A Long Day

I like AJ wrote a small short for Alex’s birthday. It’s not a sex story which will disappoint him I’m sure, but it’s a thought I had when AJ left work yesterday.

Thud goes the head severed from the vampire’s body. They don’t burst into flames like the TV shows show you. There is a lot about vampires the myths and legends get wrong — and for good reason. 

“That’s the last of them.” I said to Vin as he wiped his blade on the shirt of a vampire. Like most of the old vampires, he preferred to use the melee weapons — a regular long sword he’s had since the Roman empire. These vampires were no good. Stirring up trouble with the locals. And not just the humans — they were preying on dragons and therians — powerful blood.

They tried to take Faelen from me, but the two I caught lived only long enough for me to get the information about their nest before they lost their lives. Faelen was safe. A little more rattled than he was before, but he was home with the rest of the family. Vin, Griffin and I hunted them down without mercy.

The blood covered next burnt as we laid their victims laid to rest. The victim’s bodies would never be found, a sad price we had to pay to keep our secret safe. 

Home was where I wanted to be, but the fire was my responsibility. I watched until the last of the bodies were nothing but ash. And then Vin stepped into a shadow with my hand in his to the simple place where we all came and went through the shadows. The small room was light with a bright light creating a deep shadow in a very specific corner of the room. It wasn’t magic that kept people out, it was the two or three seconds you had to complete the code that disabled the security measures. Thankfully, Vin was fast enough.

Vin followed me to the communal shower. I didn’t want to wash the blood and guts down the drain where Alex and I showered daily. Griffin was already there, and the three of stood in silence as the water streamed down our bodies, cleansing us from the putrid stench that was dead vampire blood.

And when we were dressed the three of us didn’t need to know where everyone was. The dim sound of the surround sound beat against the walls of the media room where explosions sounded, and we found the rest of our family. Faelen was curled up with Rider. He beamed at me and was in my arms before I moved. He almost toppled me to the ground.

We curled up on the couch next to Alex, or rather I was curled up in Alex’s lap and Faelen leaned against me. We both wrapped our arms around him and we watched whatever action movie Alex had chosen.

This is all your brother’s doing. 

I grinned and leaned up to press a kiss against his lips.

“Get a room.” echoed across from multiple directions, and Alex flipped them the bird. 

The little kids tsked at Alex. He knew better and he at least had the sense enough to blush, though no one saw it in the darkness. Well, maybe they did, most of them had excellent night vision. I didn’t care what they werewatching;, I pressed my face into the crook of Alex’s neck and took in his scent. I missed him even though we hadn’t been gone long. I so fucking love you. I thought at him.

“No swearing, Daddy!” Cass whispered. Alex chuckled and pulled me closer to him. This was home.

Happy Early Birthday

So tomorrow is Alex’s birthday. In 2020 he’ll be 30. The Big Three Oh! I’m two years behind him so I won’t make a bigger deal out of it.

But AJ made Alex something cool. She’s already shared it but since I might forget tomorrow I’m gonna post it here. Well AJ might forget I don’t have a crappy memory like AJ. But you’d never know it here since I have to rely on her to let me talk to you lovely folks.

As you can see I’m not putting any of the five prompts in today. Hopefully that will resume on Monday. Though as it’ll be the first big NaNo morning for AJ we might not see anything real. Or I might just do one prompt. It’s easier that way.

Above is Alex’s Dream Scape most likely before he and I were together. Or when he’s pissed off.

You can find all the original images on unsplash.

I love you Alex, and I know it’s not the perfect gift, and there is no story this year. AJ’s writing brain hasn’t been happening this month.

Taking a Break

Today I’m not linking into the daily prompts. And really not giving you much of a post at all. I’m just here to say AJ survived the storm, as did her family and her house and they lost one tree at the old house, but it didn’t do any damage to anything.

There are a few stories to tell but not mine so I’ll leave that be. AJ did lose power, and after getting to work she was informed they now have power so everything is alright here.

Have a great day and if you were affected by Zeta I’m wishing you good thoughts and quick rebuilding.


Yay! Another names storm has found its way to AJ’s neck of the woods. It’s supposed to land tonight and will likely cause a fracas. And we hope that the dog will remain calm or AJ will have to drug her to get her stop whining.

It’s really chilling to think of how many times AJ has had to hunker down this year for various things — from the dissemination of Covid-19 to hurricanes and tropical storms. She’s gotten lucky so far, but this one looks like it’s going to go right over top of her town. The only thing I can promise is today’s post. Tonight internet might go out and then I’m screwed cause I don’t get to come out and play too easily.

Thankfully Zeta isn’t a jocular guy and is just going to hit us hard and fast instead of laugh in our faces for a while. AJ’s happy about that. She would rather not take too many vacation days for shit like this.

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In little under a week NaNoWriMo starts. This Nano AJ is going to be a rebel and edit The Call of the Dragon. We only have a portion of the book to do. Well half to be exact. We’ve done the part were Alex stalks me. Now we get to break up sorta kinda and I get to find the Dragon. Yay us. Which means that we won’t have any romance parts in the second half of the book.

AJ is wondering if that is the best utlization of the romance. Or if we need to rework it a bit and have the romance be longer and more drawn out. Where we fight after I find the Dragon. We are at the point where we don’t think it should be rearrange but you never know. We haven’t gotten close yet, but the zero draft you all saw here had decent reception as the Last Phoenix.

AJ is filling out plot holes now. Re-arraynging the time line to fit what is acutally in 2017 and then we’ll go on to the finer points like passive voice, an the filter words. We are handling them now, but to a much less finer degree than we can.

So here’s to Nano. And all those participating Good Luck!

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I was a firestarter as a kid. Not the kind that lit things on fire on purpose, but the magical kind it wasn’t my fault. But it leads to the speculation of why my kids aren’t firestarters. Why did I caut a swath through my living room with fire and they didn’t?

There really is only one answer to the question. Michaela knew what to watch out for and was prepared to send her kids to school early to learn control. But why weren’t the Venatori prepared. I mean I lived with them. Maybe they didn’t think I would be a danger? I was only have human after all. Or maybe there was another order that said to let me burn things down and become a danger to myself and others. Which would lead me down the path I’m currently walking.

If i were a normal Venatori firestarter would I be this person? Or would I be the prefect Venatori hunter? Fate and destiny were at play? Or was it someone’s will that I end up where I was. Things happen that I’m not aware of. Things I won’t ever know really happens, or if they will ever happen. But my gut says everything about my life has been set up so I end up right here were I am.

I should merchandize my plight. “Played by Fate.” or something like that. Destiny’s puppet. I don’t think they’d make much money.

These ramblings are brought to you by the words merchandize, swath, order, speculation, fire. Thanks to The Daily Spur, Fandango’s One Word Challenge, The Rag Tag Community, Your Daily Word Prompt, and Word of the Day Challenge for providing the prompts on a daily basis. You can find links to their home pages on my Prompts page.