Alex Kennedy

Alex Kennedy is a charming (41) speaker (30) who entertains (67)


Age: 26
Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 1

Might: 10 (0) => 9
Speed: 10 (0) => 10
Intellect: 16 (1) => 16


Recovery Rolls: 1d6+
[] Action
[] Ten Minutes
[] One Hour
[] Ten Hours

Damage Track:
[] Impaired
[] Debilitated

Cypher Limit: 2


Specialized Skill:

  • You’re specialized in all tasks involving positive or pleasant social interaction.
    Trained Skills:
  • You are trained in all social interactions other than those involving coercion or intimidation.
  • You’re trained when using special abilities that influence the minds of others.
  • You can use light weapons without penalty.
  • You were never good at studying or retaining facts. Any task involving lore, knowledge, or understanding is hindered
  • Your willpower is not one of your strong points. Defense actions to resist mental attacks are hindered
  • You have an inability with medium and heavy weapons; your attacks with medium and heavy weapons are hindered.


Spin Identity (185) -> (2 Int +1/add) convince you are someone other than who you are for 1 hour (action)
Encouragement (134) -> (1 Int) inspire (defense, task, attack, or skill trained in) (action)
Fast Talk (138) -> (1 Int) Convince someone to do something (action)
Demeanor of Command (127) -> (2 Int) Speak with authority free level of effort to persuasion (action to initiate)
Levity (158) -> +1 to recover rolls for party (enabler)

Player Intrusions

Friendly NPC (Speaker)
Perfect Suggestion (Speaker)
Unexpected Gift (Speaker)


Jeans, Leather Jacket, t-shirt, sneakers
Pocket: smart phone (e), foldable pocket knife
Wrist: survival bracelet

  • on top: sleeping bag (m)
  • inside:
  • candy bar (i)
  • solar charging battery pack (m)
  • a ukelele (m)
  • portable video studio (e) (camera, lights, microphone, etc)
  • simple survival kit (i): foldable knife, fire starter, wire saw, multifunctional spoon, tactical pen, reinforced carabiner x2, 50ft 250lb parachute cord, multipurpose wallet card, tactical flash light, whistle, mini key screwdrivers, emergency blanket
  • side pocket: refillable water bottle (i)


  1. Intelligence enhancement L3 (all tasks involving intelligent deduction are eased by 2 steps for 1 hour, the next hour hinders the same tasks by 2 hours)
  2. Knowledge enhancement L6 (for 1 day has 2 training in 2 skills)


Tier #:
[] Increase Capabilities
[] Move Toward Perfection
[] Extra Effort
[] Skill Training

Background and Story

Alex is the second born son of a prestigious lawyer and a pediatric doctor who was ‘destined’ to follow in his father’s footsteps only to find out Alex hated law school.

He has an older brother, Michael, who he looks up to and always has this desire to prove himself to his risk taking, fun loving older brother. In an effort to show his brother all the fun he was having while he was off being a marine Alex started a vlog where of all his adventures.

His vlog became nationally sponsored and Alex has millions of followers to the X-factor channel. He has a private personal vlog that isn’t scripted where he shows behind the scenes and more personal messages to his fans.

When he is offered a once in a lifetime trip to showcase a new destination adventure resort he jumps on it. He’s asked to bring along friends for maximum ‘feedback’. His brother being an adventure junkie is first on Alex’s list. He also subtly hints that he should bring along his former mate in the marines who also has a channel despite the fact that he made a hurtful comment. Secret crushes can be a bitch.

Michael jumped at the chance but was unsure of Nox’s acceptance but it didn’t take much for Nox to say yes.

Character Arcs

  1. Creation

You want to make something. This might be a magic item, a painting, a novel, or a machine.

Opening: Make a Plan. You figure out what you need, what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to do it.
Step(s): Gather Materials. Depending on what you are creating and what it is made out of, this could involve multiple steps. There probably are substantial costs involved as well.
Step(s): Progress. Depending on what you are creating, this could involve multiple steps. It might also take a considerable amount of time and work.
Climax: Completion. It’s finished! Is it what you wanted? Does it work?
Resolution: You think about what you have learned from the process and use or enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Nox: That character recently mocked you in some fashion that really hurt your feelings. How you deal with this (if at all) is up to you. Nox makes random true to his life comments on Alex’s videos that Alex takes the wrong way.

Michael: You are always trying to impress that character with your skill, wit, appearance, or bravado. (older brother)


Nox: Rivalry 2 | Romantic 2
Michael: Platonic 6 (actual siblings)


Resort Owner: Platonic 1


Alex is 6 foot even. He is muscular but not overly so. He prefers running and boxing to weights but will lift to get stronger. Alex has ice-blue eyes and inky black hair that he likes to style in a faux Mohawk. He likes to wear comfortable jeans and t-shirts with cool sayings. But he wears a suit well. Alex has a kanji symbol on his left hip of ‘luck’ and a cut out mechanical arm on his right shoulder.

Cypher System DCS v 1.5 /



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