What’s your Favorite Movie?

That’s a question that most people know right? What’s your favorite movie? Is it a guilt pleasure, a chick flick? Or is it some action packed thriller keeping you on the edge of your seat.

I don’t watch a lot of movies. I don’t sit still long enough.

I think my favorite now might be Guardians of the Galaxy. I mean who doesn’t love Groot. And Starlord’s back story hits a lot of similarities to me.

As a kid, my favorite movie would have been something Sage made me watch. I remember at the age of ten Sage dragging me along to a movie he thought I’d like. We snuck into the theater and into the movie. Who’s going to let a ten year old watch a rated R movie. But when you know vampires are real, watching Queen of the Damned wasn’t that scary.

Sage and I watched it several times over the years. We always reminisced about the whole thing when we did. We got caught and were banned from that theater but it had been worth it. And then we met Mia and the trouble we got into was a whole lot different.

Social Leper

In AJ’s WIP I’m feeling as an outside kinda like a social leper. No one loves me, because no one can remember me. I look inside from my vantage point of being a self aware character in AJ’s head and I know it’s showing me and mine the greatest gift of all – that we can do it. They don’t NEED me and I don’t NEED them. But all in all I end up doing what I do because it’s what I do.

AJ didn’t write me yesterday. She played Andromeda, and wrote RP posts and yesterday’s blog post. But stats look to be good and stead with the same typical numbers all week. I doubt I’ll ever be big. But I’m considering posting The rewrite of The Power of Succession.

I’ll have to see if AJ can run her wordpress import script to get it all in. Maybe we’ll start in June. I wonder if it’ll cary into July – that would be optimal – through next camp.


I’m not a big nature person anymore. I mean I liked Colorado and all but the vastness is overwhelming and it’s kinda dirty. The chaos of nature is beautiful but it’s hard on my eyes.

But my favorite times in the city is during thunderstorms. Sitting by my window watching the rain fall and the flashes of light from the lightning and the sound of thunder rolling through the streets.

I don’t drive so it’s not a dangerous time unless you are outside standing on the roof and I’ve only done that once. It was more an accident than anything – chasing bad guys and all that.

Thunderstorms are beautiful chaotic and something I can do from inside the comfort of my safe place. It’s a happy moment.

Bad Habits

We all have them. We all have our quirks. And our flaws.

For a long time in my creation, I never did drugs and was only drunk once in my life. But with this iteration AJ pushed me into a self destructive past that was countered with a little love and a cat. Well a lot of love.

If you’ve read the First Hunt you meant my dream guy. No name – just my dream guy. And while we had thought to meet up he’s no longer part of my life. But before him I used to drink and get high on the days leading up to the anniversary of my mother throwing me away. It was a hard time for me – being unloved and alone.

You’d think her death piling on top of it would have made it worse, and it did but my dream guy caught me. He helped me back to reality. I never did anything bad like heroin mostly just pot and heavy drinking. I’m going to say AJ hasn’t thought hard on it, but there is potential for a Venatori created drug that I used. One that was supernatural in nature, but that isn’t something we’ve really delved in on. But the idea of having a supernatural drug I think could play into some good stories.

I do have an addict werewolf so there is cause for such a drug.

But after I started remembering my dream guy and I got Ophelia, my life changed. I realized I wanted more – I wanted love. I wanted to be sober and live my life the way I wanted to live it. Not the way the Venatori told me to. I was grateful Ant helped me with that. I’m grateful for the future I have ahead of me. There are bad days and I try to stay away from those bad habits. What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger right. I can get through those bad days with good habits, a lot of love and a cat!