HSAU: First Day of School Part 5


I stayed as long as Mia did and I walked her home just like we used to. Well not like we used to, she wasn’t trying to hold my hand or cuddle up next to me. Her jackass of a boyfriend had left after football practice without giving her a ride home. He merely yelled ‘I’ll call you’ from the hall as he and his friends ran past.

Drew was sitting on his door step when I walked Mia up. I smiled, he nodded, “No yelling yet. I haven’t heard any crashes either. Maybe he’s not home.”

I shook my head. “I’m never so lucky. Besides Ry’s home and he’ll have tattled.”

“You have a shitty brother sometimes.”

“Ry’s just looking out for me. He knows Dad will get pissed if he finds out later.”

“He might never have found out at all. Sneak in.”

I shook my head, “No I’ll take my lumps. Even if it’s gonna mean missing homecoming.”

“I wonder if your dad will still throw the after party?”

“Probably. Probably make me stay in my room while Ry and Luc have fun.”

“Ant left before you got home.” Drew added.

“He had to get back to the dorms before they kicked him out.” I said. “Or so his text said.” I sighed, “I better get inside. I’ll call if I can.”

“If not we can talk through our bedroom windows like we did as kids.”

I nodded. “If he even lets me out of his sight.” I laughed. But it wasn’t likely far from the truth.

I opened the door and I didn’t make it any quieter or louder than usual. Lucy was sitting in the living room reading a book and I heard Ryan’s music in his room, he was playing off key and it hurt my ears. He thought he was going to be a great guitar player but he truly and utterly sucked.

I walked into the kitchen with my back pack slung over my shoulder and my Mom looked up with a smile and handed me a cup of lemonade. “Your father is in the back yard.”

I sighed and set my book bag down on the stool and gave my Mom a hug before I stepped out the sliding screen door and saw my Dad cleaning the pool. “I had every mind to make you do this.”

“I still can. It looks like you just started.” I handed my dad the glass of lemonade and took the net’s handle from him and started cleaning the pool. It was hardly a punishment. It was just a random chore.

“I thought I told you to be home straight after school.”

I nodded as I scooped leaves out of the shallow end. “I know. Mia begged me to help decorate for Home coming. You know I can’t say No to her.”

“She’s not your girlfriend anymore son.”

I laughed, “It was never about Mia being my girlfriend. She’s my best friend’s kid sister who I adore. And just like my own sister I’d do anything for her.” I paused in my straining to look over at my father who was sipping his lemonade and watching my work. “Absolutely anything, Dad. And that included disobeying you.”

He sighed and I continued working on the pool. The silence was strained. “You are still grounded.”

“I know.”

“For even longer now.”

“I know.” I said again.

My dad sat down in the shaded lawn chair by the pool, “What’s this year’s theme?”

“You sure you want to know?”

“I’m going to find out later aren’t I?” He said rhetorically.

“Be Proud. Mia says its in honor of my official coming out. As if I just came out to the world, when it was only you that just found out. So lots of rainbows and colors. But I convinced them it’s not about coming out, it’s about proud of who you are as a person. That we shouldn’t just focus on the whole coming out thing. We all need to be proud of who we are.”

My dad chuckled, “Always the diplomat. I don’t understand.”

“I know.” I agreed. “I can’t explain it to you. But girls never have in any slightest fashion made my heart beat faster. Except to make me uncomfortable, and not in the sexy fun kinda way.”

“But boys do?” my father asked without looking at me.

I nodded. “Yes. You remember Dylan back in grade school?”

My dad laughed, “You and him used to play football together. He was your center for a while until he moved.”

I nodded, “They moved because Dylan’s dad found out I liked boys. And he didn’t want his son playing center to no fucking faggot.”

“How come I never heard about that?” He stood up and looked at me, “What else have people been keeping from me?”

“They didn’t tell you cause they know how you feel about gays. And they didn’t want you to go down your father’s path.”

“Because my son is gay?”

“You grounded me because I’m gay.” I shrugged. “So it’s not a far leap to think you might beat your son if you drank too much.”

“You honestly think I’d hurt you?”

“No. I don’t think you would. But that’s why people didn’t tell you. I knew you’d be pissed. And you’d punish me for it. But I never once thought you’d break your sobriety and beat me cause of it. I believe you beat that, I have faith in you and what I know of my father.” I finished cleaning the rest of the leaves out of the pool while my dad stood there staring at me, the water, whatever was in front of him while he was lost in thought.

“I’m gonna go take out the trash, and then help Mom with dinner.” I said. And when he said nothing, responded with nothing I broke down the net and put it in the shed before heading inside.

Lab Equipment

Here is another word prompt that is not cannon but was fun to write and gives some spoilers away.


This was the first time Alex had been to meet the infamous Asher Eriksen.  Our, no, the Venatori benefactor.  The man who made sure every single Venatori lived the life they were accustomed to.  Which by normal human standards was pretty pampered.  And now he was working for me.  Such was the life of leading the Venatori.

He’d asked me to join him and I was bringing Alex along because he was [b]my[/b] money guy.  Not to mention the love of my life, and my sanity check.  I’d never actually met the man before, so this was my first time before.  He asked for me to meet him in the lab.  So that was where we went.  It looked like every science lab you ever saw in any movie.  White walls, beakers and other lab equipment scattered around the room.  And in the middle of the room sat a blue eyed man wearing a white lab coat.  He stood up when we entered and smiled brightly at us.

His patterns were erratic, I’d never seen anything like it.  And even with my new found ability to control what I see, it was hard on my eyes.  I blinked and Alex stopped to access what was going on.  He asked in my head, [i]You okay, pretty boy?[/i]

I nodded and smiled at Asher even though he was making me nauseous.  He shook my head, “It’s a pleasure to meet you finally, Nox.  This must be Alex?”  He held out his hand to Alex, “I’ve heard a lot about you, Mr. Kennedy.”

Alex smirked.  “All good I hope.”

Asher shrugged with a careless smile.  “Mostly.  There was a thing or two about you being a filthy human contaminating the Venatori blood line.”

Alex laughed, “As if I can get Nox pregnant.”

“But you did.”  He smiled, “May not be a traditional pregnancy but I hear the two bouncing baby boys Ms Isabelle had are doing well.”

I nodded, “They are good.  You are not experimenting on my children.”

Asher frowned and nodded, “You provided the umbilical cord as I asked, I have enough cells to test on without harming the children.  But when they are of consenting age I’d like a chance…”

“When they can consent legally.”  I said.  Alex just looked at me and frowned.  “What?  I can’t tell them no when they are old enough.  But we have plenty of opportunity to tell them why not to do it.”

Alex grinned at me.  “What did you want Asher?”  Alex asked looking at the other man.

“I was hoping to take DNA samples from you both.  In the hopes of understanding your different abilities.  Nothing that I can use in experiments for conception, just hair samples.”

Alex shrugged, “I don’t care as long as you don’t clone me.”

Asher laughed, “I’m not in the business of cloning people, it’s hardly good for business.  And highly illegal.  I may be Venatori, but I do try to follow the human laws.”

“That would be a first.” Alex said.

I added, “But you aren’t Venatori.”  I said.

Asher paled and looked at me with fear in his eyes.  “I have been all my life.”

“And the life before that, and before that.”  I laughed.  “You do know what one of my abilities is right?”

“Enlightening me, Mr. Sétanta.”

“I can see patterns.  And thinking while you talked and Alex too, I finally see the difference.  No one has ever seen you or your father in the same room together.  No one has seen you and your son in the same room.  Ever.  And this goes back generations upon generations.  So the pattern says, you are them, and they are you, and that would make Amara Erikesen your only natural born daughter, and you the last living Aeternus – hiding in plain sight.”

“And you have proof of this?”  He asked cautiously.

I shrugged, “No.  But I know it’s the truth, it clicked into place like all other truths do.”  I smiled, “But I’m not going to tell anyone, your secret is safe.”

I plucked a few hairs from my head and Alex did the same having read my mind.  “DNA for your troubles.  And then we’ll be on our way.  If you make any money from that we want a percentage.”

“Of course.”  Asher said taking out two small baggies and placing the follicles in them.  He went about his work ignoring us for the most part and we took our dismissal with a grain of salt.  Asher was like Jack, once he got what he wanted he was done and went back to his thing.  And I was okay with that, looking at him was hard.  Alex took my hand and we left.  For a first meeting that didn’t go so bad.