The Last Vestige

AJ’s given it a lot of thought. The few short stories you’ve read over the past couple of days are going to be part of The Last Vestige. AJ feels that it’s a good starting point to setting up my ‘Original World’ before it all gets up ended by vampires… Yes, the next book we delve into the mythos of AJ’s vampires. A world that … Continue reading The Last Vestige

Scrivener Coupons

AJ’s writing group didn’t take up on Novembers win so I’m going to offer you all a 50% coupon. AJ has three codes to give away. We already have a copy of it. It costs $40 US, so you can get Scrivener or Scrapple for $20. AJ doesn’t have the latter, but loves Scrivener. Just can’t use it since AJ writes on too many devices. … Continue reading Scrivener Coupons

Book Covers

AJ had a revelation. She hadn’t made book covers for the books. They say if you are serious about publishing a book you should get a professional to do your book cover. AJ’s not a professional by any means, but you don’t get better if you don’t practice right? Well AJ practiced on book covers. She used to do a lot of graphic design when … Continue reading Book Covers