Soon it will be time for AJ to run through the descriptions and dialog tags and do some good editing of the words actually and not just the syntax of stuff.

To help with that AJ will likely use a few cool dictionaries.

The emotions dictionary is pretty cool.

The series linked from amazon is all pretty cool too.

AJ is utilizing AutoCrit to help find the weak areas but is not using the tool itself. Mostly because the formatting is shit. And it’s actually easier to just fix it in Dabble and go from there. And then resubmit the document when an edit is complete and reevaluate. We’ve never had good luck with editing it there — losing work and stuff. So this is the best solution we’ve found so far.

Not Today

There was no editing factory today. It’s the Friday after a Grey’s Anatomy cross-over event with Station 19 where AJ had to watch Station 19 cause yeah someone went over a cliff in the last Grey’s episode and in Station 19 they saved him — had to watch that.

It’s not always something AJ has to do. And of course Hulu launched itself into the next episode after the last one AJ watched which was very strange to see cause it was not what we were expecting lol.

So this morning there is no editing. It was a late night with a kid’s play happening and ending at 9:30pm. Way past bed time. Tonight is the same. And so is tomorrow night. Sleep is hard pressed this week.

AJ’s feeling it. There is complete exhaustion this morning. The desire to go back to bed is strong. And it’s sad cause that means no planning is happening at night, even a little before AJ tells me to shut up. I was only trying to help lol.

Dropped the Football

Sorry. No idea how to use today’s word — football. I could beat it like a dead horse.

More cliches?



AJ hasn’t edited since Monday, hopefully we’ll take a crack at it here in a bit. AJ’s playing insanity mode on ME 2 and keeps dying so is probably on a break till she can spend a few hours poking her snipers way through the Halestorm hot sun mess to recruit Tali.

It’s sad I know all that.

But I think I have talked her into working. We have a deadline to finish edits and get it out to beta readers in April while she works on the next book for NaNo. That’s the plan anyway and I know I keep saying it but it helps keep AJ on task. And that is what I’m here for!

Round 2

Editing is boring. It’s good that it’s getting done but it can be so boring. I want to move on to book two. AJ says we have more planning to do.

But we can’t do that if you are play Mass Effect!

There is a disturbance in the force of my will power. I’m failing to make AJ work! I need to get stronger, more robust. Or maybe be more enticing. If we finish the edits and the planning I’ll let you play Mass Effect. I don’t think that’s gonna work. But it might we’ll see.

But AJ’s found a new appreciation for Mods in ME. Specially in 2 where there are tons of mini games, and boring planet scanning. AJ installed a mod to remove the mini games and only one probe is needed to scan a planet. Makes life so much simpler. And AJ’s played the game 5 or 6 times already so she doesn’t feel it’s cheating.

AJ has to work on Alex’s snowflake starter blurbs and the villain of book 2. It’s not going to be the same book as the last one. It’s a completely different book. It’s going to pull Taking Back Erebus which was about the nightmare and demon and the original Darwynn’s Law which was about the therians and Venatori in Colorado. And those two books are going to pull in a lot of lore and work AJ did for the AU What if we did for NaNo. It’s a far better book 2 then any we’ve seen thus far and will only slightly changed things in terms of books 3 and 4 which are still slated to be be about the vampires and the venatori successively. Though book 3 will likely take place not in New York as it did for the last rewrite and return to a big more of the original book 3 where I went to Europe. That is as long as I’m still on my mandatory 2 week vacation. AJ’s hoping book 2 is only a week long too. So we can spend another week in Italy/Europe.

Fell off the Wagon

Well I fell of that wagon. Totally been slacking on my posts. Maybe this week will be better. And I won’t be a little tease. Nah, actually that’s probably a lie. Though Alex might get a bit upset.

AJ finished the read through edit. We are now going through the show don’t tell words trying to eliminate as many as we can. That is a tedious thing. AJ edited for 6 hours on Monday. Then gamed the rest of the day and into this morning.

Today is a new day and we probably won’t get any editing in… maybe tomorrow. AJ’s kinda feeling an ME kick on the verge again. So we’ll see.

Hopefully I’ll post better this week.