Being walked in on having sex is awkward. What other things are awkward? Talking about someone when they are standing behind you?

Telling someone you love them, and they don’t say it back?

AJ’s feeling a bit awkward too spreading the story she wrote – and having to explain AJ Hunter is a pen name. But she wanted family to read it. Though she wonders how many did. An aunt opened it up so yay! What she thought of five year old me though I don’t know.

I wonder what AJ’s family would think of me.

I like me. AJ loves me. I’m her muse after all. Without me she wouldn’t have all these wonderful stories to tell.

Yes I’m bragging. I’m awesome!

Is that awkward?

Oh, and again Go Read Behind the Orange Door my post from yesterday will lead you there! Go Go Go! smiles it’s not awkward!