure RPG type book. AJ has the first book in the Lonewolf series called Flight from the Dark. Her first read through she did in the opening hook of the book. That was fun.

AJ’s working on writing a program to do this type of thing in book format like a game. But that’s taking too long.

And somewhere AJ and I came up with a good idea. We are going to write a story on the fly using as much randomness as we can.

So much of yesterday’s writing time consisted of making a Dungeon and Dragon’s character randomly. Today’s time too.

I took a personality quiz. I ended up with a Sorcerer Class. Which actually fits with me. AJ did a lot of random rolls and we came up with this Level 1 Character. Not all of it was random by the end. As we randomly rolled things started to fall into place and AJ went back and tweaked the character. And really the random rolls worked in our favor most of the time and sometimes were spot on.

Today AJ worked on Alex and my in story father. He’s not Kai or Dorian and Marco. Not any variation of what my life has been but it works for this story.

Now we have to rise to the occasion and create some sort of plot. Though AJ’s kinda going to wing it on a daily basis. Maybe next week we’ll start writing. But first we are still building up our little world to start in. It’s based on the Forgotten Realms Lore with some of our own tweaks in it. We might share the official back stories next week before we right. Honestly I don’t know.

AJ’s Author Platform

I know I’ve mentioned this several times. AJ is trying to build her author platform. AJ has a plan. And I get to be the spokesperson for the whole thing. Yay me! Right?

Which means that things are going to change around here.

The biggest note will be AJ will dedicate my blog time to various other endeavors as well as here. But in June we will begin posting unique content to the blog every Wednesday. There will likely be other posts, but Wednesday will be something posted only here.

Along with dedicating Wednesday to a blog post, AJ is going to start posting The Call of the Dragon to Patreon on Mondays and then to Kindle Vella on the second Friday. On June 6th AJ hopes to drop the first 1K words on Patreon, to be followed with the same bit on June 17th on Vella.

AJ is aiming for the first Newsletter to drop on June 18th and every fourth Tuesday of the month going forward.

We also intend to use Twitter, Facebook and maybe Instagram for some unique content through out each week in addition to the posting of ‘yay content released’. So if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see in any of the platforms let us know.

AJ hopes to start writing an AU fan fic of me and Alex for her Patreon subscribers. We’ll get links and things out soon.

Also to foster a better sense of community AJ created a Facebook group called The Kindred for all of my friends and followers (all of you) to join and share things with us. And with that note I also have a Discord channel you are welcome to join and chat with us.

And the real reason I’m chatting at you today is to request your assistance in a few things.

  1. Join AJ’s mailing list
  2. Ask me questions! AJ would like to start a Dear Nox… segment to each newsletter every month. Any question goes. You can ask me about my life, my world, how I see things. You can even ask about AJ or real world things and I’ll see what I can manage. This of it like Dear Abby, or some of those type things. Except I can’t give you valid advice, unless it’s from AJ’s view point and by all means I am not an expert (AJ either unless it’s a topic of writing from her perspective or web development again from her perspective…)

You can ask me questions as many as you like on the form here.

I’ll fill you in on more details links and stuff later. Be the first to see AJ’s new newsletter image.

Self Care

In a time where the world is currently head over heels messed up we need to take care of ourselves.  AJ’s life hasn’t changed all that much, but it’s allowing her and her family to tend to some much needed things the past few days. Being at home allowing her to make that change a little easier and with less reprecussions.  When life returns to normal they’ll need to make some adjustments but right now it’s working.  One can only hope.

But these times call for self care too.  So you need to take care of yourselves just as much if not more in this time of great chaos.

So I’m offering some things I’ve found to be helpful.  I didn’t write any of it, nor did AJ just some little tips from others to help you out.

The Quarantine Quest is a self care made by the Hero’s Journal people.

Home – 30 days of yoga that Adrienne started back in January.  This is Day 0.  You can follow along on her channel.  It’s never too late to work on yoga. [[ As a side note, AJ is starting this program tomorrow.  You can check my facebookpage out for the link to more information too. ]]

No Outline

This short story coming up isn’t going to have an outline.

AJ’s gonna just play it by ear and write whatever comes to mind. We have a funny idea we’ll see how it goes.

But AJ got around to writing last weeks short story. So we’ll start with that here soon.

I wanted to let you know that AJ is sharing the short stories over on Wattpad

We’d love it if you could go on over and give it a read. We started with the Practice session, and we’ll post a new short every Monday. You’ll of course get them all here first. AJ’s trying to pull in an additional audience.

Taking Back Erebus

So…. Today the first scene of the second book posted today. It was gonna be called the nightmare’s children but since part of the there no longer applied AJ needed a new title. I will tag it both ways to do it’s easily found.

The first 6 or so scribes are repeated from darwynn’s law with a few modifications.