June Writing Prompts

AJ decided to let me do another month of writing prompts. Next month AJ probably will try to schedule some stories for you since it’ll be Nano time again and she does plan on participating. Maybe we’ll finish this book and AJ will edit for Camp. Sounds like a good plan to us so we can actually get The Call of the Dragon out to you in the story it’s meant to be told as. There are a few minor changes and a few character changes. So we’ll see how it all goes.

AJ should be submitting her short story here soon. And when it’s posted up we’ll let you know so you can all read it. It is cannon, and it is about me :)

Even though I don’t get more new people my numbers stay about the same with daily posts and I like daily posting so we’ll see about keeping it up. I will attempt to get some more interesting prompts instead of me rambling all the time, but that takes more effort on AJ’s part and we don’t always have effort to spare.

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