My Obsession

If you had to be obsessed with money, sex, sports, religion, or food, which one would you choose?

Now if anyone knows me you know the answer to this. At least I hope you would.

Sports that’s a no. I don’t think I’ve played or even watched any. There was that one hockey game as Angel though. But yeah, not my thing.

Religion? I don’t believe in worshiping things. So that’s a resounding no.

Money? Well. I can say that I have never really cared much about it. It’s good to have and needed, but not sure I’d be obsessed with it.

So that leaves two – sex and food?

Now I like food. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s fuel. And I’m compulsive when it comes to food, but not obsessed about it. Obsessed with my compulsion maybe, but I think my family will train me out of it.

And then there is sex… and Sex with Alex… I don’t think I need to go any further to what my answer is. I could definitely be obsessed with sex. And I don’t think Alex would object to it. (Though if we were honest, Alex would be happy with an obsession with food too.)

Talking Dolls

What would you do if your 6-year-old daughter’s favorite toy, a talking doll, started trying to convince her that she needed a new friend – the next doll in the company’s line?

If Cass ever had a toy that talked I’d be a little concerned about possession. But if it was a company advertisement? Well then I’d say either the doll manufacture was into black magic and might need to be stopped. Or it’s a smart marketing technique.

Though I don’t think Cass would play with dolls. Specially ones that could talk. She’s growing up with too many men in her house. It’s funny as I think about it, there are three female types in the family. And one body guard, and a few other very close friends/pack/clan mates. But just three in our immediate family. Iz is gonna very lonely.

So now AJ’s trying to get a talking doll into the mix. Why not we have a possessed cat! Why not a possessed doll!

My Creator

I don’t know how many of you know what AJ actually does for a living. Web Developer. AJ’s not only creative with words, but with art and layouts and coding of course.

So the past few days/months AJ has been playing with Affinity Photo and making images for the new author site. The last few days AJ worked on coding that up. And yesterday it went live.

I’ll eventually have it as a subdomain of my site too at but at present it’s pointing to AJ’s base domain. But AJ hasn’t done the work on the server to make it point right yet.

But AJ made the logo for the author site and two other images for backgrounds. I adore them.

But the reason I’m really writing this out is not to show off a new base page for my home, but to get ya’ll (sorry AJ made me do it) to sign up for the newsletter. If we get some subscribers AJ will work hard at putting out a newsletter once a month with an exclusive piece of my rambling/story and updates on the whole process going on behind the scene.

You can sign up here. We’d love to up the subscribership and give you special stuff.

Lose a hand? Vehicles? or Tech?

Technology has become a part of us. Would you rather lose the use of all motorized vehicles, all telecommunication devices and computers, or one of your hands?

The irony here is that I don’t drive. So the answer is easy for me. I could easily give up cars, buses, trains and fucking airplanes. Boats too I guess. But does that mean bicycles? It’s not motorized so I guess not.

But I think about AJ, her family is way up North in New York, and she’s down in the South in Mississippi. That wouldn’t be easy for her. But then giving up communications wouldn’t be either. And computers is how she makes a living. But without two hands it’s really hard to type.

I could probably give up a hand too. I have my magic to assist me.

Funny things is my First Age self is in the process of losing his left arm below the elbow. It has a bunch of story elements to work out in it, but it has a purpose, AJ’s not being a complete asshat and making my life difficult. Heh, and hey I might even get a bionic arm out of it since it’s the future and one of my friends is a hacker with cybernetic connections (literally and figuratively).

And AJ’s playing with a plot that might end all tech… Spoiler? Still playing with the next arc.


The next Monday came and everything felt strange. The Venatori were argueing over who was going to rule them in my stead. Someone thought that if they put the right person in place they could ride me out of the picture. The civilian Venatori they chose had not been difficult at all for them too choose, they didn’t realize that they held more sway than the leader did. The poor no body nothing they choose from Mark Green’s arsenal of young Venatori was a shy thing. He hadn’t offered his name at the council meeting. But then Isabelle was ranting about the wiccan living conditions.
Ged had showed up too with plans. I couldn’t read half of it, but the shape and the explanation came out in a manner in which both Alex and I nodded too. Ant and Ryan were there too but they just stared at the monstrosity he’d brought as a model. He’d had to rebuild it on the island in the kitchen. And when he left it had remained. It was going to be a huge. But it was going to be safe. Safe for anyone to life in – human included.
Dorian had been good with his word, next Wednesday I had a meeting with the city mayor. He’d become much more a secretatry in these few days than my mentor. So I had sent Jin to assist him. She could do all that he needed. Jin said she was much happier working for someone who wasn’t exactly needy. I didn’t take offense, I was needy.
Between the four of us, we could manage my schedule. I’d never needed a personal assistant before.
But it was Monday – the first day of school for all the kids. We had Sage fake Drake’s paperwork and sent him along to school with Cass and Hunter. He was smaller than them but he was a Dragon, and far smarter than anyone gave the three year old credit for. Dragon’s minds grew faster than their bodies. He’d be human toddler for several more years but his mind was going to push past Cass and Hunter. We’d have to figure out what to do with them, but for now they all promised to not show themselves to their human bretheren.
Alex had found a charter school for students with special needs. And while the children weren’t mentally disturbed or whatever, because of Dorian we were able to get them into the school on short notice. It of course took a sizeable donation on top of the tuition but Alex had said it was worth it if the kids could be a little more free with themselves. Different here wasn’t going to stand out as bad. Thing was though, some of those special needs kids were there because they had behavior problems, so we’d have to watch out and curb any of those picked up tendancies. Alex was worried for Quinn, she was alone amongst the children. The kids either being five or sixteen. She was only ten. That really was until Isabelle brought her little sister over. Carina was shy and quiet and very talented little witch who was struggling with school. She was eleven, but with a little convincing they put the two of the girls together.
Carina was in heaven, and Isabelle’s mother was more than happy we had more of her kin in our ranks. She was not happy that Isaelle wasn’t with me, but she resigned herself to never having grand children because Izzy and Ant were hot and heavy. We’d have to figure something out there for them.
The girl in the stairwell hadn’t shown up again, but I’d seen her in my dreams. Not like Alex dreams or those prophectic ones Hunter has. Normal dreams I guess, but they didn’t feel normal. She was there, and I wondered who she was. What was her name? I felt a kinship to her but until that day I’d never seen her before. I’d told Alex and he joked that I was fantasizing about girls, but it wasn’t that. And it left me feeling strangely when I woke from those dreams.
Eddie never shut up. Everyone complained about him, but when it came down to it, Eddie fit right in. He loved to curl up in your lap so you could pet him. It was the only time the telepathic cat was quiet.
So this was our new life. It was strange and comforting all at the same time. I wasn’t sure where it was going to go or how long I could keep doing it. But it was our life – mine and Alex’s. And I fucking loved the man.

The True Power

Alex laughed, “You didn’t even need us.”
“I did.” I said with the stone still in my hand and blood all over the front of me for the second time that day. As I came near Alex’s eyes grew wider.
“It’s brighter.” He said.
I lifted the stone and he was right, the closer I got the Ant and Alex the brighter it got. I laughed, “See, I needed you.”
Alex took the stone from my hand and the power didn’t dim. Ant took it from him and handed it back to Dorian. “As the witness you will tell your people?”
Dorian stood up and took the rock from Ant and the glow ceased completely. He nodded, “Nox Setanta is the new leader. ” He smiled at me, “Is that them all now?” he joked.
Alex smirked, “The only ones he doesn’t rule is the humans. i’m sure he’ll get them next.”
Dorian nodded, “We can arrange for city officials to be brought in if you’d like.”
I looked at my former mentor and current friend and family member, “That would be excellent, I actually need to talk to them about some new construction anyway. Dorian.” I said and he looked at me, “You need to choose a new leader to rule your everyday lives with whom I will use like Adrian and Dom. And I need a common Venatori for that council too. Someone who is one of the people who isn’t a ruling family and who will only have the Venatori’s best interest at heart.”
Dorian nodded, “It will be as you say. It might take a little while. Anything else?”
Alex added, “No more killing without a trial. Bring them to the Night Life building, we’ll handle it from there.”
I looked at Alex proudly. Dorian was staring wide at him. “What, we have prisoners now, we’ll keep on doing it until there is a trial. They are well cared for.”
Dorian looked at me and I nodded, “As you wish.”
The four of us left the council room, and the contingent of armed guards followed us out. “Dorian until you choose a leader you are in charge.”
But none of the people in the hall way balked. I was clearly the winner. I was clearly their lader. “Bury Mark Green properly.” I said before we entered the elevator. There was no more bowing and scraping as the three of us exited on the main floor of the lobby. “When we get home remind me to tell Jin to tell them to open it back up down here.”
Ant nodded, “I’ve informerd her, she’s making the call.”
“Did you just communicate telepathically with my assistant?”
Ant laughed, “It seems that Alex has strengthened my power to do so yes. And she is sworn to me as are many others.”
“Your kiss is growing.”
Ant grinned, “My kiss is your kiss. Alec’s fealty gave me a power boost and then when we finished the triumvirate bond it crecendoed into power I never thought I’d have. ”
“We all need to figure out what this means. First thing we need to do is see what we can do, then we need to work on it together. We can’t be three individuals in this. The Venatori won’t be easy, but you two are part of this now. I’m sorry.”
Alex wrapped his arm around my shoulder and tugged me close. “Let’s not worry about that today. There will be no more attempts on your life today. Next week might be another story, but today there will be no more. I want to go home, get you cleaned up and then maybe we can watch that movie you fell asleep through – again.”