No, not really. There be no pirates here.

At least none that I know of.

Honestly I don’t have much to day. AJ’s recovering from a week of peopling every night and she’s drained when she gets home. So I’m letting her relax in the mornings. This is the only requirement – our blog post. MY blog post!

Maybe I will mutiny. This is mine damn it!


Editing is a big job. One AJ actually hates doing. We should really buckle down and edit the books.

We have renamed the books. That’s pretty big.

The whole series as a world is called “The Game of Souls”. The premise being that Order and Chaos the two sides of the Umbra are playing a game – whoever can collect the most souls – energy wins. Chaos cheats while Order only intervenes on occasion. My story being one of three occasions Order has stuck his fingers in the pie.

The first four books are part of an arc – The Third Ascendant.

We’ve changed the name of the four books several times. But this is currently what they are titled:

Book 1 – The Call of the Dragon
Book 2 – Taking Back Erebus
Book 3 – The Last Phoenix
Book 4 – The Power of Succession

Now you notice that book 1’s title has moved to the third book. And the biggest reason has to do with what happens in book 3 – I actually rise from the ashes – like a phoenix. The Dragons call me that in book 1, and that happens to be the name of the dragon clan we are hunting. However AJ’s thinking we’ll rename the clan to something else just so there is no confusion to why we moved the title.

And the biggest reason we did it was because of the movie poster AJ had created. It just fit so much more with the premise of the story.

Our next few books set at 4, but we’ll see how that goes is entitled – The Forgotton.

And Book 1 is called Lost in New York. The others really don’t have titles though I think AJ has some tenative ones. * goes to look at the notes *

So there are only three books in this arc at present – there were four but AJ trashed one which we had started but the book wasn’t feeling right. This one is going so much better. So there might be a fourth really depends on how the stories shape up in the long run.

The next two books are The Villian I Am and The New World Order.

And I’ll give you the movie poster again cause it’s not full size in the image I chose today :)



What is that? A model number? the name of a star wars robot?

Not really relatavent to my story. But it is to Nix. It could be the name of his food processor or his holoscreen. Nix lives in a cyberpunk world in the 32nd century. He’s a bounty hunter. AJ really wants to write the story, but this is one of those stories she’s set on a choose your own adventure type or an rpg type game to write it.

She’s been working on different parsing engines to do it herself, and then there is the Squiffy, or Twine or Quest. AJ really likes Squiffy and has contemplated forking the repo (whatever that means) and using it to build off off and make her own story engine. It’s a markdown derivative and works well. AJ’s considering using markdown-it and write a plugin for additional parsing. BUT we’ll see. I don’t understand half of what she’s thinking.


You ever thought about where idioms came from?

Your ugly mug? Peeing like a race horse? Hit the nail on the head? Two birds with one stone?

Some of them are easy for us, but those poor english users who have no idea what we are talking about. You have no mug you fucking idiot!

Today AJ’s going back into the office. She hasn’t been there since late February. She had to put on real clothes. But she’s dressed ready to go with a cup of coffee and is typing away. I might get a couple of hours of me time in before she has to brave the real world. As if she talks to people there anyway. Though she does need to make a lunch since her love is home today, no need to take that time to check on the kiddos.

[[ As a side note – awwww ain’t he cute? ]]