There had been a not so quickie in the shower and we hurried to get clean. Alex was dressed quickly and I stood in front of the mirror debating ‘to shave or not to shave’. Why it was bothering me I don’t know but it was.

Alex brought me clean clothes – clothes he bought me. Sometimes I wondered if he thought I was a dress up doll. But honestly it didn’t bother me. Alex hadn’t bought me anything I wouldn’t wear. He held up the suit he’d purchased or a t-shirt featuring T-Story as the Walking Dead. He found it amusing. “You want funny Dad or put together Dad? He asked.

“How about jeans, a t-shirt and a dress shirt instead of my classic gray hoodie? I said.

“That’s reasonable, but I counter with a pair of black slacks?”

I nodded, “I can do that. But there still begs the question.”

“Leave off Nox.” He hung the items on the door and put the others down in a pile on the vanity. His arms were wrapped around me from behind and he was pressing his fully clothed body against mine which was only covered from the waist down with a towel. “You look good. Distinguished. I’d hit this.” Alex smirked.

“You did hit this already.” I grinned at him through the mirror. “Several times if I recall.”

His smirk only got bigger. “It’s not my fault my pretty boy is insatiable.”

“Only for you Z.” I smacked a kiss in the mirror. “I’ll leave it alone. I don’t know why it’s bugging me.”

“Because you are you, and it’s what you do. But if you’re really looking for a change, I remember a pair of earrings you never took off when you were younger.” He smiled. “There is eye liner in the vanity, so you don’t have to wave your magic around and make me all jealous and the like.” He stepped away. “And hurry up, or we’re going to be late to our very important date.”

“I think Dorian can wait.”

Alex snickered. “I wasn’t talking about him. He’s small beans.”

“I’ll tell him you said that,” I said as Alex closed the door behind him.

I hadn’t worn earring since before I could grow a beard.The holes had long since closed up but it wasn’t hard to do I didn’t need to go to someone else. I opened the cupboard and looked at Alex’s assortment of make up. I was meeting my kids, I went with black.

By the time I was dressed and made up I hadn’t decided if the earrings were a go or not.

Alex was sitting on his bed scrolling through his phone. He looked up with a strand of blonde hair falling in front of his blue eyes. I really hated that color on him. Washed him out. “Can I please change your hair?” I begged

Alex smirked. “What you don’t like it?”

I shook my head. “Not particularly.” I walked to him and put my hands on his shoulders, “I could fix it for you.”

Alex looked up. “I’ll just go to a stylist tomorrow.”

“I don’t want you to meet my kids when you are Jimmy.”

Alex leaned his head down with a sigh. “Be gentle.”

I put my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his blond hair turning it to his jet black hair I loved. I pushed his head back and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I’d love you even with the blonde, but thank you,” I whispered against his mouth when I pulled away and let my hands drop to his shoulders again. “You are fucking gorgeous either way.”

“Yeah sure pretty boy.”

“Oh baby, trust me. I’ll take you anyway you come.” I pressed my lips to his, they were so soft. “We should go before we end up in bed.”

Alex sighed. “I wouldn’t mind that.”

“Me either.”

We kissed until I was sitting in his lap and once I was comfortable Alex pushed me off with a smirk. “So easy pretty boy. Let’s go.”


“Always,” he said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me after him. “I have to meet your kids, and your brothers. How do I look?”

“Like Alex,” I said with a smirk.

Alex grabbed a bag and my things. “We stop by your place first?”

“Yeah. I think so. We aren’t in a hurry.”

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