Okay today’s prompts are boring.

But yesterday/last night sometime in the past 24 hours anyway two very important things to AJ release trailers.

Dragon Age 4 The Dread Wolf Rises trailer! So AJ isn’t one of those people who typically fans over games. Except this one. There are several games in which AJ has played a billion times. Baulder’s Gate franchise being number one on her list, Never Winter Nights, and Dragon Age franchise. Now 2 she didn’t play, but Origins played a ton and Inquisition has logged over 500 hours of play time and I expect there will be several more hours of Dragon Age with the news of the new game. Maybe even a full play through? I think that boredom is in my future. Maybe me and Alex will make an appearance in a character rendition or name. Could be fun.


Avengers – Endgame. The last of the current lead up for one of her all time favorite movie franchise. AJ is sad for the end of Avengers cause that means no more Tony Stark and AJ loves Iron Man. Actually it’s not even Iron Man, it’s the computer he has. The technology he creates that loves. And Robert Downey Junior is pretty cute too.

So enjoy the teasers. AJ sure did. And Thankfully I didn’t have to endure endless loops of it like I do with music.

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