Shower Curtain… (NSFW)

I wish I could give you smut here. There are some pretty epic shower scenes we’ve been in and you’ve not seen them.

It took a while to find: bottom of a very long story that never got finished

Three things I could hear, my breath was slowing, the shower was running in the bathroom, and I could hear my pulse in my ears returning to normal.

I was far from calm but with another deep breath I could smell Alex all around me. I could make out his unique musk and the cologne he wore – the soft citrus undertones I found so comforting. There was also a very faint lingering of coffee on the shirt. As I focused on the last the – one thing to taste the door opened and the only thing I wanted to do was taste Alex. I stood up quickly and before it was done opening I was there and when he opened it I grabbed his face with both hands and I pressed my lips to his and I kissed him hard and deep and with everything I had. I didn’t care if he was mad at me, I needed it.

I tried my best not to slam the door behind me. I heard the gentle click and thought about locking it, but I didn’t. In all of that conversation, a conversation that I hadn’t expected over a shirt a few things rang again and again as Nox spoke his piece. He didn’t want to own me, didn’t want to take claim of me. He only wanted to protect me.

And then it was all oh I’ll leave. Fuck! We went around and around the same fucking things.

But I didn’t get to finish my thought as the bathroom door opened and closed. I should have said something, but I didn’t know what to say. Join me? Get out? Hell I didn’t know what I wanted right then.

Nox broke the silence going on about Jace. And he was right that probably was the only solution I had nothing else to offer. But I wasn’t about to tell him to ditch his best friend for me. Mostly because I knew he’d do it. And then I’d feel guilty and I didn’t even want to think about the ramifications of that choice. So I kept quiet – said nothing as Nox continued.

I heard the words. And then the only sound was the water falling from the shower. I let out a breathe I hadn’t realized I’d held and wondered who the fuck he thought he was to say something like that and then just leave. He didn’t even wait for a response.

I had thought similar things, but I didn’t know if I felt them. We’d only been together for a few days, every time before was us ignoring our feelings. Fighting against what our bodies had wanted – it was nothing more than lust, right?

Who the fuck says I love you then walks away? Shit! He said he loved me. And then he walked away…

I really don’t know what reason I had for stepping out of the shower and toweling off so the floor wasn’t a kill zone as i walked across it dripping. I opened the door and I was about to say something when Nox’s hands were on my face and he was pressing his lips against mine. His tongue parted my lips and the kiss deepened.

All manner of thought dissipated as my fingers found the hem of his shirt and I tugged it over his head. And then he prompt devoured my mouth. His tongue and lips were hard and sweet and I wanted to lose myself in him.

I pulled Nox close and his hands worked his shorts and boxers off while I backed up towards the water streaming down. Our hands and mouths were everywhere, sex came easy. The rest was hard.

How we managed to get into the shower without tripping over each other was something to contemplate later. I pushed him up against the cold tile and he hissed at the contact but his mouth and hands never left my body as he pulled me against him.

His lips and tongue darted across my neck and I groaned at the contact but wanted more. “Harder.” I said but Nox continued with the tender nips, not enough pressure for much of anything.

Enough with the teasing I thought, “Harder” was all I could manage to spit out as his hands and mouth traversed my body. Our hips ground painfully into each other, our cocks hard and leaking and we both needed more but his tender touch was driving me insane. “Harder.” I begged.

It was like a switch had flipped in one moment Nox was tenderly nipping my skin, and then the next I was pressed face first against the cold tile wall and Nox was behind me biting my neck like I’d wanted him to before. His cock was pressed against my ass and I could feel the heat and my cock twitched. I gasped as Nox sucked and worried at my neck. “Fuck Nox.”

His hand slid around my waist and grabbed my cock and stroked it a few times as he pressed into my backside, his mouth moved to my ear and he took my earlobe in his mouth and sucked and bit it. His voice was low and filled with desire, “I’m going to fuck you.”

I groaned and pressed my hands to the wall. “It’s about fucking time pretty boy,” I said as my head dropped forward and I waited for his next move.

His hand worked slowly along my cock but the momentum of everything changed. He still bit my neck harder than before, his teeth trailing along the back of my neck sent sparks up my spine. The pressure against my back was gone as that hand moved down my back and squeezed a cheek before he drove it lower and pressed his finger against my hole.

There was a moment of hesitation before I felt him slide the digit inside. It’s been awhile since I’d done this so I expected the slight burn of no lube but was surprised when he slid inside with ease. My hips bucked into his fist and I pressed back against him. I didn’t want that I wanted him. “Come on pretty boy just do it.”

He buried his face into my neck and his hand stilled as he readjusted himself. His finger left me empty and I pushed back against him. He groaned into my neck and bit hard as he pushed his cock inside me. I matched his groan as he pressed deeper inside me. I let out a breathe I’d been holding and Nox whispered against my neck, “Breathe.”

I was pretty sure he was speaking mostly to himself but I took a gasping breath as he sank fully into me. He pressed his free hand to the wall next to my head and the other pulled me close to him while he stroked my cock. He’d stopped biting my neck and was kissing, his teeth grazing my skin with each thrust inside me.

I felt him shift and with the next thrust I was seeing stars. I groaned and felt him smirking against my neck as he pulled me harder against him, my cock in his hand and he muttered how much he wanted me into my skin.

His lips pressed against my ear as he whispered, “I’m going to come Alex, I’m sorry.” And I felt his body spasm behind me with the pleasure he’d taken from my body. I spilled over his hand and he thrust a few more times riding the orgasm out.

Nox hummed against my skin and then he regretfully pulled away. I turned around to find him standing just far enough away I had space to turn around but it wouldn’t have mattered he was pressing a kissed to my lips before I could make a smart ass comment about being in the right place this time for a proper clean up.

We kissed and said nothing for the next few moments before Nox was backing up into the cascade of warm water. There was always something about watching water run down a body that made a person all hot and bothered. That’s why all the waterfall scenes, and the kissing in the rain and car wash scenes were all the rage. He was oblivious to my eyes wandering his body. His body was his temple and I could worship it. In clothes the scars were mostly hidden, you’d never know his left leg was a massive burn. I ran my fingers across the three slash marks on his chest and he intoned, “Werebear,” without even having to ask what had done it. He never even bothered to look at me as my fingers caressed his chest, but a grin splayed across his lips.

I took his chin in my fingers and the water ran in rivulets down his face as he looked at me. I traced the scar on his cheek and he grinned as he closed his eyes and stepped back into the rain of water letting me drench myself in the warmth. His voice was soft. “A silver knife wielded by a girl possessed by a murdered boy bent on revenge.” I looked through the veil of water at him and he chuckled, “A ghost who sought revenge.”

I asked as I watched him wash his hair, the color marking his skin as it ran down his body. I watched the orange fade into clear before I asked, “Did you have to kill her?”

“Yes.” His voice was sad but he didn’t elaborate, maybe some other time I thought.

“What about the one on your leg?”

Nox laughed, “Dragon.” He moved around me in the shower and I heard the shampoo bottle splurt a last dollop before Nox’s fingers were kneading my head. A tiny moan slipped out as he started to soap my hair and his fingers made me weak. His voice was low in my ear. “A human shaped dragon that could still breathe fire. I watched him open his mouth and a jet of fire sprang forth and if I had been anyone but me, I’d be dead.” He didn’t sound like he was bragging, if I hadn’t heard his ego talking before I’d probably have thought the same thing, he was stating a fact.

I asked, “Cause you can do what you do?”

“Yeah. If I hadn’t been able to smother the fire, I’d have burnt to a crisp in a matter of seconds. Dragon’s fire is like napalm, once you get it on you, it’s hell getting it off. I nearly suffocated myself in the process sucking the air out of everything and I smothered it with earth and water and I was covered in a sticky muddy mess by time it was out. But with the last few breaths I had left I chopped the man’s head off as he tried to lunge for me. I’ve only killed four marks in my time as a hunter, each one leaving a scar. Each time I had to defend myself.”

He sighed as his fingers ran through my hair. I turned around and let the water rinse the suds away and I could feel his eyes on me. He continued, “Granted none of the others survived capture. Their trials lead to their deaths.” I opened my eyes and he smiled at me, “That’s why I started working with Ant, and the local packs. At least if their own kind get them, they have a chance at a mostly normal life. If the Venatori get them they will die and there will be very few questions asked.”

I smirked, “Such serious talk for after sex.”

He grinned, “You asked.”

I turned off the water and shook my head, “Actually I didn’t. All I did was touch your scar.”

He handed me a towel. “That’s as good as asking.”

It made me wonder what he might have told me if he wasn’t being honest with me, “So what lie do you tell the girls?”

He laughed and walked out of the bathroom drying his hair. Our impromptu shower left him without clean clothes. I grabbed mine and followed him out and locked the bedroom door before a certain five year old walked in on us butt naked. Though it could have been worse.

Nox was inside the closet, his voice was strained as he spoke, “I would make up some lie. Fell into a fire drunk, an ex girlfriend was knife happy.”

He came out in boxers and had a change of clothes he tossed on the bed. I was already mostly dressed, “What do you tell the guys, they dig scars too?”

He laughed. “I don’t usually take my shirt off when I hook up with a guy.” The serious look he gave me made a chill run down my back, “The type of guy I hooked up with think one of two things when they see my back – I either really like pain, or I was weak and he could do anything he wanted with me regardless of what I wanted. While the latter is mostly true I dislike when a guy thinks I’m weak and pounds me harder than he would have if he thought I might fight him back.”

“So when you say I’m not your type…” I wasn’t sure exactly what I was asking, “but D and Max are?”

The door knob wiggled then there was a knock at the door and Cass shouted through it, “Daddy we are going to be late if you don’t hurry up and make me breakfast like now.”

A shiver ran through Nox’s body and his voice was tight, “I’ll be out in a minute, get the eggs and bread out, we have to be quick.”

His liquid brown eyes saw right through me as he sat down on the edge of the bed. “You are not my physical type. I didn’t hook up with men my size or smaller. Both Drew and Max out weigh me, they can break me in half if they wanted to. But they are not the kinda guy I would have picked up, neither are you. Trolling for sex with a girl was about happy fun moments. Trolling for a guy meant I felt like shit and I wanted someone to treat me like that. Bigger, stronger, always on the bottom, Alex. You don’t want me to think of you as my type. I like you being you and so very far from my normal type of guy.” He smiled, “You took me by surprise when I wasn’t looking. I don’t want you to be my type.” He stood up and another shiver ran over his body as he pulled his grey zip up hoodie over his shoulders. “I have to get Cass to school and get to work. If you want we can talk more, but she can’t be late.”