One thing in my world that we haven’t actually touched on is any different kind of flora. We have a pretty distinct beastiary in terms of supernatural creatures and races. But we don’t really touch much on anything supernatural about the flora.

Maybe we should. It could be fun to go after a drug made by a supernaturally produced flora, or a supernatural plant that is eating people.

I think a lot of that reason stems from the fact that we are pretty city based. I’ve not really traveled anywhere short of the short stay in Colorado where we’d run into plants. Probably a good thing since Alex is afraid of bees. Or at least he is allergic to honey so it begs to consider what about allergic to bees themselves. We’ve never really delved into it, but we think bees and spiders are two things Alex is afraid of.

So what would a magical supernatural flower look like? What could it do? How could we incorporate it into the story without looking silly. The idea of a new drug made from a new flower…. And there is the idea. AJ’s about to do a magical upheavel of our world and the perfect time to bring in different flora as a result. And there is yet another idea that popped into AJ’s head. What if it is the reason electricity doesn’t work? Or that technology has failed. Hmmmm… the potential here.

BTW, I hate when I give AJ strange new ideas because I’m rambling about things!

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