Book Covers

AJ had a revelation. She hadn’t made book covers for the books. They say if you are serious about publishing a book you should get a professional to do your book cover. AJ’s not a professional by any means, but you don’t get better if you don’t practice right? Well AJ practiced on book covers….

Writing Contest

AJ isn’t giving herself a reprieve.  The Write Practice is doing a summer contest not during NaNo time this year… yay!  So AJ is going to enter. You see a otherworldly creature on the way to work. No one else can see it. What do you do? This is the prompt AJ’s gonna do. Wish…

Words from our Sponsors?

Alright. Some of the bits are a bit sexy. AJ’s getting braver and will let you read them. But we are going to have to trust you are over 18… So be honest humans, no tiny people. But because I’m me and I wanted to make things difficult and make you work for it and…


I think the best part of running is the rhythmic beat of each foot fall. It’s calming. It’s probably why I do it everyday. Why it became a coping mechanism when my life is out of control. Between that and whatever play list I have going it’s the perfect dismissal of everything. The ability to…

New Project

Who am I to criticize AJ? I’m AJ’s creation it’s not in my job description. But, AJ has been busy with work, and more importantly working on a new project for me – just not enough to my liking. It’s all about me! April is Camp NaNoWriMo. AJ needed a new project. I’m always a…

An Update

I realized that my writing fell off when I switched blogs. I still need to write Nox on a regular basis so I will focus it here.

I will be finishing both stories here – the cross over with the shadow world, and the original fiction The First Hunt. I might include a fan fiction for the First Age where Nox originated from.

Decisions to be made

Alright, I’ve decided that I can’t keep two writing blogs moving.  I will be moving The Mind of Nox over to AJ’s Voices.  Nox will still keep his ramblings going, but it’s easier for me to do so in one place. So hop on over to AJ’s Voices. I will be moving the posts from here…

New Venture

AJ finished my story. yay! But we are waiting for the printed copy before we edit and make what changes need to be made before looking for beta readers.

Follow Along?

I’m working on the thrid and hopeful draft of Nox’s initial story for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I won’t be publishing it here. But if you’d like to follow along as we go through this journey I’d love to send you a link to the dropbox folder where a pdf, epub, or mobi file is stored for every change I add to the story

Serial: The Early Chronicles

I hope to start what is a semi-regular series of posts called the Early Chronicles. It’s a two-part series – the first is a factual representation of Nox’s childhood as he grew up, the second is his reflection up those events from his point of view as he looks back on it now as an adult.

*evil laugh*

Yeah not. I have my own special brand of crazy and it lurks in the forefront of my mind. I live my life as a programmer – loving my job. Writing as a hobby to express my creativity – to live outside my own mind. A thing I’ve done since childhood; except now playing with toys is not exactly “adult”, so I write.