Into the Fire

The saying goes out of the frying pan and into the fire. I promised someone something, an exchange, and I can't it the fuck out of my head now. Which means AJ is completely and utterly distracted and Darwynn's Law has fell out until she can get it out of my head... So no story [...]


I have never been out of the United States. I suppose I would need a passport to do that, but when you are friends with a shadow walking Vampire who was born in Italy 800 plus years ago I guess I could go anywhere in the world I wanted. Ant travels all around the world [...]

Fortune is Family

For years the thing I wanted most was family. What I needed most was family. But I neither got what I wanted, nor did I realize it was truly in my power to do something about it. Jace has always been like a brother to me. He was my tie to life when we were [...]

Expanding my “Territory”

I already covered the territories of New York Cities supernatural creatures in Lovingly so I won't get into that again. Instead I want to talk a little about an initiative I am (well AJ mostly) doing which includes expanding my territory so to speak. More like I'm trying to pull in more readers. Not that [...]

Born to the Purple

I could have gone with purple with rage, but that really didn't define anything new in my life, nor do I think I'm an angry person. Sure I've been pissed off and angry - who hasn't. But it's not something I can go on about. However the other idiom - born to the purple this [...]

Omnipotent Narration

AJ doesn't like writing in omnipotent pov but here is the first time Sage and I met in that PoV. Aspect catered to nearly every type of club goer. There was loud music playing throughout the darkened club, multi-colored strobe lights shining around the dance floor. The bar was fully stocked with bartenders who knew [...]

The First Meeting

Clubbing was not something Sage did often. It wasn't even something he wanted to do, but Sasha and Bryan had dragged him out for Alice's birthday - she was turning 21 and instead of planning a big birthday bash Sasha was dragging the four of them out to go club hopping. Thankfully Sage didn't have [...]

A Player

Since I came into my own I've never had a true relationship. I have friends. I don't have many, and I don't have family to speak of - at least not of blood. True now I do have blood relatives. I have Jace and Dorian. They are my family and my friends. But until recently [...]

Hard Being Ordinary

This is so not a word I would use for my life, or myself. Hell I wouldn't even describe my human boyfriend as ordinary in comparison. His family on the other side is. I'm not talking his immediate family - but his father's family is as 'ordinary' as they come. This is not a slight [...]