My Bad

Let me explain. I was a bad blogger.

Well AJ was not in the mood to write. We took most of last week off of everything. NaNo was won, and she was burnt out — to be honest so was I. So we didn’t manage much.

AJ’s alpha reader gave me a bad idea. “Nox After Dark” a very NSFW blog. And now I’ve sorta run away with it. It may pass. It may not, but it’s a fun endevaor to think about while AJ does the editing thing. I could share a few of my stories, or even some of the other things in AJ’s head that are little more than smut.

But I’m sorry about my absence. I hope to do better this week!


Concert is not today’s word. But I wanted to post it when it was the word, so I’m gonna do it today.

Back in August Three Days Grace opened for Metallica in Drive In’s across America. It was pretty cool. Sadly AJ didn’t get to see it because well no Drive In Theater’s around here. It’s not a southern thing I guess. It was literally outside her home town though which kinda sucked for her lo.

But they are releasing the videos one and a time right now. I figured I’d not only share you one of AJ’s favorite songs, but also if you are new around here. The Lead singer of Three Days Grace is the inspiration for Alex.

Another of AJ’s new favorites gave a Patreon concert. Reid Henry’s new song Monster is pretty great. And he’ fixing to drop another new song soon. We hope.