I’ve been drunk once in my life. It was a rare occasion in which I was actually having a good time with my roommates – yes the very same roommates who bullied and tortured me throughout school.

Crazy in Love

Not something I have ever been in. Never been in love – definitely not crazy in love. Some would say I’m in love with myself. Egotistically speaking maybe I am, but I’m no narcissist. I’m aware of my own faults and I try to correct or compensate for them – though usually in the wrong fashion. I’m okay with who I am. I’m always evolving.

The Bone Crunched

Have you ever walked into a mass grave dump site? The bones crunching underneath your feet. Sadly I have – all part and parcel to the whole hunter gig! Most supernatural creatures do not eat humans for dinner – with the exception of vampires they do drink blood.

The Fight

Early in my career as a hunter, I faced my first dragon. I was young, naive and pretty full of myself. I’d just come off my final training as a hunter and I was on my own for the first time in as an adult. We were having a regular good ol’ fashioned Mexican standoff.

Mr & Mrs

Marriage is pretty traditional in the Venatori. Though being unmarried and having children is also very common. I chose the picture associated with this because it’s not traditional as I’m not traditional.


Again my mind goes to the first childish thing in me – one of three topics I love to talk about, myself, food and of course, sex. But water has a much greater influence despite my initial reaction to giggle like a school age child. There is a fifth unbendable element – it is the life force itself.