Thrill Seeker

When I was younger I was a thrill seeker. I was too young to go on white water rapid trips or skydiving. But I did jump from the heights of the AU building up until the point that I had a tiny cat who relied on my existence to survive. And two brothers who I wanted to watch grow up. Previous viewers would know I … Continue reading Thrill Seeker


I know I’m being lax with a lot of my posting lately. I apologize. AJ’s busy trying to finish the First Hunt before April 1. But I don’t think we are gonna make it. But today’s prompt inspires me to share one of my all time favorite songs. Secrets as played by the Dallas String Quartet. This song is very billowy and flows well. It’s … Continue reading Secret


A few days ago I wrote about “Write about one of your most useful talents” So that’s the next question on the 100 questions so I’m not going to answer it. And move on to the next one. What superstitions do you believe in or follow? Do you do certain things to avoid bad luck, or make wishes in certain ways? I don’t suppose that … Continue reading Wishes


My favorite food is steak. Plain seared steak with salt and pepper will do on any given day specially if it’s done over a flame. But sometimes you need more: a herb encrusted steak to the rescue. Here is a decent recipe I found on google, but it’s not exactly encrusted – marinated is more that speed. This one is more encrusted I think. As … Continue reading Steak