My Creator

I don’t know how many of you know what AJ actually does for a living. Web Developer. AJ’s not only creative with words, but with art and layouts and coding of course.

So the past few days/months AJ has been playing with Affinity Photo and making images for the new author site. The last few days AJ worked on coding that up. And yesterday it went live.

I’ll eventually have it as a subdomain of my site too at but at present it’s pointing to AJ’s base domain. But AJ hasn’t done the work on the server to make it point right yet.

But AJ made the logo for the author site and two other images for backgrounds. I adore them.

But the reason I’m really writing this out is not to show off a new base page for my home, but to get ya’ll (sorry AJ made me do it) to sign up for the newsletter. If we get some subscribers AJ will work hard at putting out a newsletter once a month with an exclusive piece of my rambling/story and updates on the whole process going on behind the scene.

You can sign up here. We’d love to up the subscribership and give you special stuff.

Lose a hand? Vehicles? or Tech?

Technology has become a part of us. Would you rather lose the use of all motorized vehicles, all telecommunication devices and computers, or one of your hands?

The irony here is that I don’t drive. So the answer is easy for me. I could easily give up cars, buses, trains and fucking airplanes. Boats too I guess. But does that mean bicycles? It’s not motorized so I guess not.

But I think about AJ, her family is way up North in New York, and she’s down in the South in Mississippi. That wouldn’t be easy for her. But then giving up communications wouldn’t be either. And computers is how she makes a living. But without two hands it’s really hard to type.

I could probably give up a hand too. I have my magic to assist me.

Funny things is my First Age self is in the process of losing his left arm below the elbow. It has a bunch of story elements to work out in it, but it has a purpose, AJ’s not being a complete asshat and making my life difficult. Heh, and hey I might even get a bionic arm out of it since it’s the future and one of my friends is a hacker with cybernetic connections (literally and figuratively).

And AJ’s playing with a plot that might end all tech… Spoiler? Still playing with the next arc.