Month: December 2020

  • Really Lax

    Really Lax

    Sorry everyone I’ve let my blog get away from me. My goddess has been doing the holiday brain fry thing. We’ve done very little the past week. She’s working, while the rest of the family is at home. The joy — but it is quiet. But with all the holiday shuffle, AJ is also working…

  • Dragon Hunting

    Dragon Hunting

    So AJ is going to publish a short story from the First Hunt that she’s going to tie into The Call of the Dragon. But since the snipet is from a Novelization of the story, it’s missing a good beginning. AJ’s wondering how best to handle that. We could go the traditional route and get…

  • Baby Yoda…. NO!

    Baby Yoda…. NO!

    So Facebook has been full of Christmas cheer. The first I’d like to share needs no explanation. The second is a story of epic payback. This is the first picture in the series if you click the page itself you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to follow the stroy.: But it’s pretty epic either…

  • Not My Usual Music

    Not My Usual Music

    AJ has kinda shown me some cool music. I don’t know where she first saw it. But it’s not my typical music. It’s not dance, but it’s pretty awesome. And since it’s almost Christmas, some of AJ’s more favorite songs Pentatonix preforms. It’s so much more than singing. O come all ye, Faithful is first.…

  • Happy Friday!

    Happy Friday!

    It’s Friday. AJ has 2 chapters left to edit, which is about 12 scenes left. And Then she’s going to work on Dragon Hunting edits, before diving into the deep edit of The Call of the Dragon, as if she needed extra work. AJ joined a book cover critique from Reedsy I think. It should…

  • Patreon Page

    Patreon Page

    AJ is shy. That’s why she created me. I’m not shy. I’m very vocal and it’s easy to pretend to be me than it is to be her. Not that there is anything wrong with her, she’s just highly self conscious. But before Patreon changed to its current model AJ created a creator’s page. We’d…

  • Short STories

    Short STories

    AJ decided that we are going to modify my The First Hunt Dragon chase to work with a prelude to The Call of the Dragon. It won’t be dependent on the story. It only needs a little reworking. And we should be able to edit and polish it up and publish it before we get…

  • Fun with Glitter

    Fun with Glitter

    NOT! Glitter is one of today’s prompts. And last year about this time AJ wrote a short story about glitter. Part One — Part Two — Part Three Check out my freakout about Glitter it’s legendary.Well not really. But you get why I used the word lol.

  • Sports


    I never was big on watching sports. Well except swimming. There is just something that gets me going about a hot body covered in dripping water that gets me all hot and bothered. My first physical crush was on Dylan — a swimmer in the Academy. I loved watching him practice. Even after he kicked…

  • Growing Up Venatori

    Growing Up Venatori

    I was born to a human mother and if life had been fair that would have been the end of my tormented life. I could have died at birth, or anytime before that. But I was blessed with the magic of the dragons. I was Magnus. And my magic sustained both my mother and myself…

  • Sharing the Love

    Sharing the Love

    What a coincidence. Today AJ finished and today’s word from The Daily Spur is marketing. There is still some work to do on AJ’s new site, but what’s important is the tracking app that she wrote that is behind the scenes. AJ needed a Test Drive Devloped website she could share, that show cased…

  • My Better Half

    My Better Half

    AJ’s Spotify has compiled AJ’s most listened to music. And from a month or more of streaming Monster by Reid Henry — it’s number one. Whodathunk? But as it’s playing the playlist Stand By Me comes one. And AJ gets all the feels I feel. Me and my better half have been using this song…

  • It’s Cold Outside

    It’s Cold Outside

    In the south that’s not a thing you hear often. But then again cold is 50 to AJ’s kids. But it’s cold outside right now. Lows in the thirties. It’s even cold for AJ. But we seek the comfort of the weighted blanket and 1000 thread count sheets. Too bad AJ isn’t working from home.…