One of the synonyms of farce is burlesque. In NYC you can find all sorts of kinky places to go. If you like humor and sex The Slipper Room should be a place you stop. I will admit that AJ's never been, but I could potentially mention going to a place similar, but the videos [...]

Standing on the Precipice

I'm standing on the precipice of a decision. There are two choices. One right. One wrong. One good. One evil. The bad choice takes revenge upon things that tormented me my whole life. The good hurts worse. There is nothing stopping me from just letting the bad thing happen. Nothing keeping me from turning my [...]

Today’s prompt?

Today's prompt is giving me qualms. I have doubts, but I know I've gone on and on about them. I don't really have much to say that's new on them. So with doubts in my mind I'll give you a short that helps clean up Darwynn's Law. It's doubtful whether or not I should have [...]

Character/Fiction Blogs

Today is a good day to talk about collaboration,  or more importantly things AJ and I have been doing on and off for a while.  You'll notice the links on the side bar - other worlds, other writers and some other things I really like - me... not AJ.  Well we've been hunting for more like [...]

Game Night

Hospitality is one thing I've never really had to do.  I always ate alone, or when I did cook I was still a guest.  I cook for Jace and Mia regularly but it wasn't until Sage that I actually cooked for a party.  Game Night with Sage's friends was not something I had participated in [...]

Info dump

Final.  The end.  All done.  Game over. You have died from disentry.  All things end.  We die. Everyone else moves on.  They die and so on. I was talking with Alex.  His goddess but a bug in Ajs ear.  Prophecy.  My final story is prophesied.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.  Fate guiding [...]

Fate v Free Will

We all have to travel through the maze that is life.  It's one turn after the next, one decision leading to the next and so on.  Each turn bringing us closer to the end of our lives.  The question begging to be asked is it of some kind of divine providence or is it truly [...]

Favorite Colors

Pink?  Really?  Ugh...  They say real men were pink?  I'm not a real man then cause yeah - hell no. And it's not because it's girly. I fucking wear eye liner and lip gloss and pain my nails, I don't think I'm worried about girly.  It's an awful color!  In neon it's bright and ... [...]