In Charge of Security

Our hallway make out section was interrupted with a clearing of a throat from a nearby room. Alex turned to look but I couldn’t. I was frozen in place trying to wrap my head around reality.

“He always surprises me.” Vin said. “He gonna be alright, I have something I want to talk to him about.”

Alex ran his fingers gently down my cheek, “You okay pretty boy?”

I nodded slightly but still didn’t open my eyes. I wanted to stay in the moment, at Alex’s will. But duty always was calling. All the more reason I needed a fucking break.

Alex laughed softly, “He’s here. Go ahead and talk but make it quick.”

Vin sighed, “Ant put me in charge of finding our security breaches – since he knew I wasn’t a traitor.”

Alex asked, “How’d he know that for sure?” He was skeptical of everyone so I let it go. If I didn’t trust Ant, and Ant trusted Vin then why should I question his loyalty. That’s why you have bodyguards. Alex said in my head.

I sighed and opened my eyes to look at Vin. “Ant compelled him to tell the utmost truth and he could feel Vin’s betrayal. It’s a vampire master to normal vampire thing. It happens mostly when you pledge you fealty to a master not your sire. Or your blood line. It’s magic. Vin can’t lie to Ant – not ever.”

“So the people who betrayed us, weren’t they all vampires?” Alex asked. “No wait, they are all heads of their lines and you they never swore fealty to anyone.”

“Exactly.” Vin said.

“But in that Nox, I don’t want you using your phone or laptop until I do a full security scan of everything. I think we have leaks.”

I laughed. “I have the best cyber security protection available. There is not a hacker a live who is getting past The Wicked Truth’s line of defense. I might be bragging on Sage’s power, but Chevalier who is far older, and seen much more asks Sage for help. Sage has his fingers in our security.”

Vin sighed, “I know and I don’t like it. I don’t like that he knows where ever you are, he creepily answers questions said out loud when you are working on something on a computer. He’s always there. How do we know he’s not the mole? He’s an amoral hacker. Who knows who has paid him to look into you.” Vin looked at Alex.

Alex smirked and shrugged. He couldn’t add to it, he was right. He’d done exactly that.

“The price of my best friend knowing everything about me is nothing Vin. Not for that line of protection, and the free use of an information whore.”

“I want to do a bug sweep of all the living spaces. You might trust your hacker friends, but I don’t,” Vin said.

“There are no bugs in here. That’s not how his power works. And no one can hack Sage.” I was getting angry but I covered it with a grin. “And I mean that quite literally Vin. Sage is electronically connected to my phone and my computer and anything it connects to. He attached nothing, he just touched it and talked to it. They became friends and now they are his. He’s a technopath, Vin. You can’t hack his brain. I’m not connected to his external monitors, which is why he hears me quickly and sees what I do through the camera if it’s on. It’s hardwired in his head.”

“Why?” Vin asked.

“Because we took comfort in it as kids, that we were always there for each other. He’s like my brother.”

Vin sighed. “I still don’t like it man. I’m doing a sweep regardless. And I want to do one at his house.”

I nodded. “Fine. Then you can sweep the top ten floors for magical users who can eavesdrop on my personal conversations and inside my head too. You’ll probably want a telepath to go with you. But the only one I trust is going on vacation with me in the morning.” I growled.

“And don’t forget to go through all our bodyguards, our friends, the rest of the vampire council and so on.”

Vin stared at me like I was insane. “If you feel it’s prudent to scan my best friends house for potential damage then you need to do it for everyone else. You will not single out my best friend.”

“His fucking girlfriend…”

I interrupted, “His wife.”

Vin glared at me. “His wife…” he paused like he forgot what he’d been saying. He sighed with resignation. “His wife put you down with a kiss.”

“All the more reason for everyone to be examined and vetted,” I said. I grabbed Alex’s hand and we started to walk away from the brooding vampire.

“Wait. This is an order now?” Vin asked as he trailed behind me.

“If you go to Sage’s house and do a security sweep. Yes!”

Vin caught up to me. “You know how crazy that sounds?”

I nodded. “No more crazy then saying my best friend has anything at all to do with hurting me.”

“He’s a fucking hacker. His wife carried a demon that over took you. He hacked the Venatori because your fucking boyfriend, sorry, your husband, was trying to spy on you. You surround yourself with no-good, morally grey people and you don’t want me to do a security sweep?”

I stared Vin in the eyes. He was a vampire and that was one of the biggest no-no’s in Venatori history, but I didn’t fear their gaze. And I definitely didn’t fear Vin, “If you feel the need to examine my best friend that closely then you will, without a fucking question, examine every fucking person I come in contact with, can come in contact with, or may possibly come in contact with.” I took a step closer to the vampire staring me down. “Is that clear? You will not single out Sage Morgan.”

Vin stared at me for a long time before he gave a long slow nod. “I will see it done.” I was so angry I was fuming. My blood was boiling.

There was a sudden jerk and I was being pulled into an empty room. We barely made it inside before Alex had me against the door and our lips were locked and hands were everywhere. Alex was distracting me from my anger and I fucking loved him for it.

Let Me Make It Up to You

My world was changing with every second that passed. Not even two months after my 25th birthday and I had found and lost the love of my life. Though even that was hard to explain in that I’d known him my whole life but didn’t remember him.

I earned a clan of dragons by killing their leader. The hierarchy of the supernatural was always the most powerful on top. And defending my life and those of people I cared about gave me the power.

And then with Alex’s help I beat back the demon that had controlled my life. It was freeing, but so fucking scary too. It was just another change I had to deal with.

And then by some prophetic destiny Alex brings home a book that is meant for me. Fucking thing is gone now, but I know who took it. We need to get it back so they can’t figure out how to use it.

But this book brought the Vampire council to my door step with their fucking problems. Their problems turned out to be my problems and we now have a much bigger worry than a few rogue vampires and therians accidentally revealing the supernatural to our human brethren.

I have my own vampire blood line tied to me. Well not one, but two not to mention the tie that binds me to Ant. We all then find out about this triumvirate and soul mates bond. Alex becomes Chevalier to Ant and on top of our already intensive powers we now cross powers a little. I’m picking up random thoughts, Alex is seeing the vibe of patterns, Ant isn’t noticing much other than his lovely I can walk in the sun.

Not to mention the fact that Alex and I have two kids on the way. Ours biologically, but Ant’s girlfriend and soul mate is our surrogate mother through magical means.

And that’s just the personal stuff. We had a whole shit ton of community things to deal with. But I just couldn’t deal with it all. I needed a break, we could interrogate Valence later. We could do it all later.

I had a to make it up to Alex. I was a dick and I felt horrible about being a broken mess. I wasn’t feeling much at the moment as the protective spell still coursed through my veins. It had saved my people, but I didn’t have the power to burn it off. I needed to recharge – food and sleep. But it left me feeling decidedly numb.

Ryan followed me to my room, muttered he’d get it all settled and text me. He didn’t want to be obtrusive about his success or failure while he knew I had family things to deal with. I didn’t even know if Alex was still mad at me. It was late and I checked on each of the kids as I walked past their rooms to mine. Or I tried to; none of them where there.

My heart skipped a beat as I thought of the places they could be but as I pushed open the door to my room everyone was snoozing on our bed. Alex sat on the edge running his fingers over Hunter’s cheek. He looked up when I walked in with a frown. I didn’t like that look.

My love leaned down and whispered, “Sleep,” in Hunter’s ear and then came towards me and nodded in the doors direction. He wanted to talk – which was good – so did I.

“Was there a nightmare?” I asked when Alex shut the door and started walking towards the kitchen. Food was always welcomed by either of us.

He shook his head, “No, but we need to work on his shields, they’re weak.”

I nodded, I was a little anxious about it all. I blurted out, “Are we okay?”

He stopped our forward progress and pressed me against the wall. His lips pressed against mine and his whole body seemed to collapse against me. My arms snaked around his waist and pulled him closer. If we’d been anywhere else the clothes could have come off. But we were standing in the hall and while there was a certain amount of thrill in the act of getting caught, we didn’t need to get caught by the innocent souls down the hall.

Alex broke away breathless, pulled himself away completely with a smirk. “We’re good. But we are going to fight.”

I nodded. “I know. But it’s been a stressful month.” it had only been a month, everything still boggled my mind the amount of shit that had happened.

“It has,” Alex agreed as he held out his hand for me to take his.

I took it with a deep breath wishing it was more. “Which is why I had Ryan make plans for all of us to go on a family vacation.”

“I know. But you think that’s really a good idea. We have traitors among us. The book was taken, Nox. I don’t like that thing being out in the wild. Much less in our house, but here it’s safe. With you. And where it belongs.”

I put a finger to his lips and I smiled interrupting his rant. “It’s okay Alex. We have people working on it. And if we don’t we will before we leave in the morning. I promise. But we need a break. You and me. The kids. I need a fucking break.”

“Can you even do that?” Alex asked.

I snickered, “If I’m King, why not?”

Alex chuckled as he pressed me against the wall again. “I’ll King you…” he said before pressing his lips against my neck and then sucking and biting hard. He had no need to mark me but he loved it so. And I loved the feel of his mouth on my neck. Even with the numbing from the rune still on my skin I felt more alive with Alex’s hands on me. His mouth. I wanted skin. I need him in away I never thought possible. He was like air and I was gasping for i

Dad Jokes

So today the prompt is container… is that a containim?

Probably not as eye rolling as it sounds in my head.

But it gets the prompt out of the way and I can go on about something else

Camp starts in two days. But I have scheduled a weeks worth of The Power of Succession starting today! So everyday at 6am a new scene will post. Most of the changes are little, but AJ added in new scenes and rearranged a few things to make it all work out.

Even though it’s not July 1 AJ is going to start editing today. So I’ll get my last monthly post in tomorrow and then you’ll likely be hearing from me on and off through the month in addition to the daily postings of the rewrite. Maybe by the time Lost in New York runs we’ll have book 2 The Shadowlands for ya’ll to read…. GRRR.. AJ! Only Yous Guys is worse…. so I guess I dunno I don’t talk like that!

Speaking of Brooklyn accents, AJ’s has once again been toying with the idea of a podcast esque deployment of something. We were playing with the idea of some stories I might tell to the kids at a campfire. But AJ would need to literally practice her New York accent (cause she doesn’t have one), we’d have to write a script AND AJ would need to find a decent voice changing app/program cause she doesn’t want her voice out there. Or confused with me. So if anyone has any recommendations for that kinda thing let me know.


So AJ has the next book all plotted out! All because she said stranding me and Alex on an island would be fun, and it turned out be relevant.

So book 2 of the Forgotten One is called The Shadowlands, and Alex and I are stranded in the guess where – the shadow lands. No spoilers anymore than that.

July you will see the rewrite of The Power of Succession. As there are several newly added scenes and some fixes.

Following the Power of Succession which is 12 Chapters long with 4 to 5 scenes per chapter. You will get Lost in New York which is 14 chapters with 3 to 5 scenes in each one.

I will attempt to post something near daily, but probably not during July as AJ will be focusing on editing and not so much writing. But I hope not to leave you hanging with just story elements.


AJ finished Lost in New York. A milestone reached, a marker placed! (Marker was the prompt for today)

And while AJ was planning out a m/m romance with an hea she found the plot for book 2 of the Forgotten arc.

And now she’s playing with a jump in time.

We can either have it be a short time jump (like an hour) or a big time jump (a few months, up to aging up the children.)

There are merits to a time jump we can spend a month or more in this new realm and then return like nothing really happened in our families lives and to the over all plot.

And then there is the whole let’s let the bad guys assume they won and then come back much later to rock their world. AJ did this in Revolution where Cari went to sleep for twelve years. It works to make the world a worse place. But is that the story we want to tell.

I’d love to hear those opinions of those who actually like talking about this. It’s here mostly so AJ’s alpha can read it with out all the ping ping ping of AJ’s messenger going off lol. But I’d love to hear what ya’ll think. AJ writes for you (and herself, but she likes to at least think about what you guys see and want to see.)