HSAU: The Last Party of the Summer Part 4


My normally easy going Dad growled at me. His hands on his hips, his face ever growing redder and the vein in his neck pulsing told me, and everyone else that I was in trouble. And for what? Some stupid photoshopped picture of me and a cock. I stood there in silence as the rooms cleared. I caught Mandy leaving and knew Drew would be sitting at the top of the steps waiting for me. Or waiting for my Dad to yell ‘drew go home’.

The door finally closed with a soft snick and my mother walked over to us, she stood to the side like she was going to negotiate. My father held up his phone and showed me the picture again. “You aren’t even going to deny it?”

“That picture is a fake. I’ve never sucked anyone’s cock before.”

My mother visibly relaxed but my father’s face grew darker, “And you weren’t going to deny it?”

I let out a long sigh, “Everyone knows Jace is trying to make it so he’s more popular than me and he’ll go to any lengths to do it, which includes faking a picture. He’s sorta mad that I wouldn’t suck his cock, too.”

It was almost comical watching my dad’s face change into the angry twisted thing it was now. “Is it a lie? Then, these rumors that I keep hearing from the other fathers and their sons, that you like boys.”

And there it was, the true reason he was pissed off. Kids talked. Their parents talked worse in a small town like this. I shook my head, “Dad, everyone but you knows I’m gay. I have been my whole life and you refuse to see it.”

My mother stepped between us, “Nox, now isn’t the time.”

I shrugged, “It’s the perfect time Mom. Dad, should know the truth. Mia and I have been pretending for you, and for her, but now that she’s in high school she wants to date someone who actually likes her.”

“You like her!” He exclaimed defiantly.

“She’s like my kid sister, Dad. She wanted to be popular. So I agreed to be her older boyfriend.” My father started pacing, his hands flexed between rubbing the palm of his hand to a fist and back again. He was straining not to punch something.

“I’m sorry I’m not your perfect son. I’m sorry that I will never be.” I walked away from him, I knew he’d be angry. But there was nothing more to talk about.

I expected him to storm after me but instead he yelled, “Nox!” I stopped and turned to look at him but his back was to me. He didn’t even want to look at me, “For the unforseeable future you are grounded,” he said in small voice, “You will be home after school, no extra ciriculars, nothing. Come home immediately.”

I sighed and nodded, “Sure thing.” I tried not to sound broken, but it was hard not to when your dad just grounded you for being gay. At least I wasn’t a druggie or a failure. I sighed as I stomped up the stairs. Drew stood up and waited.

My Dad yelled, “Drew go home!”

Drew patted my shoulder as he headed down the stairs, “I’ll call you, if you still have your phone.” He shouted, “Yes, sir.” as he reached the bottom step and fled out the door before my father turned his ire on him.

I could hear my parents whispering as I turned towards my own room. Looked like I was going to be spending a great deal of time in my room – alone.

My bed had been used. It wasn’t uncommon. And I really didn’t mind as long as they didn’t make a mess. And I knew it had been Drew and Mandy with their third. Always with a third, like they couldn’t get enough sex with each other. I didn’t want to think about their why. Drew had at least asked before he took his games to my bed.

And other than the messed up comforter and the displaced pillow I wouldn’t have known they were in here. I grabbed the displaced pillow and flopped on to the bed after kicking the door shut. There on the bed sat a phone. It wasn’t Drew’s, his case was covered in hearts and stickers his girlfriend put on it. This one was all black with a faint drawing in pencil on it, but I couldn’t make out what it was. It wasn’t Mandy’s her’s was bejeweled just like her clothes.

The phone rang and I jumped and dropped it to the floor. Fuck! I scrambled to pick it up and look at the caller ID. It was Max, and I was pretty sure that was Alex’s friend. I anwered cautiously, “Alex’s phone.”

“You make a habit of answering other people’s phones?” An unfamiliar voice said on the other side.

“I knew Max was your friend, and you were likely calling to see where your phone was.” I said, hopeful.

“I’m surprised you know either of our names?”

“It’s a small school. It’s hard not to know your name. I mean, not every kid in school fails on purpose.”

“What?” Alex sounded surprised that I knew.

“One of the strange benefits of being a teacher’s pet and all of them like you, when you run out of work to do they let you grade papers. I’ve seen some of your failed tests, you fail because you don’t put the right answer on the test scoring sheet, but if you look at the test papers, all the answers are right. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

“Why wouldn’t you tell the teachers?”

I frowned, “I did the first time it happened. They still failed you.”

“So you tried to help me?”

“That’s my thing isn’t it?” I said. “You’d be disappointed if I hadn’t tried.”

“I don’t even know you.”

I smiled. “Yeah, well that’s your fault not mine. I have your phone, how do you want to get it back.” I said changing the subject. I didn’t want to hear all about how it was my fault I didn’t know him. Or even that it was his. I didn’t want to talk about it at all. I sat down on my bed and pulled my pillow to my face with his phone still at my ear waiting for his answer. It didn’t smell like Drew or Mandy, but it wasn’t just me on the pillow. Had Alex used my pillow? I wasn’t sure how I felt about liking the thought or the fact that he smelled good.

HSAU: The Last Party of the Summer Part 3


We moved from standing in front of the door to me on my knees engulfed in the soft scents of the pretty boy who lived in the room’s pillow. It was a lot more difficult to be in control when you were being distracted by two sets of hands and mouths, this wasn’t our usual. We hadn’t talked about it, but I didn’t complain as I breathed in his scent as Drew fucked me from behind. Mandy was off to the side, her fingers dancing inside her as she watched us, “Oh God! Come for me boys,” she called out as she orgasmed over her own fingers. Drew followed almost directly after the command and then there was a clearing of a throat and we all turned to look at the intrusion.

Max stood staring at the three of us and Drew pulled out and I groaned leaving Max staring at us as they rushed to fix themselves leaving me hanging. Mother fuckers!

I raised my eyebrow at him and he turned away long enough for me to wipe down and pull on my clothes. The party was emptying out and we said nothing as he followed me down the stairs and out of the house. The only thing I saw was Mr. Durante standing in front of Nox, his face was red and the vein in his neck was pulsing. Someone got in trouble most likely and Nox took the fall. Ever the valiant popular kid. I rolled my eyes as we snuck out. Drew sat at the top of the stairs and Mandy snuck out with us. Must be nice to be welcome in this house whenever you liked, I thought before I grabbed Mandy’s arm, “That’s the last time I get played by you two.”

Mandy looked at me and frowned, “You didn’t have fun?”

“You know I don’t do what just happened. He isn’t my boyfriend, he’s your’s, you had no right.”

She looked shocked, “You could have said no.” She was right, I could have. I’d gotten lost in him and let it happen. Wishing it was him, knowing it would never be him.

“Whatever Mandy, no more.” I said and started walking towards Max’s apartment. Magnolia PInes was a cheap ass rental place, but it was all he and his dad could afford. Normally we’d have gone to my house, but we decided spending the night at his was closer than walking back to mine across town.

Max fell in step next to me. “So, Drew?”

“What about him?” I asked.

“You like him?” Max waggled his eyebrows, “Like, like like him.”

“We are fucking. Not dating.” I said.

“You like guys?” Max smiled, “How come you never hit on me?”

“You are the fucking straightest guy I know.” I said.

“Yeah but you never…” His voice trailed off in mock offense.

“You aren’t my type.” I said.

“So what’s your type? Pretty boys?”

I chuckled. He’d almost nailed it on the head. “Something like that.”

“I could be pretty.”

“I have no doubt of that. But you aren’t.” I confirmed, “And that’s a good thing otherwise we wouldn’t be friends.”

“So you can fuck pretty boys, but not be their friends?” Max asked jokingly.

I shrugged, Max wouldn’t understand. “I like what I like I can’t explain it Max. But you aren’t that.”

“Hey!” he said. “I’m a good lay.”

“So says who?” I chuckled. Max was a virgin. Mostly because he had no game.

“Well maybe no one, but I am!” He smirked.

“I have no doubt about that either Max.” There were a lot of girls who’d like Max just for what he could offer them, even if he wasn’t very experienced with using his length or girth. Hung like a horse didn’t cover it.

We walked another block in silence before Max shuffled his feet and stopped. “Alex?”

I stopped and turned to look at him, “What?” I said probably a little too cross from the look on his face.

“Is that a normal position for you?” Max blushed, “I mean, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. But, I didn’t take you for a that type of guy.”

“What type of guy?” I asked. Though I was sure I knew the answer.

“A bottom.”

“I’m not. That was uncharacteristic of all of us.”

Max shook his head, “How long have you been with them?”

“I’m not with them.” I clarified, “I’ve been having sex with Drew and Mandy for a year and a half on and off as they feel the need to call me.”

“You’re a booty call?” Max laughed, “That’s why you agreed so easily to come with me to this party?”

I laughed, “Yeah. that’s what it was, and Yes, I came because I knew I’d get to fuck in a pretty boy’s bed. The perks of Drew’s best friend’s party.”

“Wait….” Max said as he started walking again. “You like Nox?” It was like a bright light went off in his head. “That’s why you stopped going to football games, and wrestling matches. And that’s why you only go to his parties. He doesn’t even know we exist. We don’t need his protection nor are we in his circle of friends, not even remotely. Why do you torture yourself?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know. He always seems to have this way about him. Even when he’s looking through me. Like there is this smile only I see. Or like it’s chemistry.” I gave a dramatic shrug, “I don’t know, don’t care. Let’s go home and make sure your dad hasn’t shot himself.”

Max rolled his eyes. “Oh. my. god. Did I tell you what he did last week?”

I shook my head and Max regaled the tale of his drunk father’s latest antics as we walked the rest of the way to his shitty apartment. I was regretting that decision more and more as he went on.

HSAU: The Last Party of the Summer Part 2


The last party of the summer, at least the last big one I was obligated to throw. If I didn’t throw it Lucy would. Or Ryan would take the fame and neither of them really cared anyway. I was the popular one. Ryan was just a freshman. Ant, my older brother watched over the punch bowl. He said it was because he wanted to make sure none of my delinquent friends spiked it. But they all knew better. If they wanted to swim and party into the night, drugs and alcohol were to be kept off the premises. My dad had called the whole thing several times over the years and ground us all for a month for allowing it. Dad couldn’t ground Ant anymore, but he could stop paying for my brother’s car or even worse his college tuition. Neither of which my brother wanted to happen hence the watching the punch bowl.

The whole party was a joke really. Everyone was here cause I was throwing the party, but no one actually really came to see me. They came for the popularity it seemed to give them. Even the slacker kids showed up, the one dressed in black and a Metalica shirt who Drew liked to include in his rounds of hidden sex with Mandy, he was walking up to my bedroom now. I don’t know why I told Drew he could do it in my room room. I sighed as I watched him walk the stairs like he knew where he was going. He didn’t even stop to say hi, his best friend was already trying to mingle with the crowd very awkwardly. Max was a character. He wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box but from what I could tell he had a good heart.

My sister was bouncing around the room, moving from one group to the next. She snapped her gum, twirled the pink lock of hair in her blond curls and then she too was off upstairs. Her appearance done, she was going back to her books. Though I don’t know why she bothered to put on the show, no one would have noticed she wasn’t here.

There was a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see my current fake girlfriend. She was just a freshman now and she looked up at me with those big brown eyes. I knew it was coming before it happened. Her small hand smacked my cheek and I reached up out of instinct more than pain, but it had stung. “This was supposed to be just the two of us. Look at this?”

I looked around and shrugged. Mia had this whole plan, and I was just gonna follow her lead. She yelled some more before she threw her drink in my face. Well fuck! I was going to kill the little brat tomorrow. I looked down as the red punch stained the white shirt I’d pulled on over top of the black tank top I was wearing. Mia has been pretending to be my girlfriend since she could date. It made her popular in school to date an older guy, and now it wasn’t so convenient now that she was getting into highschool. There was also some guy she liked. But she wouldn’t tell me who.

There was some snickering around me but most of them just looked at me with a sad face and turned away to continue what it was they were doing. So much for sympathy. My brothers were laughing at me from behind the punch bowl. Ryan pointed, “You look a little pink.”

I rolled my eyes. “She ruined my shirt.”

There was another tap on my shoulder and I turned around to find Jason Hill. He was the current quarterback of the football team. He’d taken my spot when coach cut me. My dad thinks its because Jace was better, and that I threw a temper tantrum by quitting altogether. At least that was what Coach Mills told my dad. It was a lie. Coach cut me because I didn’t want to be there – like at all. I didn’t want to play football anymore and he knew it. So he made up some story to tell my Dad so he’d go easy on me. He hadn’t, he never would. Football was his legacy, Ant’s and mine, and Ryan’s to follow. It didn’t matter what I wanted, just what he did.

But Jace was glaring at me. He laughed at me and showed me a picture, and I heard every phone go off shortly there after and they all turned to look at me. I looked down at the phone and saw a decently faked picture of me on my knees with some dick in my mouth. Now it wasn’t a complete lie, but I know for a fact it was fake because I’d never had the privilege of sucking on some random guys cock no matter how often I thought about it.

I looked at him and shrugged, “You made that.” I said.

“I did not. I took it of you in a dark alley way. I didn’t stay to watch you get fucked up the ass.” I rolled my eyes.

There was growl and my father was staring at me over Jace’s shoulder. I looked at Jace and frowned, “Thanks for that.” I said.

He looked proud at getting me in trouble but he looked around as the room cleared out. The party looked like it was over.

HSAU: The Last Party of the Summer Part 1

AJ hasn’t titled each scene, so we’ll do Chapter parts.  It’s something AJ was gonna save for NaNo but has already started writing so likely another story for Nano or maybe we’ll still be here we’ll see.



It was still hot outside despite the sun had set several hours ago. The activity by the pool was lit by Edison string lights and a small bonfire in the firepit just beyond. You could hear the snapping of freshly applied wood. The party would rage on for a lot longer. It was the last party before school started. I couldn’t really believed I was here. I never attended the uppity parties housed by the most poplar kid in school. I hadn’t attended them when his brother hosted them and I hoped I’d be gone by the time it was his younger brother’s turn.

The whole fucking family was a bright pillar of our community. Everyone liked them, and I beat myself up about it. I couldn’t help liking the most popular kid in school either. He was tall and lean, but I knew underneath he was built like a minor bodybuilder. He once upon a time played football and wrestled, now you could only find him lifting weights in the morning to maintain his precious body or doing yoga in the park. And no I had never been caught watching him from a distance. I can still feel those liquid chocolate brown eyes staring back at me when he met my gaze. He at least had the audacity to blush a little before he returned to his workout.

But he wasn’t like any other popular kid in school. He never had a bad thing to say about anyone, and he was always standing up for the nerds and us slackers. To say he stopped the bullies with just a look would be down playing it. I’d seen him get into a fight so that the dumb ass jock would stop stuffing the little nerd boy in his locker. Funny thing was it wasn’t a fight, Nox put the jock in his place with a quick thrust against the wall with his arm wrenched behind his back and his head stuffed in the very same locker.

Our school was hardly normal in that respect. Max had come from rougher schools. He’d told some stories. Max had been through so many schools he’d lost count, but he was finally a senior. And my best friend would finally graduate if I had anything to say about it. I’d fucking cheat for him.

He had dragged me to this party. His dad finally let him out of the house. Mr. Wallace was a now retired Army man who was back home where he grew up. He’d seen too many tours. He had some hard luck. But he and Max were trying to make it now that they were alone, his mom left them after his dad got back from his last tour. It was a shitty thing to do, but it is what it is.

But I had an ulterior motive for coming not only was it Pretty Boy’s party, well Nox and his twin sister Lucy’s party, but Drew and Mandy had asked me to meet them there. They’d been dating for as long as I could remember. Mandy was sorta a friend of mine and Max’s but she was into all sorts of kinky things, and watching her bi boyfriend was one of them. I didn’t mind being used as a booty call. And especially not when I got to fuck around Nox’s house. Which was more often than not. Drew’s family was more strict, while Nox’s was more lenient. At least on the outside it appeared that way anyway.

Nox’s bedroom, where I met Drew and Mandy at the party, was clean and it smelled like him. But don’t ask how I know how he smelled – countless times hanging out in his room with these two was most of it. Unlike his brothers rooms, his didn’t have trophies lining the walls. They were tucked away in a closet drawer. Posters lined the wall of various rock banks, and tv shows, mostly men. He wasn’t exactly the straightest arrow in the bunch, but he’d always had a girlfriend ever since I could remember Drew’s little sister was on his arm. She was pretty, but that bushy hair of hers sometimes got the best of her. And as I was walking up the stairs with punch from the straight punch bowl, it was the most legal the party in town, but it was always the biggest and best – even though there was no alcohol or drugs allowed on premises. The Durante parents patrolled the whole thing to make sure. And no one minded, it was a big ass party – everyone was here. Even I was, which made some guys from school laugh as I walked through the upstairs hall to push open the pretty boy’s room letting that perfect scent smack me in the face.

Drew and Mandy were already groping each other. I locked the door behind me and I pushed the door closed as Mandy wrapped her hand around my waist and pulled me towards them. Her outfit was disheveled. Her hair was astray, but it was almost always like that. A pink strand floating in front of her eyes as she kissed me hard. Her tongue delving into my mouth. Drew tugged at my jeans button and I groaned as he wrapped his big fucking hand around my dick. Mandy was too intent on kissing me I couldn’t look to see what Drew was doing but then I felt his hot wet tongue alone my hot shaft and didn’t need to know before he wrapped his lips around me and started sucking me off.

It wasn’t unusual for them to pull me so effortlessly into their game, tonight was no exception.


AJ wrote this for a word prompt in a writing group

Rosana’s place upstate was a strange mix of modern and ancient. The black cauldron handing from the fireplace in the middle of the courtyard was new. It was nearing Halloween and the wicca were playing to their strengths. The whole villa was decorated in black and orange things. Alex looked scornfully on as he passed under faked cobwebs made of cotton. “I hate Halloween,” he exclaimed. Though I knew Alex didn’t hate the holiday itself, it was also his birthday.

Isabelle and Carina were happy to be home even if it was only for a few hours. Something about a feast the family couldn’t miss. To which we were family. Even Ryan got an invitation, but then again he was bound to Ant who was practically married to Isabelle now. They were almost inseparable – when they weren’t fighting.

Alex came over to me and smiled as he wrapped his arm around my waist, “Come on pretty boy, Rosana says we have to sit down now.” I followed along after my blue eyed wonder and noticed the nice bulge starting to show in Isabelle’s slight frame. My kids where in there, well mine and Alex’s. It still scared the living f**k out of me. The whole Dad thing wasn’t my fear. Isabelle could die from this pregnancy. Alex whispered inside my head Shush. She’ll be fine.

I gave Alex a wry smile as I sat down in the chair he pulled out for me. He was always so chivalrous.

Rosana stood at the head of the table with her coven and my family gathered around. Her voice was strong enhanced by magic I felt along my skin. “We are here today to bind ourselves on the sacred full moon to the Third Ascendant.” My eyes went wide as Rosana continued, “The signs point to the times of darkness. And he is our only hope of surviving this attack on our culture and way of life. With him we survive, without we die. Those who choose to leave may do so now, the bond is forever, the tie unbroken.”

Ryan stood up with a shit eating grin on his face staring right at me. Rosana’s glare however had him sitting back down in a heart beat. I stuck my tongue out at the 16 year old immortal therapist who was older than Ant. It never ceased to amaze me when I realized Ryan’s body was that of a boy, the same age as my brothers, of whom I considered Matt. Faelen always seemed younger though he was the same age – the realization that he likely would always be made me sad for him. The wolf boy would forever be in my heart and likely my home. Such was the price the omega of the pack paid. And I would gladly make that sacrifice for him or any of my family around this table and beyond.

Rosana threw some herbs and what looked like a plucked chicken into the cauldron and a bright green puff of smoke filled the sky above us. “And so shall it be.”

Isabelle pulled a ladle from the cauldron and dipped it into the liquid inside the cauldron. Lifting the precious liquid out she poured it into an jeweled iron cup and offered it to her mother. “Pass the cup and drink of the bond. Let the magic fill your soul and bind you.” She took a drink and she shivered with the magic of the cup.

Everyone passed the cup to their right and it skipped me. I was supposed to drink last – the binding cup. The Third Ascendant’s seal, Rosana had claimed.

The cup was nearly fully despite the fact that it had been received by everyone else. Alex handed me the cup after his sip and he eyed me strongly. Our bonds were already so many – what was another. I gave him a wry smile as I took my sip and the magic flowed through me, and over me and through every bond I could feel them. Bound in the night, bound to be their leader. I hoped I didn’t f**k it up.