AJ’s Author Platform

I know I’ve mentioned this several times. AJ is trying to build her author platform. AJ has a plan. And I get to be the spokesperson for the whole thing. Yay me! Right?

Which means that things are going to change around here.

The biggest note will be AJ will dedicate my blog time to various other endeavors as well as here. But in June we will begin posting unique content to the blog every Wednesday. There will likely be other posts, but Wednesday will be something posted only here.

Along with dedicating Wednesday to a blog post, AJ is going to start posting The Call of the Dragon to Patreon on Mondays and then to Kindle Vella on the second Friday. On June 6th AJ hopes to drop the first 1K words on Patreon, to be followed with the same bit on June 17th on Vella.

AJ is aiming for the first Newsletter to drop on June 18th and every fourth Tuesday of the month going forward.

We also intend to use Twitter, Facebook and maybe Instagram for some unique content through out each week in addition to the posting of ‘yay content released’. So if you have any ideas of things you’d like to see in any of the platforms let us know.

AJ hopes to start writing an AU fan fic of me and Alex for her Patreon subscribers. We’ll get links and things out soon.

Also to foster a better sense of community AJ created a Facebook group called The Kindred for all of my friends and followers (all of you) to join and share things with us. And with that note I also have a Discord channel you are welcome to join and chat with us.

And the real reason I’m chatting at you today is to request your assistance in a few things.

  1. Join AJ’s mailing list
  2. Ask me questions! AJ would like to start a Dear Nox… segment to each newsletter every month. Any question goes. You can ask me about my life, my world, how I see things. You can even ask about AJ or real world things and I’ll see what I can manage. This of it like Dear Abby, or some of those type things. Except I can’t give you valid advice, unless it’s from AJ’s view point and by all means I am not an expert (AJ either unless it’s a topic of writing from her perspective or web development again from her perspective…)

You can ask me questions as many as you like on the form here.

I’ll fill you in on more details links and stuff later. Be the first to see AJ’s new newsletter image.

Bite Sized Monster Tales

I know I’ve said it before. AJ’s considering a podcast where I tell some stories.

Well AJ’s actually getting pretty serious about it.

And as a trial run she took the Christmas Drabble entitled “Breakfast” and made a quick New York Accent script from it. And practiced reading it several times out loud. Then we recorded it and modified it so it sounds MORE like me than her.

Not terrible. Though I think the New York Accent needs a little more work.

You can listen to the quick little recording here. AJ’s going to write a longer version of it The Spark. But we figured we’ll give you the trial version of it. Maybe a few more.

And AJ made a modification to the image we shared yesterday it was missing a key element! You can see it in the picture above but here it is in color.

As we added the logo to the featured image, AJ says it’s gotta be redone, the Monsters doesn’t work for her! Or me really.

The Spark

Every hero has an origin story. My mother was human. I was only half, and the day I sparked changed my whole life for better or for worse.

AJ has been thinking about doing some stories to share with ‘paying’ customers. We could have done that with this one, but I think AJ would rather share it. So we’ll see how it goes.