Our New World Order

It was a quickie. And there really wasn’t time for a shower. Though if we’d started in the shower that might have been a good idea. But Alex was smirking, “You smell fine.”

“To you.” I said.

“To vampires and therians I’m going to smell like sex.”

“So will I. It’s not exactly a secret we have sex.” Alex smirked.

I shrugged. “Okay.” Alex kissed me hard an I groaned against his lips. It was going to be a long day hunting, and stressful, but at least it would be with Alex.

Ryan made breakfast. It made me wonder if my job was no longer to feed my family. Ryan chuckled as he saw my face around the corner, “No worries bro, we’ll work something so we both can do this thing we love.”

Alex took my hand in his and dragged me toward the bench. “Wait, we are all going to be living like this? In a hotel style?”

Ryan shrugged. “I go where Ant goes. And Ant goes where he goes.” He pointed at me. “It makes more sense, to have a private bedroom and some big epic common rooms. I’m thinking a movie theater entertainment center, and a glorious kitchen your boy and I can share without getting into each others way. An epic gym and dojo is a must.”

“And a family bed.” I said. “Someplace big enough everyone can sleep bt still have our own private spaces to go to.”

Alex groaned, “As if that will keep anyone out of our bed.”

Ryan chuckled, “I think it’ll cut down on your night time visitors. We could do that here. I know a guy who can put it all together quickly.”

Alex looked down at his plate of pancakes. “I’ll just have what he’s having.”

Ryan frowned. “Don’t like my pancakes?”

“I’m spoiled.” Alex said.

“It’s probably better this way Ry. He might get fat eating all those pancakes.”

Alex rolled his eyes, “We can’t have that.”

Ryan laughed, “He’s Chevalier now. He can’t get fat, he can’t grow old. If he were a girl, he couldn’t get pregnant. Men can still get you pregnant, but we aren’t sure why. His body will change very little. How he is now is how he will stay.”

I laughed, “Unlike me who’s going to have to keep doing what I’m doing to stay this good.”

Ryan nodded, “He can build muscle to a degree, but what you get is what you get. Even tattoos are going to be difficult to keep. Sometimes they stick, but you’d have to go to the Venatori tattooist in order to keep one on your skin.”

Alex looked over at me and smirked, “So I can eat whatever I want and never have to work it off again?”

“With in reason yes. Ant will siphon off those extra calories. Right now you might not be hungry, or you might be starving. Until the two of you workout the new status quo. Ant’s got mine to contend with too so he’s still learning about that as well. And let’s not forget your boy over there. He looks like he’s starving.”

Ant sighed, “My fault.” As he walked in the room with Isabelle holding his hand. “No breakfast and Isabelle wanted to see her mother. I’m going to go find a snack and I’ll be back.”

Alex frowned, looked at me, then back to Ant. “If you feed on power you’ll be one up on the bad guys?”

“You know the truth of that. But Nox needs his strength too.” Ant said.

“But he’s alright with just real food, and you can get more from food too.”

Ryan laughed, “Let Ant go feed on a willing girl. Let’s keep all our army at top strength.”

Rider was behind Ant and Isabelle stretching and yawning, “He could bite me. Wolf blood is good right?”

Ant looked at Rider confused. “I’m not asking for you to sex me up dark lord or anything. I’m just saying. I’m not going hunting. I’ll sacrifice a little blood for the cause. I can’t really help any other way.”

“We need you top of your game too.” Ant said, “But thank you.”

Ant walked past them all in search of food.

It wasn’t uncommon for the kitchen to gather everyone so when Ricky came in toting his bags along with him I was a little surprised. He looked at me and dropped his bags in front of Alex. “Sir, I know you wanted someone to protect them kids of yours. But I didn’t ask to be kidnapped. This.” He waved his hand all around us, “Is not being a nanny, this is a war. I can’t be part of it.”

Alex looked to me and I shrugged. “Okay. We’ll find someone who can.”

Ricky picked up his bags and marched out the door muttering under his breath in a demonic language that sounded awful like he was cussing us out. But I wasn’t exactly sure I heard it all right.

Alex looked at me, “Can I just walk away like that?” He grinned and wanted to see my reaction.

“You are welcome to try, though I don’t think you’ll get the demonic tongue down or that sassy walk he had. You never did play the light and fruity well.”

Alex blinked at me and then growled, “I’ll have you know I play a fruity man well.”

I nodded, “So said who? The trollop who tries to dominate me every time I see her? Or some other little trick you got on the side.” It was mostly a joke, but there was some bitterness to that particular con, but without that con, Alex wouldn’t be here and for that I was grateful.

Are you angry with me?

I shook my head and held out my hand to Alex. He walked over to me and took it and I pulled him close. It’s the past, it doesn’t matter. I’m just glad you are all mine now.

Alex muttered, “Always and forever.” as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into a tight hug. He was my home, and this was our new world – together. But now we had to take down the New World Order in order to keep our happy little life from exploding into a billion tiny pieces.

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