All Alone

After the Mayor meeting with Geb was easy. He knew what was going on. I started spelling some metal and once we got the hang of it and the spells took when someone else drew the runes I left. it was all well and good but it was time to make lunch. Griffin followed me…

All of the Sims

Here are all of the sim creations to date just in case I missed posting one.

Meeting the Mayor

Our mornings were all pretty much the same. Except this morning everyone was busy packing while I made breakfast and ate alone. Rider and Ryan were taking care of most of the things around the house. Which wasn’t bad in and of itself but it left very little for me to do in most cases….

Bad Guys

And all the bad guys. Opps forgot my little dragon friends.

Safe And Sound

Two days after the attack on the Night Life building against my family by an unknown assailant sent by Poet we planned to move into a new building — a building where we controlled all the security. A building that was ours. Alex had purchased it when he was looking for places for his new club. A…


Here are the vampires — mostly the heads of the bloodlines, but some others as well. And the Venatori around the story.