Month: November 2020

  • My Bad

    My Bad

    Let me explain. I was a bad blogger. Well AJ was not in the mood to write. We took most of last week off of everything. NaNo was won, and she was burnt out — to be honest so was I. So we didn’t manage much. AJ’s alpha reader gave me a bad idea. “Nox…

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving

    I have been awol this week. Sorry about that. But I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Bye Boys

    Bye Boys

    AJ just spent the evening crying. Suprnatural series finale. It’s been a joy. We will miss you. I might have to make AJ write another crossover but with me for real this time!

  • Concert


    Concert is not today’s word. But I wanted to post it when it was the word, so I’m gonna do it today. Back in August Three Days Grace opened for Metallica in Drive In’s across America. It was pretty cool. Sadly AJ didn’t get to see it because well no Drive In Theater’s around here.…

  • Sorry.


    An apology haiku… Words are none todayWords are harder than normalSorry for the wait.

  • A Haiku to Alex

    A Haiku to Alex

    Blue-eyes foreverBody of god I cling toHappiness and joy

  • oops


    The weekend passed and I forgot to post. Literally forgot *le sigh* Anyway AJ found a cool little article on facebook that ties in with a fun way to provoke people. So AJ had to look up the etimology of it. Turns out the article is false. But it’s a cool story. And I do…

  • Another AU

    Another AU

    So I’ve been playing with a few stories in AJs head. She’s indulding me which when we are supposed to be editing it’s nice. I get antsy and AJ starts feeling stressed out if we don’t write. So before you start eyerolling at another AU, let me say that you probably won’t get to see…

  • TAcet


    A little big of world lore, and how AJ came up with it. Which basically is a ‘rip off’ of something in Dragon Age. The idea that a mage can be stripped of their powers making them tranquil. So a Magnus — a person who can wield the elements can be stripped of that ability.…

  • Veterans


    To all those Veterans out there. I thank you. AJ thanks you. We all thank you for our freedom. And that’s about as political as I will ever get. Today we salute our Veterans in remembrance of their sacrifices to our country. It is Veterans day.

  • Oops


    Blew my streak yesterday. AJ kept putting it off and putting it off. *le sigh* I don’t have anything for today, other than AJ has over 25K words edited so far in this round of edits on the second half of The Call of the Dragon.

  • Nothing today

    Nothing today

    Aj forgot. And it’s really late. Sorry. But through to keep the steak going. That was late last night let’s correct that. AJ forgot. And it’s really late. Sorry. But trying to keep the streak going!

  • Disappointment


    AJ was all set to make pizza, made two pies, and fed the fam and the cheese was bad. So pizza was a disappointment. The crust was good. But the whole meal was a disappointment. But AJ found a way to make awesome crust for New York style pizza. She’s happy. So is her family.…

  • Nice Ass

    Nice Ass

    So today’s prompts were all easily defined. Except one. AJ had to look it up. We’d still never use it in a sentence, but it inspired me and my gutteral mind. The Word of the Day Challenge brings to you callipygian, which essentially means having a nice ass. Thus the title. I’m not really an…

  • My go To chicken

    My go To chicken

    So if anyone has read my stories in any world you know I like to cook. And in most of them I have a go to chicken dish, Lemon Garlic chicken over angel hair pasta. Usually the same sauce is used over whatever roasted veggies I happen to be making at the time too. I…

  • Flora


    One thing in my world that we haven’t actually touched on is any different kind of flora. We have a pretty distinct beastiary in terms of supernatural creatures and races. But we don’t really touch much on anything supernatural about the flora. Maybe we should. It could be fun to go after a drug made…

  • Bullet Journals

    Bullet Journals

    So AJ took on Bullet Journaling — again. This time she’s going simple as simple can be. She started out with a grand plan, but then she realized she wasn’t going to use it. So she went simple normal formatting, with a few exceptions. Right now it’s NaNo so she’s tracking words. And she’s tracking…

  • Ironic


    Okay so today I was going to choose one word of the five that struck a chord with me so I could ramble about it quickly. I read them all and I could problably ramble about one of them for a good bit and entertain you, but then I get to The Daily Spur. The…

  • A Little Halloween

    A Little Halloween