HSAU: Late Night Phone Call Part 4


I don’t know why I agreed to his conditions. It’s not like anyone was going to be touching me anyway. Much less trying to get me off. I didn’t masturbate that often. What was I doing? But there was something about the feeling that he owned me that sent a thrill through me. Everyone had their kinks, I knew Drew and Mandy had theirs and everyone else had their own. I was sure my mom and dad did too but god if I wanted to know about. Alex climbed down from my tree and I sent him a text. Text me when you get home so I know you got their okay.

His response was almost immediate. Maybe. Go to sleep Pretty Boy.

My heart skipped a few beats hearing his voice in my head. I set my phone down and closed my eyes curling around the pillow he’d been laying on. There was a new scent of his cologne lingering on my pillow and I never wanted it to fade.

I dreamt of him, his hands on me, the vividness of how wet his mouth was, his tongue dancing in my mouth and what it might be like with it on other parts of my body. I woke with a hard on. And It was still raging even after I took a shower.

Lucy stared and giggled, “You should have taken care of that in the shower like everyone else.”

Normally I would have I thought, but I shut my door and got dressed. I was a little bit horny, thinking about my dreams. Lucy, Mia and Ryan all hitched a ride with Jace before I felt comfortable enough leaving my room. No telling what Lucy or Ryan were blabbing about me.

Drew came running up the stairs, “You’re late. You’re never late.”

I laughed. “I’m ready just didn’t want to see Jace.”

“Something happen?”

I shrugged and started for my door grabbing my backpack and rushing out without seeing my mother or father. I really didn’t want to explain things to them if they asked either. We were two blocks away from the house before I blurted out, “Alex came by last night.”

Drew chuckled, “Really? Why?”

I blushed and Drew grabbed my arm and turned me towards him, “Why was Alex at your house last night?”

“To tell me off, or get me off. I forget which was his real reason.”

Drew laughed. “Sounds like Alex.”

“He’s done that with you?”

Drew shook his head, “That sounded a lot like jealousy. What did you do with him?” Drew looked at me as we started walking again; he knew I didn’t really want to be late to school. “Let me guess. He didn’t tell you off.”

I shook my head. “His hand was so warm and so strong.”

Drew nodded knowingly with a shit eating grin on his face. “Be careful Nox. He doesn’t date. He’s only ever in it for the sex.”

“Maybe that’s all I want.” I lied. And Drew knew it, he nodded his head as if he believed me but I knew he didn’t. “Maybe I want to do something stupid for once.”

“Well, he’ll definitely help you with that Nox. Just be careful.”

“I’m always careful maybe I don’t wanna be this time.” I said as I hurried up into the school yard. I walked past the grassy hill Alex and his friends liked to sit and neither he nor Max were there. I doubted they were in class already, but I guess I’d see Alex in Science then.

Homeroom went by quickly. And Science too, but Alex wasn’t there. I wondered if he transferred out now that he’d gotten what he wanted. I made it through lunch without having an epic meltdown. This was why I never cared to try to date anyone other than Mia. Mia I knew, I understood her.

Drew watched me eat my lunch slowly and said nothing. He sighed when the bell rang and I got up with the rest of the crowd, “It has nothing to do with you, why he’s not here.”

I walked past the grassy hill and still didn’t see Alex or Max and I wondered if something bad had happened. I pulled out my phone and texted Alex quickly, You and Max okay?

And I then I quickly tucked my phone back into my hoodie pocket before I got caught having it on me to begin with.

I walked home immediately after school. I barely even waited for Drew. He was laughing and cracking jokes as usual. “Really Nox, I’m sure he’s fine.”

I shrugged. “Yeah, some guy jerks you off and then doesn’t show up the next day. You tell me how that would make you feel.”

Drew laughed, “For being you, you sure can be insecure sometimes.Mia really did a number on you.”

“Mia didn’t do anything.”

My friend put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close, “She did. You lived a perfect life with her. You never had to worry about her cheating on you. She wasn’t going to risk the popularity by doing that. You didn’t have to worry about what she thought about you cause you knew it was all a game already. Everything you do for Mia plays to her goals. And you were left with nothing in the end. Not even the confidence that you are worth it.”

Drew pushed me away, “And you are worth it Nox. You know that right. If Alex fucks with you I’m going to fuck him up. I don’t care if he is good in the sack, he doesn’t get to treat you badly.”

“Don’t do anything, Drew.” I begged.

“I won’t yet, because I’m sure this has nothing to do with you. Max is gone, Mandy says Jimmy is too. They are probably just skipping class.”

“On the second day of school?”

Drew laughed, “Why not? They don’t care what day it is.”

I shrugged and hoped Drew was right. “You want to hang through the fence? Or you think your dad will put you to work.”

“I have to do those silly chores before he gets home, then we can talk over the fence but I think I’ll sit on the roof.”

Drew laughed, “New home away from home eh?”

I shrugged. I didn’t want Drew to figure out that was where it happened and I wanted to live a little of that moment again, sitting there hoping he wasn’t playing with me.




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