Alex looked at me with big blue eyes. “Who is?” he asked. But he knew it was true too.

“Everyone.” I said. “Abby and Will tried to hide their relationship from me at first. Like I might get in the middle of something bigger. And then when I confessed I knew they were together, they only grudgingly told me the truth. And now I’m seeing a lot of things on the streets that I don’t really have an explanation for. Abby has a strange family connection with people she doesn’t know. Everyone’s always talking like they are part of something bigger that I know nothing about. I’m not stupid, I can put things together. And just now, you said family but that isn’t what you wanted to say.”

“Are you reading minds now?” He joked. His voice said it was a joke, but his expression was not funny. He was trying to hide things again.

“No,” I said, “But I think you can read my mind.” I smiled at him, “Just now the waitress moved to come over here and take our order, but then she just turned around while we were talking and took her notebook and slip and stuck it in the window with what I’m presuming are our orders.”

“You saw that?” Alex looked over at the waitress bewildered, that was the only word I had for his expression. 

“I can see a lot of things people don’t think I can.” I said.


“You’re a telepath.” I said flatly. “What are Abby and Will?”

Alex shook his head, “They aren’t anything you need to worry about.”

“But they are something.” I growled. “I should get up and leave. I hate liars.”

Alex sighed, “No one is lying.”

“But not telling me is just like lying.” I said softly.

“You can go.” Alex said, “I’m not going to say more about it. You really don’t need to ge involved.”

I nodded, “So you never intended to give me any contact information for Abby and Will’s families who are fighting. I’m getting the whole star crossed lovers vibe and I’d really like to keep my friends because they are the only ones I have from the same fate as Romeo and Juliet.”

I didn’t give Alex time to answer my question. I stood up, pulled my wallet out and dropped fifty dollars in cash on the table. “See you round.” I said then walked away. My entire body was coiled into a tight knot. I started walking out of Little Italy. It was a two plus hour walk home – maybe that would be enough to cool down.

But I didn’t get far before Alex was grabbing my elbow. I knew it was him, I could smell his cologne – a soft citrus scent that made me close my eyes. So I wasn’t looking at him when he spun me around. He said nothing only waited for me to open my eyes.

And when I did I saw he was holding up three cards. “Giovanni is Will’s family. The other two are Abby’s. It’s complicated and I won’t get into it. But I’m not going to save your ass if they come after you.”

“I can take care of myself.” I said taking the cards from him. 

“Like you took care of yourself this morning?” Alex growled. “They could have ripped you apart and you’d be dead.”

I took a deep breath, “I’d like to see them, or anyone try.” I growled and turned back around to head back home.

Alex sighed and caught up to me, “Are you going to walk all the way home?”

“I can take care of myself.” I said.

Alex growled and grabbed my shoulder and pushed me roughly against the wall and my breath caught again. My gaze dropped instinctively to the ground with my shoulders pinned to the wall like they where. “I asked you if you planned on walking all the way home?”

“Yes.” I said in simple reply.

“Why?” Alex shook his head, “Come inside, eat dinner, I’ll have a taxi take you home. I’ll take my food to go.”

“I’m not hungry anymore.” But my stomach rumbled and Alex chuckled.

“Your stomach doesn’t seem to know that.”

“I’m not going to eat your pity meal. I’m not going to let you walk me home. And I’m not going to let you pay for food.” I said.

“All because you think I’m lying to you?” Alex asked.

“Yes.” I said.

“Fine.” Alex growled. “Abby is a fucking werewolf, Will is a vampire. They shouldn’t be talking to each other, they shouldn’t have even been in the same territory to meet. Now there is a fucking war brewing and you keep getting in the middle of it. You are going to get your human ass torn apart by these guys. So stay the fuck out of it.”

I looked up at him, “Was that so hard?”

Alex blinked at me, “Wait you believe me?” He took a step back and let me go.

I shrugged, “Makes just as much sense as you reading my mind, a man in my dreams who I know is a real life person, and waking up almost three months ago without knowing who the fuck I am.” I said and I walked away. I may not believe him fully, but I believed he believed his words. Which made me question my whole fucking life.




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  1. ambroseandelsie Avatar

    sigh It wouldn’t be a proper Nox and Alex first date if Nox didn’t go storming off on him. ;) Fortunately for Alex, I don’t feel that need to throw ketchup and mustard bottles at him this time around. So, good for him! 😅😆

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      He appreciates it

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        I thought he would! ;)

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        specially the part about not throwing bottles of condiments at him

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    2. Nox Avatar

      AJ also wants to point out that much of the story is meant to mimic the first time around :) a lot of deja vu and flipped situations.

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